Biblical Dog Names

Biblical Dog Names: Which One Is Your Favorite?

The Bible says that everyone should treat all animals with kindness, respect, and love. And we know that since ancient times, dogs have been domesticated and served as companions, guard dogs, hunters, and cattle dogs.

Since that time, people have loved and cared for this four-legged companion. So it would be a great thought to give this faithful friend a unique holy name inspired by the Bible. You may find it meaningful to choose a term from these holy ideas for your furry friend.

When you pet a dog, it is not just your pet. It occupies a special place in your heart. This special place owner deserves a special moniker. It could be cute or traditional, common or unusual, inspiring greatness, or just easy to call. You can get a wealth of interesting names in the Bible. Check out the lists below:

Biblical Dog Names

Unique Biblical Dog Names

Unique Biblical Dog Names

Choosing a unique dog name from the Bible can be a great way to give your pet a meaningful and distinctive name. Here are some unique biblical dog names to consider:

  1. Zebulun: A tribe of Israel.
  2. Mordecai: A character from the Book of Esther.
  3. Jethro: The father-in-law of Moses.
  4. Hephzibah: A queen mentioned in 2 Kings 21:1.
  5. Thaddeus: One of Jesus’ apostles.
  6. Boaz: A character from the Book of Ruth.
  7. Jerusha: The wife of King Uzziah in 2 Chronicles 27:1.
  8. Abishai: One of King David’s mighty warriors.
  9. Keziah: Mentioned in the Book of Job.
  10. Jairus: A synagogue leader mentioned in the New Testament.
  11. Eliezer: Abraham’s servant in the Book of Genesis.
  12. Keturah: Another wife of Abraham mentioned in Genesis.
  13. Obediah: A minor prophet in the Old Testament.
  14. Malchus: The servant of the high priest during Jesus’ arrest.
  15. Asenath: Joseph’s Egyptian wife mentioned in Genesis.

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Male Biblical Dog Names

Male Biblical Dog Names

The Bible talks about the need for male power for the benefit of the world. Though regardless of gender, every title in the Bible is powerful and contains greatness in it. Also, you will find tags that sound contemporary despite their ancient roots. If you’re looking for male biblical dog names, here are some strong and meaningful options:

  1. Samuel: A prophet and judge in the Old Testament.
  2. Caleb: A spy sent by Moses to Canaan and a faithful servant.
  3. Gideon: A judge and military leader in the Book of Judges.
  4. Eli: A high priest in the Old Testament.
  5. Josiah: A righteous king of Judah mentioned in the Bible.
  6. Micah: A prophet and author of the Book of Micah.
  7. Ezekiel: A prophet known for his visions and prophecies.
  8. Seth: A son of Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis.
  9. Amos: A shepherd and prophet in the Old Testament.
  10. Zachariah: A priest in the New Testament and the father of John the Baptist.
  11. Solomon: A wise and famous king in the Old Testament.
  12. Isaiah: A major prophet in the Old Testament.
  13. Nathaniel: One of the apostles of Jesus.
  14. Reuben: The firstborn son of Jacob in the Book of Genesis.
  15. Boaz: A character from the Book of Ruth and an ancestor of King David.

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Female Biblical Dog Names

Female Biblical Dog Names

Maybe you want to find a suitable moniker to remember the magical moment of welcoming a new member to your family. You will find dozens of inspiring titles in the Bible that fit in well with today’s names but still give off an air of culture.

  1. Rachel: A significant biblical figure and wife of Jacob.
  2. Esther: The heroine of the Book of Esther.
  3. Miriam: The sister of Moses and a prophetess.
  4. Abigail: A wise and kind woman mentioned in the Bible.
  5. Delilah: A complex character from the Book of Judges.
  6. Ruth: The central character in the Book of Ruth.
  7. Deborah: A prophetess and judge in the Book of Judges.
  8. Mary: The mother of Jesus in the New Testament.
  9. Naomi: A central character in the Book of Ruth.
  10. Leah: One of Jacob’s wives in the Book of Genesis.
  11. Sarah: The wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac.
  12. Hannah: The mother of Samuel in the Old Testament.
  13. Phoebe: Mentioned in the New Testament as a deaconess in the early Christian church.
  14. Abiathar: A female name mentioned in the Bible.
  15. Junia: A woman mentioned in the New Testament who was likely an apostle.

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Biblical Names for Puppies

Biblical Names for Puppies

Naming your puppy with a biblical name can be a wonderful way to give them a meaningful and unique name. Here are some biblical names that can work well for puppies:

  1. Noah: The builder of the ark in the Old Testament.
  2. Esther: The heroine of the Book of Esther.
  3. Jonah: The prophet who was swallowed by a big fish.
  4. Ruth: The central character in the Book of Ruth.
  5. Goliath: The giant warrior defeated by David.
  6. Sarah: The wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac.
  7. Lazarus: A man whom Jesus raised from the dead.
  8. Tabitha: A charitable woman in the New Testament.
  9. Shiloh: A place of peace mentioned in the Bible.
  10. Asher: One of Jacob’s sons and a tribe of Israel.
  11. Eden: The biblical garden of paradise.
  12. Obadiah: A minor prophet in the Old Testament.
  13. Zipporah: The wife of Moses.
  14. Zion: A term often associated with Jerusalem.
  15. Silas: A companion of the apostle Paul in the New Testament.

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Catholic Biblical Dog Names

Catholic Bible is a revised edition of the old Bible. Whether you are Christian or not, a Catholic Biblical nickname can truly be a source of inspiration and empowerment. If the meaning behind a title matters to you, be sure to look up the stories associated with these monikers in the list below.

  1. Francis: Named after St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.
  2. Dominic: Named after St. Dominic, the founder of the Dominican Order.
  3. Theresa: Named after St. Theresa of Ávila or St. Theresa of Lisieux.
  4. Ignatius: Named after St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits.
  5. Benedict: Named after St. Benedict of Nursia, the founder of the Benedictine Order.
  6. Anthony: Named after St. Anthony of Padua, known for his love of the poor.
  7. Vincent: Named after St. Vincent de Paul, a patron of charitable works.
  8. Clare: Named after St. Clare of Assisi, the founder of the Poor Clares.
  9. Gabriel: Named after the archangel Gabriel, who delivered important messages in the Bible.
  10. Raphael: Named after the archangel Raphael, associated with healing and guidance.
  11. Leo: Named after Pope St. Leo the Great, a significant figure in Church history.
  12. Xavier: Named after St. Francis Xavier, a prominent Jesuit missionary.
  13. Kolbe: Named after St. Maximilian Kolbe, a martyr who sacrificed his life in Auschwitz.
  14. Agnes: Named after St. Agnes, a young Roman martyr.
  15. Sebastian: Named after St. Sebastian, a martyr and patron of athletes.

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Biblical Names Inspired by Hebrew Language

Many biblical names are inspired by the Hebrew language, as the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament of the Christian Bible) is written in Hebrew. Here are some biblical names with their meanings:

  1. Adam – Meaning “man” or “to be red.”
  2. Eve (Havah) – Meaning “life” or “to breathe.”
  3. Abraham (Avraham) – Meaning “father of many” or “father of a multitude.”
  4. Sarah (Sarai) – Meaning “princess” or “noblewoman.”
  5. Isaac (Yitzhak) – Meaning “he will laugh.”
  6. Jacob (Yaakov) – Meaning “supplanter” or “heel grabber.”
  7. Rachel (Rakhel) – Meaning “ewe” or “female sheep.”
  8. Moses (Moshe) – The meaning is uncertain, but it may be related to “to draw out” or “son.”
  9. Aaron (Aharon) – Possibly meaning “bearer of light” or “mountain of strength.”
  10. Samuel (Shmuel) – Meaning “heard by God” or “asked of God.”
  11. David (Dovid) – Meaning “beloved.”
  12. Solomon (Shlomo) – Meaning “peaceable” or “peaceful.”
  13. Rebecca (Rivka) – Meaning “to bind” or “ensnare.”
  14. Leah – Meaning “weary” or “cow.”
  15. Naomi – Meaning “pleasantness” or “sweetness.”
  16. Jonah (Yonah) – Meaning “dove” or “pigeon.”
  17. Caleb – Meaning “faithful” or “loyal.”
  18. Isaiah (Yeshayahu) – Meaning “Yahweh is salvation.”
  19. Daniel (Daniyel) – Meaning “God is my judge.”

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Biblical Names Inspired by the Jewish Language

Many biblical names are inspired by the Hebrew language, as the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) is a significant source for these names. Hebrew is a Semitic language and was the language of the ancient Israelites. Here are some biblical names with their meanings in Hebrew:

  1. Adam (אָדָם): Meaning “man” or “human,” Adam was the first man created by God according to the Bible.
  2. Eve (חַוָּה): Meaning “life” or “living,” Eve was the first woman and Adam’s wife.
  3. Abraham (אַבְרָהָם): Meaning “father of many” or “father of a multitude,” Abraham is a central figure in the Bible and is considered the father of the Jewish people.
  4. Sarah (שָׂרָה): Meaning “princess,” Sarah was Abraham’s wife and the mother of Isaac.
  5. Isaac (יִצְחָק): Meaning “he laughs,” Isaac was the son of Abraham and Sarah.
  6. Jacob (יַעֲקֹב): Meaning “supplanter” or “holder of the heel,” Jacob was the son of Isaac and the father of the 12 sons who became the ancestors of the 12 tribes of Israel.
  7. Joseph (יוֹסֵף): Meaning “he will add,” Joseph was one of Jacob’s sons and played a significant role in the biblical narrative.
  8. Moses (מֹשֶׁה): Meaning “drawn out,” Moses was the Hebrew prophet and leader who received the Ten Commandments from God on Mount Sinai.
  9. David (דָּוִד): Meaning “beloved” or “darling,” David was a king of Israel known for his psalms and his defeat of Goliath.
  10. Solomon (שְׁלֹמֹה): Meaning “peaceful,” Solomon was the son of David and known for his wisdom.
  11. Jeremiah (יִרְמְיָהוּ): Meaning “Yahweh will exalt,” Jeremiah was a prophet in the Old Testament.
  12. Ezekiel (יְחֶזְקֵאל): Meaning “God will strengthen,” Ezekiel was another biblical prophet.
  13. Esther (אֶסְתֵּר): Meaning “star,” Esther was a Jewish queen of Persia who played a crucial role in the salvation of her people.
  14. Ruth (רוּת): Meaning “companion” or “friend,” Ruth is a biblical figure known for her loyalty and devotion.
  15. Daniel (דָּנִיֵּאל): Meaning “God is my judge,” Daniel was a prophet and advisor to Babylonian and Persian rulers.

Biblical Names Inspired by the Latin Language

The name of the Bible itself is derived from the Latin language Biblia which means book. After a long time, the Bible was translated into Latin so that Christians in the Roman Empire could understand it. Latin is one of the most gorgeous languages in the world. There is no shortage of wonderful words in Latin, whether it’s nature, love, or even spirituality. So this could be a wise decision to pick a handle inspired by the Latin language for your four-legged companion.

  • Abacuc
  • Basemath
  • Cain
  • Charity
  • Cilicia
  • Cleophas
  • Dalila
  • Elias
  • Faith
  • Felix
  • Gaius
  • Hester
  • Iesus
  • Lazarus
  • Mathusalam
  • Prisca
  • Sarra
  • Zelpha

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Biblical Dog Names Inspired by Old Testament

The Old Testament covers the story of Noah and the flood, the creation of Earth, and more, finishing with the Jews being expelled to Babylon. It is mainly written in two languages: Hebrew and Aramaic. Both are aesthetic and classy. The greatness of the story and the beauty of the language come together and give you a wealth of unique monikers.

  • Abel
  • Abigail
  • Dinah
  • Delilah
  • Ezra
  • Esther
  • Malachi

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Biblical Dog Names Inspired by the New Testament

The New Testament is all about the story of Jesus of Nazareth’s life, death, and resurrection as an announcement of good news. It is a mixture of happiness, prosperity, greediness, and tragic events. It has a huge impact on world literature and culture, even the non-Christian ones. In this part of the Bible, you will find both Classic and unusual titles, which you will love to pick for your new buddy.

  • Apphia
  • Luke
  • Mark
  • Matthew


Biblical names have become popular for pets over the decades. Biblical characters are fascinating and often leave deep and long-lasting impressions in your mind. The Bible is filled with historic hidden gems, and it also emphasizes choosing a good title.

In one paragraph of this guide, it is written that choosing a good name is better than precious ointment. So tags are important, especially when it comes to your beloved ones.

Whether you are looking to pay homage to your religion or you want to highlight the nobility of the Bible, we’ve got plenty of titles to inspire you.

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