Korean Dog Names

Korean Dog Names to Bring Your Favorite Character

It is most exciting to bring home a new pup but a huge responsibility to provide him/her a meaningful name. Your canine companion is going to carry the name for a long time and you have to call your dog by name within the crowd. So, you must consider a word or couple of words which is unique, concise and meaningful.

Usually, Korean names come with single or double word and the language is highly influenced by Buddhism. So firstly you are going to pick a name which is short, attractive and rich with positive characteristics.

Here we have made a list of Korean dog names considering all related aspects with their culture and habits. We have also classified these names into various meaningful categories to easily match your thoughts.

Korean Dog Names

Korean Dog Names for Female

Korean Dog Names for Female

Just like Korean celebrities, Female dog names are also cool and come with a different culture and emotion. If you add a Korean dog breed as your new family member, choose an amazing Korean dog name from the list we have given below.

After deep research, we pulled together this collection of female Korean dog names for you. So, feel free to check out the list below and choose your favorite one.

  1. 미미 (Mimi) – Meaning “beautiful.”
  2. 루나 (Luna) – After the moon, symbolizing brightness and beauty.
  3. 가을 (Gaeul) – Means “autumn.”
  4. 별 (Byeol) – Translates to “star.”
  5. 미소 (Miso) – Signifies a “smile.”
  6. 미래 (Mirae) – Means “future.”
  7. 초콜릿 (Chokollit) – For chocolate-colored dogs.
  8. 다온 (Daon) – Signifying “kindness.”
  9. 해피 (Haepi) – For a joyful and happy pup.
  10. 데이지 (Deiji) – After the daisy flower.
  11. 코코 (Koko) – A cute name for any dog.
  12. 미즈 (Miju) – A unique and charming choice.
  13. 바다 (Bada) – Meaning “ocean.”
  14. 레미 (Remi) – A sweet and lovely name.
  15. 미미씨 (Mimissi) – A playful name meaning “Miss Mimi.”
  16. 봄 (Bom) – Signifying “spring.”
  17. 소피 (Sopi) – A Korean twist on the name “Sophie.”
  18. 미란 (Miran) – Means “beautiful orchid.”
  19. 달콤이 (Dalkomi) – Translates to “sweetie.”
  20. 나비 (Nabi) – Meaning “butterfly.”

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Korean Dog Names for Male

Korean Dog Names for Male

There are so many dog breeds in the world originated from Korea. Like your friends, if you also adopt a Male Korean breed puppy and feel trouble to give him a perfect name for calling, our list of names can help you to take the right decision.

Our team of experts pulled together this collection of Male Korean Dog Names by researching Korean culture, their choice, and famous personalities. So, check out the below list and collect your favorite name.

  1. 강 (Gang) – Meaning “strong” or “river.”
  2. 태양 (Taeyang) – Translates to “sun.”
  3. 민호 (Minho) – A popular name, meaning “gentle tiger.”
  4. 우진 (Wujin) – Signifies “protector” or “hero.”
  5. 해 (Hae) – Means “sea.”
  6. 루키 (Ruki) – For a new addition to your family.
  7. 기범 (Gibeom) – Signifying “precious” or “model.”
  8. 코비 (Kobi) – A unique and charming choice.
  9. 하루 (Haru) – Translates to “day.”
  10. 레오 (Leo) – After the lion, symbolizing strength.
  11. 민수 (Minsu) – Meaning “gentle and talented.”
  12. 태호 (Taeho) – Signifies “greatness.”
  13. 태린 (Taerin) – A beautiful name meaning “talented forest.”
  14. 아리 (Ari) – Meaning “elegant” or “graceful.”
  15. 별 (Byeol) – Translates to “star.”
  16. 강호 (Kangho) – Signifying “strong tiger.”
  17. 미래 (Mirae) – Means “future.”
  18. 탄이 (Tani) – A cute and affectionate name.
  19. 달링 (Daling) – For a darling and beloved pup.
  20. 홍 (Hong) – A strong and classic choice.

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Super Cute Korean Puppy Names

Super Cute Korean Puppy Names

Korean puppy names are very specific and you have to do a deep analysis before finalizing a Korean Puppy name for your pooch. To consider pet proprietors, here we have narrow down your choices from 3000 Korean puppy names.

Our list will truly help you to find the perfect cute name which you absolutely love from the heart for your pup. So, make sure your choice and enjoy it everywhere!!

  1. 뽀뽀 (PpoPpo) – A playful name that means “kiss” in Korean.
  2. 뚜뚜 (DduDdu) – A sweet and whimsical name.
  3. 꽃이 (Kkochi) – Translates to “flower.”
  4. 단데 (Dande) – A charming name for a sweet puppy.
  5. 뽀미 (Ppomi) – A cute and friendly name.
  6. 곰돌이 (Gomdori) – Meaning “teddy bear.”
  7. 보노 (Bono) – A playful and affectionate choice.
  8. 쪼꼬 (Jjokko) – For an adorable little one.
  9. 푸른 (Pureun) – Signifies “blue” or “green.”
  10. 비쥬 (Biju) – A cute twist on the word “beauty.”
  11. 꿀순 (Kkulsun) – Means “honey” and “pure.”
  12. 꽃님 (Kkotnim) – Translates to “flower lady.”
  13. 멍멍 (MeongMeong) – The Korean equivalent of “woof woof.”
  14. 하늘 (Haneul) – Signifying “sky.”
  15. 곰곰 (GomGom) – A delightful name for a little bear-like pup.
  16. 미소 (Miso) – Meaning “smile.”
  17. 깜장 (Kkamjang) – For a mischievous and cute puppy.
  18. 엔젤 (Enjel) – Translates to “angel.”
  19. 볼로 (Bollo) – A playful and friendly name.
  20. 강아지 (Gangaji) – Simply means “puppy” in Korean.

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During choosing a dog name, remember that your dog’s name is the key to proper communication with it. Also, make sure to select a name which rolls of the tongue easily and produce a good sound.

We believe, this article has helped you to make the right decision that you desired for many years to come. Here we have enlisted some top dog of single-worded names those are very common in Korea. We have also considered some famous personalities with some unique names and meaningful terms.

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