Regal Dog Names

Regal Dog Names for Your Royal Furry Friends

Wise, elegant, powerful, sophisticated, noble, and beautiful – these are some qualities of the Royals. Whether your canine has a royal demeanor or it shows off signs of royalty, Regal monikers are a great choice for your pup. There is something dense and classic about royal titles. After all, some of the gorgeous titles are connected with some royal origins.

These signatures stand the test of time and maybe suitable for the supreme ruler of your heart. The idea is so unique that it shows your out-of-the-box thoughts. In the dog park or on a walk, when you’ll call the name, it is sure that everybody will look at you for once with amazement.

A regal title means that which is appropriate for The Royals. Royal tags or aristocratic signatures are usually chosen for their beauty, power, and historical significance. It is awesome to choose a moniker after the members of the royal family or after anything that related to the Royals.

Regal Dog Names

Top Regal Dog Names

Top Regal Dog Names

The royal families around the world are known to have a heavy cultural influence on their lifestyle. From fashion and beauty to names, they show significance in everything. So, if this idea attracts you, then regal titles are your thing. Choosing a regal dog name can give your pet an air of sophistication and elegance. Here are some top regal dog names to consider:

  1. King/Kingston
  2. Queen/Quincy
  3. Duke/Duchess
  4. Prince/Princess
  5. Lord/Lady
  6. Sir/Sire
  7. Baron/Baroness
  8. Count/Countess
  9. Marquis/Marquess
  10. Regent
  11. Emperor/Empress
  12. Monarch
  13. Noble
  14. Majesty
  15. Sovereign
  16. Ruler
  17. Zeus (for a powerful, regal dog)
  18. Athena (for a wise and regal dog)
  19. Maximus (after the Roman General Maximus in Gladiator)
  20. Cleopatra (for a regal female dog with a touch of exotic charm)

You can also consider names inspired by famous royals, historical figures, or characters from literature and mythology for a regal touch. Ultimately, choose a name that suits your dog’s personality and characteristics.

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Popular Regal Dog Names

Popular Regal Dog Names

The glamor of the royal families inspires everyone. Everyone wants to feel the greatness of their lifestyle. The most affordable way to do this is to use a title inspired by the royals. That’s why regal titles are so popular among the common people.

Here are some popular regal dog names:

  1. Winston
  2. Victoria
  3. Henry
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Charles
  6. Grace
  7. George
  8. Catherine
  9. Alexander
  10. Diana
  11. Louis
  12. Eleanor
  13. William
  14. Isabella
  15. Arthur
  16. Anne
  17. Edward
  18. Mary
  19. Richard
  20. Margaret

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Male Regal Dog Names

Male Regal Dog Names

If you’re looking for male regal dog names, here’s a list of strong and regal options inspired by royalty, noble titles, and historical figures:

  1. King
  2. Prince
  3. Duke
  4. Earl
  5. Baron
  6. Sir
  7. Lord
  8. Majesty
  9. Regent
  10. Emperor
  11. Noble
  12. Monarch
  13. Tsar
  14. Knight
  15. Caesar
  16. Ruler
  17. Pharaoh
  18. Sultan
  19. Augustus
  20. Maximus
  21. Richard (after Richard the Lionheart)
  22. Henry (inspired by various English kings)
  23. Ferdinand (e.g., Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor)
  24. Napoleon (after Napoleon Bonaparte)
  25. Leopold (after historical figures like Leopold II)

Female Regal Dog Names

Female Regal Dog Names

If you have a female dog and you want to give her a regal and elegant name, consider these female regal dog names inspired by royalty, noble titles, and historical figures:

  1. Queen
  2. Princess
  3. Duchess
  4. Lady
  5. Countess
  6. Baroness
  7. Empress
  8. Regal
  9. Sovereign
  10. Cleopatra
  11. Isabella
  12. Victoria
  13. Catherine
  14. Grace
  15. Elizabeth
  16. Eleanor
  17. Marie
  18. Anastasia
  19. Athena
  20. Juliet
  21. Guinevere
  22. Josephine
  23. Matilda
  24. Beatrice
  25. Alexandra

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Unisex Regal Dog Names

If you prefer a unisex regal dog name that can suit both male and female dogs, you might consider these options inspired by royalty, noble titles, and historical figures:

  1. Royal
  2. Noble
  3. Monarch
  4. Regent
  5. Sovereign
  6. Majestic
  7. Imperial
  8. Duke/Duchess
  9. Earl
  10. Baron/Baroness
  11. Lord/Lady
  12. Prince/Princess
  13. King/Queen
  14. Knight
  15. Sir/Madam
  16. Ruler
  17. Emperor/Empress
  18. Dynasty
  19. Regal
  20. Royalist

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Regal Boy Dog Names

Regal Boy Dog Names

When you give your buddy a title inspired by royalty, you’ll feel like he is the king of the castle. So, why not draw some inspiration from a rich tradition and give your bouncing boy a title worthy of royalty? These ideas of regal tags for boys are inspired by both modern and historical kings and royal families.

  1. King
  2. Prince
  3. Duke
  4. Earl
  5. Baron
  6. Sir
  7. Lord
  8. Emperor
  9. Monarch
  10. Regent
  11. Noble
  12. Majesty
  13. Ruler
  14. Tsar
  15. Caesar
  16. Squire
  17. Duchess (for a playful twist)
  18. Captain (for a more adventurous regal name)
  19. Duke of York
  20. Marquis

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Regal Girl Dog Names

Regal Girl Dog Names

If you’re looking for regal boy dog names, here are some strong and majestic options inspired by royalty, historical figures, and noble titles:

  1. King
  2. Prince
  3. Duke
  4. Earl
  5. Baron
  6. Sir
  7. Lord
  8. Emperor
  9. Monarch
  10. Regent
  11. Noble
  12. Majesty
  13. Ruler
  14. Tsar
  15. Caesar
  16. Squire
  17. Duchess (for a playful twist)
  18. Captain (for a more adventurous regal name)
  19. Duke of York
  20. Marquis

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Tough Regal Dog Names

A tough regal title for your four-legged friend is sure to frighten unwanted intruders. It is enough to strike fear in their heart. But finding the perfect tough regal title for your strong partner can be a challenge. If you’re looking for tough and regal dog names, consider these options:

  1. Maximus
  2. Thor
  3. Athena
  4. Duke
  5. Valkyrie
  6. Goliath
  7. Empress
  8. Hercules
  9. Cleopatra
  10. Kingpin
  11. Xena
  12. Caesar
  13. Zara
  14. Brutus
  15. Emporio
  16. Zenobia
  17. Titan
  18. Queenie
  19. Ajax
  20. Nefertiti

Regal Unique Dog Names

Regal Unique Dog Names

Although the royal unique dogs are already worldwide famous, some drew the media’s attention more than others. These dogs came into focus for different reasons and were remembered for a long time. If you pick one of these unique titles, your four-footed friend is sure to make everyone leave speechless.

  1. Oberon
  2. Seraphina
  3. Solstice
  4. Zephyr
  5. Nebula
  6. Lysander
  7. Isolde
  8. Peregrine
  9. Thalassa
  10. Ragnarok
  11. Ozymandias
  12. Azura
  13. Valerian
  14. Elektra
  15. Tybalt
  16. Odalys
  17. Zenith
  18. Ishtar
  19. Cassiopeia
  20. Mordecai

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Regal Dog Names Inspired by Mythology

We can use mythology to collect moniker ideas for your beloved canine. The titles have significant meanings that express certain qualities of life. To bring you the best choices, we’ve explored different pantheons.

Regal Dog Names Inspired by TV Shows, and Movies

Regal Dog Names Inspired by TV Shows and Movies

TV shows and movies could be great inspirations for dog titles. There are lots of shows and movies about royals or related to royalty. So, there are unlimited options for canine titles. Does that mean you have to go through all those movies to find out the perfect fit? Don’t worry. We’ve made it easy.

#NamesTV Shows, and Movies Names
1AragornLord of the Rings
2CerseiGame of Thrones
3Daenerys TargaryenGame of Thrones
5GlindaThe Wizard of Oz
6King Joffe Jaffer of ZamundaComing to America
7King KongThe Mighty King Kong
8King Ralph JonesKing Ralph
9King TritonThe Little Mermaid
10MiaPrincess Diaries
11Prince CharmingCinderella
12Prince EscalusRomeo and Juliet
13Prince Hans WestergaardFrozen
14Prince TuesdayDaniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
15Queen Padme AmidalaStar Wars
16Queen Susan PevensieThe Chronicles Of Narnia
17Robert BaratheonGame of Thrones
18SimbaThe Lion King
19T’ChallaBlack Panther


Your pooch deserves your attention and thoughts on its title. They depend on us, so it is our responsibility to give them the best of everything. Their unconditional love is no less than royalty. So it is on us to choose a moniker that justifies their noble heart.

Now you have a complete set of regal canine titles. Use it to reach the perfect choice for your lovely companion. We’ve used different sources so you could have enough ideas. With these above ideas, you have a chance to pay respect to the royal family or royalty of your choice. Or, you can enjoy the uniqueness and stand out from the crowd.

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