Famous Dog Names

200+ Famous Dog Names for Your Prestigious Pup

Giving your pet a perfect name is like giving your child a name. Hence, pet owners are always excited about naming their newfound friends and making them famous in their little way. Famous dog names are a great inspiration when selecting the perfect title for your canine companion;

It goes a long way to show how intentional you are about this additional friend to the family. Famously inspired dog monikers are inexhaustible! You can choose famous identities inspired by TV series, books, pop culture, literature, art, the internet, and many more.

One of the most interesting experiences is choosing a great moniker for your four-legged friend. To help you get the perfect name for your dog, we have gathered different categories of names and have narrowed them down for easy selection. Here are some fame-related monikers to inspire you.

Famous Dog Names

Famous Male Dog Names

Famous Male Dog Names

Male dogs deserve a famous moniker for so many reasons! Male canines are known to be agile, tough, and playful. These monikers have stood the test of time and only reveal a male pup’s dutiful and intelligent nature. Here are famous titles for your boy dog.

  1. Buddy – Popular for its friendly and approachable sound.
  2. Max – A classic and widely used name for male dogs.
  3. Charlie – A charming and friendly name.
  4. Rocky – A strong and energetic choice.
  5. Bentley – A sophisticated name for a stylish dog.
  6. Thor – A powerful and majestic name inspired by the Norse god.
  7. Duke – A regal and noble-sounding name.
  8. Cooper – A friendly and approachable name.
  9. Leo – Short for “lion,” a name that conveys strength and courage.
  10. Oscar – A timeless and classic name.
  11. Tucker – A playful and lively choice.
  12. Zeus – Named after the king of the gods in Greek mythology.
  13. Riley – A cheerful and upbeat name.
  14. Bear – Perfect for a big and cuddly dog.
  15. Milo – A cute and friendly name.
  16. Simba – Inspired by the lion cub in “The Lion King.”
  17. Jack – A simple and popular name for male dogs.
  18. Cody – A friendly and approachable choice.
  19. Winston – A dignified and sophisticated name.
  20. Sam – Short for Samuel or Samson, a classic and versatile name.

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Famous Female Dog Names

Famous Female Dog Names

If you want a famous female dog moniker for your new girlfriend, here you go! You can’t get it wrong by calling your pup by a famous title. Female dogs are characterized by a lot of exciting and majestic personalities. Here are some famously inspired monikers for your new furry Darlin.

  1. Lassie – From the iconic Collie in the TV series “Lassie.”
  2. Lady – Inspired by the elegant Lady in Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp.”
  3. Cleo – Short for Cleopatra, a name with regal charm.
  4. Elsa – Inspired by the Snow Queen in Disney’s “Frozen.”
  5. Molly – A classic and popular choice for female dogs.
  6. Daisy – A sweet and playful name.
  7. Nala – Simba’s companion in “The Lion King.”
  8. Maggie – A friendly and approachable name.
  9. Sadie – A cute and endearing choice.
  10. Bailey – A versatile and friendly name.
  11. Bella – Meaning “beautiful” in Italian, a popular name for dogs.
  12. Chloe – A chic and fashionable name.
  13. Rosie – A sweet and charming name.
  14. Zelda – A unique and stylish choice.
  15. Lucy – A classic and timeless name for female dogs.
  16. Coco – A cute and trendy name.
  17. Stella – Meaning “star” in Latin, a name with a celestial touch.
  18. Ruby – A vibrant and precious name.
  19. Zoe – Meaning “life,” a lively and energetic choice.
  20. Misty – A soft and ethereal name.

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Famous Unique Dog Names

Famous Unique Dog Names

The first famous dog monikers that come to your mind are those of real-life canines. Some of these canines are recognized for the various heroic roles and courageous efforts they displayed to save humans at some point in time of danger. Here are unique dog name titles for your canine.

  1. Zephyr – A unique and breezy name.
  2. Quasar – A celestial and powerful name.
  3. Kylo – Inspired by Kylo Ren from “Star Wars.”
  4. Pixel – A tech-savvy and modern name.
  5. Arya – Inspired by Arya Stark from “Game of Thrones.”
  6. Jazz – Perfect for a lively and spirited dog.
  7. Moxie – A bold and energetic choice.
  8. Ziggy – A fun and quirky name.
  9. Cirrus – Named after the wispy clouds.
  10. Finnegan (Finn) – A charming and distinctive name.
  11. Calypso – Inspired by the sea nymph in Greek mythology.
  12. Zara – A stylish and unique choice.
  13. Kaiju – Meaning “strange creature” in Japanese, often associated with giant monsters in movies.
  14. Sable – A unique and elegant name.
  15. Bowie – Inspired by the legendary David Bowie.
  16. Nyx – Named after the Greek goddess of the night.
  17. Rogue – A bold and independent name.
  18. Echo – A name with a cool and reflective vibe.
  19. Cassiopeia – Named after a constellation, offering a majestic feel.
  20. Odin – Inspired by the Norse god of wisdom and war.

Internet-Famous Dog Names

Internet-Famous Dog Names

Who says dogs are not celebrities, too? Naming your puppy after one of those pups on the internet is a plus for him. It is the shortest way of bringing your pup to fame and making him a center of attraction among his fellow canine friends. Here are some well-known internet influential monikers for your four-legged friend.

  1. Doug the Pug – After the famous Pug known for his adorable videos and pictures.
  2. Boo – The “World’s Cutest Dog” who gained fame on social media.
  3. Marnie – Marnie the Shih Tzu, known for her distinctive tongue-out pose.
  4. Jiff Pom – A Pomeranian with record-breaking speed and a huge social media following.
  5. Tuna – Tuna, the Chiweenie with an unmistakable overbite.
  6. Grumpy Cat – If you want to pay homage to a famous feline.
  7. Maymo – A cute and mischievous Lemon Beagle.
  8. Lil Bub – Known for her unique appearance, Lil Bub became an internet sensation.
  9. Manny the Frenchie – A French Bulldog with a massive following on Instagram.
  10. Maru – A Shiba Inu from Japan famous for his box-loving antics.
  11. Crusoe the Dachshund – Known for his charming costumes and adventures.
  12. Tucker Budzyn – A Golden Retriever with a popular YouTube channel.
  13. Harlow and Sage – Harlow, Indiana, and Reese became famous for their adorable friendship.
  14. Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie – Known for his funny reactions to various sounds.
  15. Moose the Miniature Dachshund – Famous for his expressive eyebrows.
  16. Mr. Bubz – A Pug with a hilarious and unique expression.
  17. Juniper the Fox – While not a dog, Juniper, the domesticated fox, has a massive online presence.
  18. Toast – Toast Meets World, the King Charles Spaniel known for her tongue-out look.
  19. Loki the Wolfdog – A Husky/Arctic Wolf/Malamute mix with stunning photos.
  20. Crouton the Mini Golden – An adorable Miniature Golden Retriever with a significant following.

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Famous Presidential Dog Names

Famous Presidential Dog Names

Famous world political figures are also proud pet parents. Most U.S presidents have brought a dog into the white house. Also, there are an endless list of past and present president who have canine companions with unique personalities. Here are some dog names inspired by those owned by U.S. presidents:

  1. Bo – The Portuguese Water Dog owned by Barack Obama.
  2. Sunny – Another Portuguese Water Dog owned by the Obamas.
  3. Buddy – The Labrador Retriever owned by Bill Clinton.
  4. Millie – The English Springer Spaniel owned by George H.W. Bush.
  5. Ranger – Another one of George H.W. Bush’s dogs.
  6. Fala – The Scottish Terrier owned by Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  7. Checkers – The Cocker Spaniel mentioned in a famous speech by Richard Nixon.
  8. Liberty – Gerald Ford’s Golden Retriever.
  9. Dash – The Pembroke Welsh Corgi owned by George W. Bush.
  10. Miss Beazley – Another one of George W. Bush’s Scottish Terriers.
  11. King Timahoe – Lyndon B. Johnson’s Beagle.
  12. Him and Her – The Soviet Space Dogs gifted to John F. Kennedy.
  13. Pushinka – Another one of JFK’s dogs, a gift from Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev.
  14. Heidi – Ronald Reagan’s Bouvier des Flandres.
  15. Grits – Jimmy Carter’s Border Collie mix.
  16. Laddie Boy – Warren G. Harding’s Airedale Terrier.
  17. Rollo – Calvin Coolidge’s White Collie.
  18. Rex – Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Scottish Terrier.
  19. Rob Roy – James Buchanan’s Newfoundland.
  20. Vicky – Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Weimaraner.

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Famous Dog Names from History

Throughout history, there have been dogs that gained fame for various reasons, from companionship to heroic deeds. Here are some famous dog names from history:

  1. Balto: The Siberian Husky that led the final leg of the 1925 serum run to Nome, delivering diphtheria antitoxin and saving many lives.
  2. HachikoThe Akita known for his remarkable loyalty to his owner, waiting for him at the Shibuya Station in Tokyo every day, even after his owner’s death.
  3. LaikaThe first animal to orbit the Earth, a Soviet space dog aboard Sputnik 2 in 1957.
  4. Rin Tin TinA German Shepherd dog rescued from a World War I battlefield who went on to become a famous film star.
  5. Greyfriars BobbyA Skye Terrier known for guarding the grave of his owner for 14 years in Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh.
  6. ChipsA War Dog during World War II, a German Shepherd-Collie-Husky mix who served with the U.S. Army in North Africa, Italy, France, and Germany.
  7. Bobbie the Wonder DogA Collie who, in 1923, traveled nearly 3,000 miles to reunite with his family in Oregon after being lost in Indiana.
  8. BuddyA German Shepherd guide dog who led his blind owner to safety from the 78th floor of the World Trade Center during the September 11 attacks.
  9. SinbadThe mixed-breed dog that served in the United States Coast Guard during World War II and became a mascot for the Coast Guard.
  10. BarryA St. Bernard known for saving more than 40 lives in the Swiss Alps during the early 1800s.
  11. FridaA Labrador Retriever known for her work as a search and rescue dog following natural disasters in Mexico.
  12. SmokyA Yorkshire Terrier who served with the U.S. Army in the Pacific during World War II and became a war hero.
  13. NemoA German Shepherd who served in the Vietnam War and saved his handler’s life during an enemy attack.
  14. RagsA mixed-breed terrier that served as a mascot and messenger for the U.S. 1st Infantry Division during World War I.
  15. Sallie Ann JarrettA Staffordshire Bull Terrier who served as the mascot for the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry during the American Civil War.

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Famous Dog Names from TV Shows

Famous Dog Names from TV Shows

Dogs in TV shows often become beloved characters, and their names become iconic. Here are some famous dog names from TV shows:

  1. Eddie – The Jack Russell Terrier from “Frasier.”
  2. Lassie – The Rough Collie from the TV series of the same name.
  3. Astro – The Great Dane from “The Jetsons.”
  4. Brian – The talking Labrador Retriever from “Family Guy.”
  5. Scooby-Doo – The iconic Great Dane from the animated series “Scooby-Doo.”
  6. Ladybird – The Bloodhound from “King of the Hill.”
  7. Santa’s Little Helper – The Greyhound from “The Simpsons.”
  8. Dino – The pet dinosaur from “The Flintstones.”
  9. Comet – The Golden Retriever from “Full House.”
  10. Einstein – The time-traveling dog from “Back to the Future” animated series.
  11. Buck – The family dog from “Married… with Children.”
  12. Buster – The Bluth family’s Golden Retriever on “Arrested Development.”
  13. Poochie – A short-lived character, a “hip” dog from “The Simpsons.”
  14. Vincent – The Labrador Retriever from “Lost.”
  15. Apollo – The Beagle from “Magnum, P.I.”
  16. Rin Tin Tin – Named after the real-life famous film star, Rin Tin Tin appeared in various TV series.
  17. Bullet – The German Shepherd from “The Roy Rogers Show.”
  18. Buddy – The dog from the TV show “Airwolf.”
  19. Hooch – The Dogue de Bordeaux from “Turner & Hooch.”
  20. Cujo – The Saint Bernard from the TV miniseries based on Stephen King’s novel.

Famous Dog Names Inspired by Actors

Famous Dog Names Inspired by Actors

Famous dog actors are very creative people; thus, selecting some entertaining and interesting moniker for your canine companion makes sense. Famous actors are cute and simply unique to behold, just like your boy canine. Here are plenty of actor-related monikers for your pet.

  1. Bark Gyllenhaal – Inspired by Jake Gyllenhaal.
  2. Woof Ferrell – A playful twist on Will Ferrell.
  3. Leonardo DiDogCaprio – A doggy version of Leonardo DiCaprio.
  4. Paw-l Rudd – Inspired by actor Paul Rudd.
  5. Keanu Leash – A canine homage to Keanu Reeves.
  6. Harrison Fur-d – A furry version of Harrison Ford.
  7. Robert DeNiro (DeNiro for short) – Named after the legendary Robert De Niro.
  8. Droolius Caesar – Inspired by actor Julius Caesar.
  9. Denzel Barkington – A playful take on Denzel Washington.
  10. Pawtrick Stewart – Inspired by Sir Patrick Stewart.
  11. Bark Ruffalo – A fun twist on actor Mark Ruffalo’s name.
  12. Cate Blanchett (Blanchett for short) – Named after the talented actress Cate Blanchett.
  13. Pawl Walker – A tribute to the late Paul Walker.
  14. Julia Paw-berts – A playful version of Julia Roberts.
  15. Brad Pitt-bull – Inspired by actor Brad Pitt.
  16. Meryl Woof – A canine homage to Meryl Streep.
  17. Matthew McConaughound – Inspired by Matthew McConaughey.
  18. Halle Bark-y – A playful nod to Halle Berry.
  19. Woofie Goldberg – A fun take on Whoopi Goldberg.
  20. Charlie Chew-nam – Inspired by actor Chow Yun-fat.

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Famous Dog Names Inspired by Athletes

Famous Dog Names Inspired by Athletes

If you’re a sports enthusiast, you might enjoy these famous dog names inspired by well-known athletes:

  1. Bark Jordan – Inspired by basketball legend Michael Jordan.
  2. Serena Pooch-Williams – A playful twist on tennis great Serena Williams.
  3. Kobe Fetchant – In honor of the late basketball star Kobe Bryant.
  4. Paw-l Pogba – Inspired by French footballer Paul Pogba.
  5. Tom Barky – A canine homage to football quarterback Tom Brady.
  6. Usain Bolt (Bolt for short) – Named after the fastest man in the world.
  7. Derek Jeter (Jeter for short) – In honor of the legendary baseball player.
  8. Simone Biles (Simone for short) – Named after the accomplished gymnast.
  9. Bark McGwire – Inspired by former baseball player Mark McGwire.
  10. Ronaldo (Ronnie for short) – In honor of soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.
  11. Babe Woof – A playful twist on baseball legend Babe Ruth.
  12. Lionel Messi (Messi for short) – Named after the iconic footballer.
  13. Jackie Robarkson – Inspired by baseball pioneer Jackie Robinson.
  14. Wayne Paw-gretzky – A tribute to ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.
  15. Serena Canine-iams – Another playful nod to tennis champion Serena Williams.
  16. Muhammad Ali (Ali for short) – In honor of the legendary boxer.
  17. Paw-l Gasol – Inspired by basketball player Pau Gasol.
  18. Bolt Bary – A fusion of sprinter Usain Bolt and baseball’s Barry Bonds.
  19. Carli Paw-lloyd – In honor of soccer star Carli Lloyd.
  20. Hank Aaron (Hank for short) – Named after the baseball legend.

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Famous Dog Names from Art & Literature

Famous Dog Names from Art Literature

Dogs serve as inspiration for some prominent authors and artists. Dogs often feature in literature either as a hero or faithful companions; therefore, there are many literary and art monikers for your brilliant and well-cultured pet. Here are some famous names from written works and arts.

Argos: In Homer’s “The Odyssey,” Argos is Odysseus’s faithful dog who recognizes him upon his return after 20 years.

LassieFrom the novel “Lassie Come-Home” by Eric Knight, later adapted into a popular film and TV series.

TotoDorothy’s loyal dog in L. Frank Baum’s “The Wizard of Oz.”

SnowyThe adventurous and loyal dog in Hergé’s “The Adventures of Tintin” comics.

NanaThe nursemaid dog in J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan.”

Old YellerThe title character from the novel “Old Yeller” by Fred Gipson.

CujoThe Saint Bernard in Stephen King’s novel of the same name.

BuckThe protagonist dog in Jack London’s “The Call of the Wild.”

SnoopyThe imaginative beagle from Charles Schulz’s “Peanuts” comic strip.

HoochThe Dogue de Bordeaux from the movie “Turner & Hooch.”

BelleThe kind and intelligent collie in Albert Payson Terhune’s “Lad, A Dog.”

CerberusThe three-headed dog guarding the Underworld in Greek mythology, often referenced in literature.

EinsteinThe time-traveling dog in the “Back to the Future” film series.

TrampThe street-smart mutt from Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp.”

ShilohThe title character from Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s “Shiloh” series.

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Searching for a moniker from fame for your furry friend can be demanding. Therefore, if you are feeling overwhelmed with an endless list of names for dogs, we are here to help out.

First, observe your new pup’s personality and carefully select a moniker that goes perfectly with him.

Secondly, choose a sweet name that you won’t get bored of repeating over and over again. Don’t forget the selected name will stick to your pup for the rest of his life. A famous dog-inspired name is a solid inspiration for pet owners.

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