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Best Dog Poop Training Sprays 2024 with Attractive Scent

Having trouble with your canine getting his regular “business” done? – A Dog Poop training spray can help! As pet parents, we have all gone through this predicament. Whether due to sickness, inadequate training, or some other reason, your canine may choose your home as his favorite pooping spot. It is not pleasant. It can be challenging to get your pup to do his business in a specific place, preferably outside the house. Best Dog Poop Training Spray

This is a common issue, and there are many methods to deal with it, including training, pee-pads, and sprays. While sprays seem like the most strange option out there, many of these have actually been tested and proven effective in getting pooches to do their thing in an easy, pet-friendly way. Depending on the ingredients, the sprays use certain scents and pheromones to attract dogs to a particular place.

However, not all poop training sprays are created equal, and you need to find one that works for your canine. To aid you in your quest, our team of experts has spent hours creating a list of the 5 best dog poop training sprays. These attractants have been chosen on the basis of their success percentage, scent, effect, pricing, and customer reviews.

Image Product Name Key Features

  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Eco-friendly and alcohol-free
  • Design to train dogs to urinate
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  • Safe to use around pets and children
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor
  • Reduces housetraining time
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  • Pet-safe ingredients used
  • Train puppies of all ages
  • Formulated for indoor and outdoor
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  • Safe for pets and children
  • Pleasant floral smell for potty training
  • Easy-to-use and convenient bottle
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  • Long-lasting concentrated formula
  • For indoor and outdoor potty training
  • Reduces potty training time
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Best Dog Poop Training Sprays in 2024 – Reviews

1. Bodhi Dog Potty Training Spray

Top Pick

Bodhi Dog Potty Training Spray Review
Bodhi Dog Potty Training Spray

Easy and effective way to stimulate and train your dog to pee where you want him to

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The Bodhi Dog Potty Training Spray is undoubtedly the best spray you can get for your furry friend. It is an award-winning spray made of Emulsifier, attractant, and preservative, making it very effective to train your dog to urinate or do potty on a specific location every time.

This animal cruelty-free formula is safe and humane than other harsh potty-training methods. So, you will not need to yell or swat on your pet to teach him/her good potty behavior. Besides, this spray works perfectly for both indoor and outdoor training. Some people find the scent a little weird; fortunately, it dissipates quickly, leaving your home fresh.

It is easy to use. You simply need to select a preferred area and use the spray where you want your pet to relieve themselves. Always remember to praise your puppy when they urinate in the right spot for better and quick results.

It is an eco-friendly and alcohol-free spray, so you can easily use it on any surface without worrying. Each spray comes in recyclable bottles that contain 8oz of the scented fluid. The company also provides a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

Key Features:

  • Award-winning animal cruelty-free formula for safe training
  • Effectively works for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Alcohol-free and dissipates fast, leaving your home fresh
  • Quick and easy to use product comes in an 8oz recyclable bottles
  • Made in the USA with locally sourced and sustainable ingredients

What We Like:

  • Attract your pooch to a specific potty location
  • Helps to reduce unwanted accidents
  • The formula encourages dogs of all ages
  • Assist shorten housebreaking time
  • Very safe for both of you and your pet

What We Don’t Like:

  • This only works for urine not for feces

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2. OUT! Indoor and Outdoor Dog Training Spray

Runner Up

OUT Dog Poop Training Spray Review
OUT Dog Poop Training Spray

Helps shorten the housetraining time and encourage dogs to eliminate in a specific area

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OUT PetCare Poop Training Spray is one of the leading pet care products, and it holds the runner-up position on our list. If you are looking for an effective and quick potty-training process, then consider buying this dog spray.

The attractant is made with pet-safe ingredients like water, a blend of fatty acid, and a pH adjuster, which makes it safe to use around pets and children. It effectively attracts and encourages pooch to urinate where you want them to.

This training spray is designed for indoor and outdoor use, so if you want to train your pet to eliminate on a pee pad or real grass, the spray has got you covered.

Moreover, the 32oz spray bottle makes it convenient to use. You just need to choose the desired spot and spray on that area, and introduce your dog there and let him/her sniff the place.

Using this attractant for a consistent training process will help shorten the housetraining time. It is recommended not to use it around your dog’s food and water.

Key Features:

  • No harmful chemical used, safe to use around children
  • Stimulate pets to urinate or poop on a specific spot
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Will reduce the housetraining time for dogs of all ages
  • Convenient size 32oz spray bottle for easy use

What We Like:

  • Encourages your furry friends to eliminate in a definite area
  • Easy to use properly around the whole family
  • Safe for children, pets, and other family members
  • Keep your surroundings clean
  • Helps to keep you stress free

What We Don’t Like:

  • Doesn’t work well for small dogs

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3. NaturVet Potty Here Training Aid Spray

Best Budget

NaturVet Potty Training Spray Review
NaturVet Potty Training Spray

The unique attractant smell will encourage dogs to urinate wherever the product is sprayed

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Out of all poop training sprays available, the NaturVet Potty Training Spray is the best budget you will find anywhere. This pet-safe spray is made from deionized water, preservatives, and proprietary attractant scent.

This attractive scent works perfectly to encourage pups to urinate precisely where the product is dispersed. It is also easy to use; you simply need to apply the spray on preferred areas daily and let your pup sniff it.

This product is formulated for indoor and outdoor use, including puppy padsartificial grass, etc. It does not contain alcohol or other harmful substances, so it won’t cause any trouble to your dog. It is available in two different size bottles; you can buy according to your need.

This potty-training spray is completely manufactured in the USA and is a cGMP complaint. The company is also providing a 100% money-back guarantee so that you don’t have to lose the money if you are not satisfied.

Key Features:

  • Made with pet-safe ingredients to keep your dog safe
  • Attractive scent to encourage and train dogs to urinate on a dispersed spot
  • Available in multiple sizes to buy accordingly
  • Easy to use and formulated for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Manufactured in the USA and 100% money-back guarantee

What We Like:

  • Provides high quality attractive scent
  • Easy to train dogs potty training
  • Great to use at artificial grass or puppy pads
  • Very cheap in price
  • Pet proprietors recommend for potty training of all ages

What We Don’t Like:

  • Harmful for dog’s eyes

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4. NaturVet Training Aid Spray for Indoor & Outdoor

If you are searching for the best outdoor poop training spray, then Pooch Pads is the right option you should go for. The pleasant floral scented spray contains an amino acid solution that perfectly encourages pets to urinate or do potty exactly where you want them to do.

Pooch Pads Spray Review

It is by far the most pleasant smelling spray available on the market. Besides, this overpowered scent is formulated to effectively work on outdoor surfaces like grass, pavements, pee pads, mud, etc.

Moreover, the 16oz spray bottle contains a generous amount of attractant, which is enough to last for a more extended period. It is a non-toxic attractant spray that is safe to use around your children and pets.

Also, the built quality of the container is exceptionally robust. It comes with a trigger-style handle for more powerful spraying and convenient use.

Key Features:

  • Pleasant floral scented spray to help pets to identify the potty spot
  • Contains amino acid and no toxic or harmful chemical used
  • Need to shake well before using every time
  • Robust container with trigger-style handle
  • Comes in 160z spray bottle with enough attractant for longer use

What We Like:

  • The overpowered formula works perfectly on outdoor surfaces
  • Simple to spray indoor or outdoor areas
  • Helpful to train dogs have rough characters
  • Effective for dogs of all ages
  • Manufactured in the USA

What We Don’t Like:

  • Dogs can’t identify the designated area if spray different places

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5. Nature’s Miracle Potty Training Spray

Nature’s Miracle is the best house-breaking potty training spray that is specially formulated to train your pets to relieve themselves every time on a particular spot. This long-lasting concentrated formula is highly effective when it comes to training your puppy.

Natures Miracle Review

The attractant pheromone scent reduces the time required to housebreak a dog. Besides, the scent is subtle and dog-specific, so you may not smell it, but your pooch will definitely get attracted to it.

In addition, the spray is designed for both indoor and outdoor potty training use. So you won’t have problems using the spray on pee pads, grass, turf, etc. The scent is 100% safe and does not have a strong unpleasant odor.

It also does not contain any toxic chemicals; you can use it around pets and kids. It comes in two different sizes and the easy to use bottle allows more powerful spraying.

Key Features:

  • Formulated to encourage dogs to relieve themselves on the desired spot
  • A long-lasting and highly effective concentrated solution
  • Pheromone scent to reduce the time required to housebreak pets
  • No toxic chemicals, safe to use around kids and dogs
  • It comes in two different sizes and easy to use bottles

What We Like:

  • Specially formulated to train dogs
  • Noticeable only by dog’s fine senses
  • Quickly realize the designated place to “go”
  • The engrossed formula lasts long time
  • Useful for both indoor and outdoor areas

What We Don’t Like:

  • Only for dogs not for cats

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What is A Dog Poop Training Spray?

Much like the name suggests, these sprays are meant to attract dogs and help them do their business. As strange as the concept sounds, it is based on proper research. Regular poop training involves taking your pet outside for a stroll. Here a few points that need to be taken care of. Your pet should be comfortable and easy enough to relieve himself.

However, dogs are picky about the places they choose for their business. This is where these sprays come in. You can find them in both spray and condensed forms, and depending on the type, you can either spray it or use a few drops to mark a place.

In the case of the outdoors, these are used on grass, but some sprays can also be used for pee-pads and indoor use. However, their scent may be challenging to get rid of later on, and it is suggested to use these outdoors. The effect is usually instant, and dogs get attracted to that place.

How Does Poop Training Spray Work?

If you observe your canine’s regular routine, you may have noticed that dogs have a thing for certain scents. Some dogs like to sniff each other’s tails, and others are attracted to the places they have just peed on. This is the same principle that many training sprays use.

Based on the type, there are two poop training sprays. The “attractants” attract your pet to a certain place, and the “repellents” forbid your canine from doing his business in an area, like inside your house.

An attractant spray uses special scents to attract your canine to the place that has been sprayed. Some scents are similar to the dog’s urine, and while that can be really unpleasant for us, it can successfully attract dogs to a particular place.

A repellent uses chemicals that have a particularly strong scent. The application of such sprays overwhelms a canine and prevents him from going to that place. Some sprays also use relaxing pheromones to help your pet get comfortable and be done with his business.

However, if you are particular about the smell, you can also find a few attractants that use floral fragrances. But, if your main focus is the function, then you will need to overlook the momentary stench. To use these sprays, you first need to determine the “business spot.” Then spray the recommended amount and let your pet sniff.

Why Do Dogs Poop Inside?

There can be many reasons as to why your pet chooses to empty his stomach in your home. However, by looking at the most common ones, you can find out what’s bothering your pet and help him overcome this problem.

  • Discomfort or Unease: It is a natural process. However, canines can get quite sensitive on the topic at times. They feel vulnerable and refrain from relieving themselves in places they do not feel comfortable. That leaves your home. Some young pups tend to do this on their beds because they are anxious.
  • Lack of Attention or Change in Environment: This could also be your canine’s way of asking for attention if you have just had a new addition to the family. Be it a person or a new pet. See if that applies to your pet and help him get comfortable in the new environment.
  • Sickness or Lack of Training: Another common reason your dog poops inside can be because he is sick. It can be due to environmental conditions or stomach problems. If your canine shows signs of unease and restlessness, consider consulting a veterinarian. Last but not least, if you have adopted a young pup, chances are that he hasn’t been potty-trained before.

In either case, however, a poop training spray can help your pooch feel calm and develop better habits.

How to Use Dog Poop Training Spray?

These training sprays are best used alongside regular potty training. This will involve the same steps, and the spray will aid in the task. Using a poop training spray is easy; you just need to take care of a few things.

  • Spray Scent Type
  • The selected spot

The type of spray determines whether you are marking a place as a no-go, or you are choosing that place as your canine’s pooping spot.

  • Using A Repellent: Many owners find it difficult to train their pets about where not to go. You can use a repellent spray for this purpose. By using unpleasant or strong scents, these sprays can protect your carpets and furniture. It is a safe, humane way of preventing your pooch from going to a particular place. Usually, a single spray is enough for these repellents to get into action.
  • Using an Attractant: For attractants, you first need to decide the ideal “business” spot. You can choose a place in a yard or in your home’s bathroom. Once decided, you can spray the attractant, and your canine will soon be attracted there.

The pheromones and scents used in these poop training sprays act as signals. Canines receive this signal and are attracted to that place. It makes training a lot easier, even for young pups.

To make sure the training goes smoothly, consider using treats, and praise your dog when he follows the scent and reaches the right spot.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Dog Poop Training Spray

Now that you know how to use these sprays, you need to know a few essential things before making the final purchase. Keep the following points in mind when looking for the ideal poop training spray.


When looking for the ideal training spray, the ingredients are what determine the working and are hence the most important. Here you will need to look at the spray contents according to their type.

In case of an attractant, the spray will contain pheromones blended with certain scents. These can be few floral fragrances. Some sprays also use chemicals to mimic the smell of dog poop, as it is a great way to attract canines to the sprayed spot.

In the case of repellent sprays, the scents used are strong and ones that canines dislike. This is done to make sure they do not do their business somewhere like your furniture or favorite carpet.

However, for most pups, it is recommended to choose all-natural, alcohol-free ingredients. Alcohol-based sprays last less long and can also contaminate the air. On the other hand, alcohol-free sprays are safer for pets and stay effective for a long time.

If you are going to be using the spray outside on the lawn, make sure to see if the ingredients are eco-friendly or not. This is important because even if there are no signs at the beginning, prolonged usage of some attractants can damage the grass.

Spray vs. Condensed

When it comes to the bottle and spraying mechanism, you can find two types of attractants. The spray bottles can be sprayed on the decided location, but you can also find condensed oils that are to be used drop by drop.

Depending on this type, you can manage the dosage. Usually, a single drop is enough for the attractant to take action. Therefore even a small bottle can last for a long time.

Effective Time

Different sprays usually take different times to take effect. In order to find a good spray, you need to look for one with an instant effect. Also, for indoor usage, it can be troublesome if the scent remains. However, you can find poop training sprays that dissipate quickly, leaving the air fresh.


As mentioned previously, the attractant sprays work by using special scents. The chemicals used in most of these sprays have been tested for success; however, that said, all dogs aren’t the same. A spray with a great success rate may not work for your pet. However, before passing the judgment, try the spray and see how your pooch responds to it.

Money-Back Guarantee

A money-back guarantee gives you a risk-free purchase. Dog poop training sprays are overall successful and easy to use; however, no spray is 100% effective. Therefore, it is an excellent choice to go with a guarantee and test the product for your pet.


When looking for the ideal poop training spray, many good options are also pricey. However, whether a spray is worth it or not isn’t decided by the price but the effectiveness. Ideally, you need to find a balance of both price and quality and see which one suits you best.


Consider how easy it is to apply the spray. Some sprays require frequent reapplication, while others may be more long-lasting. Additionally, some sprays may be more effective when used in conjunction with other training techniques.


Ensure that the product is safe for use around children and other pets. Avoid sprays that are harmful if ingested or that can cause allergic reactions.

Ease of Cleaning

Consider how easy it is to clean up after your dog when they do poop in an unwanted area. Some sprays may leave stains or be difficult to clean up, while others may be easy to wipe away.

Benefits of Using Dog Poop Training Sprays

Using dog poop training sprays can have several benefits, including:

  • Encouraging good behavior: By using a spray to mark the areas where you want your dog to go potty, you can train them to go in a designated spot. This can help prevent accidents inside the house or on your property.
  • Reducing odor: Using a spray to encourage your dog to go in a specific area can help contain the odor of their waste. This can be especially beneficial if you live in an apartment or have a small yard.
  • Saving time and effort: Cleaning up after your dog can be a time-consuming and unpleasant task. By training your dog to go in a specific area, you can save time and effort on cleaning up messes.
  • Protecting your property: Dog poop can damage grass and other landscaping, which can be expensive to repair. By training your dog to go in a specific area, you can protect your property from damage.
  • Strengthening the bond with your dog: Training your dog to follow commands and behave appropriately can help strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend.
  • Improving hygiene: Dog waste can contain harmful bacteria that can spread disease. By training your dog to go in a specific area, you can minimize the risk of spreading these harmful bacteria.

Precautions About Using Dog Poop Training Sprays

  • Most poop training sprays should be used outdoors or specifically on pee-pads. Using them directly on carpets or floors can stain the place.
  • Dogs differ in their preferences, and no spray is 100% effective. You will need to find the most suitable one by trial.
  • While you can find sprays that are safe for children, it is recommended to keep these out of reach.
  • The surface is important. If the spray doesn’t seem to work at first, try a different surface. Sometimes combining these sprays with artificial grass can bring better results.
  • Do not rely solely on the training spray. It is recommended to use treats and praise when your pet succeeds in following all instructions.
  • Some canines are sensitive and can feel vulnerable while doing their business.
  • Stay near your pooch, and instead of punishing bad behavior, award on good behavior. This develops a positive attitude and has proven to be more effective.
  • Consider getting alcohol-free sprays as these last longer and are also safer as compared to alcohol-based sprays.

Some Important Tips

  1. If you are sensitive to scents, then it is recommended to use the spray either outside the house or in a place away from the living room.
  2. An attractant spray can be unpleasant; in such cases, look for one that quickly dissipates and does not contaminate the air.
  3. While the sprays can be used to mark a certain spot for your dog’s business, it is recommended to choose one specific place.
  4. For indoors, this will be the bathroom or a pee-pad. Use the spray on the exact same location. Eventually, your pet will learn to go there even without the aid of the attractant.
  5. Prolonged usage of these attractant sprays on grass can affect your lawn. Make sure the training spray uses eco-friendly chemicals as the main ingredients.
  6. If the spray is concentrated, then it is recommended to use very small amounts each time.
  7. As mentioned previously, a single spray is not useful for all pets. Therefore, you cannot base your decision on customer reviews alone. Try it for yourself and see the results.

Final Thoughts

As pet parents, we know that potty training is not an easy task. If you are having trouble with your furry friend, consider using a poop training spray. Made from health-safe, eco-friendly chemicals, these sprays are a quick solution to attract your pet to a certain spot.

The pheromones used have relaxing properties and can guide your pet to the right spot. However, before making a final purchase, make sure to check the ingredients and see if it is safe for your pooch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you spray on a dog’s poop?
Dog poop can be smelly and attracts plenty of pests and microbes if left as is. You can use a Dog poop dissolver, which uses special enzymes that deal with the feces and dissolve it quickly, leaving no trace.

Does potty training spray really work?
Yes. However, these sprays aren’t meant for all dog breeds. As these sprays focus on various scents, it depends on how your canine reacts to them. Poop training sprays are to be used alongside regular training, and you will need to see if it works for your pooch or not.

What is the best surface for a dog to poop on?
The best surface is one that your pet feels comfortable on. Usually, the place should be somewhere natural, like outside on the lawn. However, if you cannot provide such a place, then consider using surfaces like artificial grass indoors.

Is it bad to leave dog poop in the yard?
Yes. These wastes are suitable for the growth of various microbes and pests. Therefore it isn’t recommended to leave dog poop as is. Instead, consider using a poop dissolving spray in that area, so it deals with the waste using natural methods like enzymes.

How do you stop a dog from pooping in a certain area?
For such cases, you will need to use repellents. These sprays are also scent-based but have the opposite effect. In these cases, the sprays use scents that dogs tend to dislike. The result is that your canine will avoid that place. However, be careful in the choice because if your puppy likes the scent, the spray will not be effective.

Will bleach dissolve dog poop?
Bleach is indeed effective in dissolving dog poop. However, prolonged usage can have bad effects on the surface it is used on. It is therefore recommended to use a proper dog poop dissolver that uses enzymes as the active ingredient.

Does rain wash away dog poop?
Not exactly. While it does get washed away, that doesn’t mean it has been appropriately dealt with. To avoid contamination of the environment, it is recommended to deal with it using a proper dissolver.

Is poop training spray safe for puppies?
Yes. It is a very safe and quick way to train your young pup in using a specific place for the business. When combined with treats and praise, the dog can be potty trained with a positive attitude, improving your bond.

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