Egyptian Dog Names

Egyptian Dog Names [100+ Unique, Ancient & Traditional]

In Egypt, dogs share the exact likeness the citizens have for cats. During ancient Egypt, canines were given special regard for their domestic functions and hunting skills. Ancient Egyptians have a special love and hold their dogs in high esteem as they believe in reuniting with them in the afterlife.

Canines were regarded as a member of the family all over the social strata, and they were loyal to their owners while showing a high level of intelligence. There are paintings of dogs on tombs and walls to show how much the country adores puppies.

In addition, Egypt is full of inspiration and rich historical significance that provide lots of naming ideas. The country has pride in robust civilization from time immemorial, leaving us with thousands of titles to choose from for our canines. There is an endless list of great Egyptian dog names to choose from.

Egyptian Dog Names

Top Egyptian Dog Names

Top Egyptian Dog Names

Egyptian dogs are one of the oldest breeds in the world. These dogs have a strong structure, loyal personality, friendly nature, and fun. They have the strength and ability to be trainable while closely relating to humans. Choosing an Egyptian-inspired name for a dog sounds like a paw-some idea! Here are some suggestions:

  1. Anubis
  2. Cleo(patra)
  3. Osiris
  4. Bastet
  5. Ra
  6. Nefertiti
  7. Sphinx
  8. Horus
  9. Pharaoh
  10. Isis
  11. Scarab
  12. Akhet (meaning horizon)
  13. Khepri
  14. Amun
  15. Nut (pronounced like “newt”)

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Male Egyptian Dog Names

Male Egyptian Dog Names

Boy dog monikers are not only common but meaningful. Egyptian male dogs are great hunters with an excellent fit for domestic activities. These male breeds are powerful and naughty at the same time. Here are some masculine titles to portray your boy’s extraordinary intelligence.

  1. Ramses
  2. Khufu
  3. Thoth
  4. Ankh
  5. Sobek
  6. Set
  7. Ptah
  8. Khonsu
  9. Aten
  10. Imhotep
  11. Sobek
  12. Akhenaten
  13. Hapi
  14. Ra-Horakhty
  15. Menes

Female Egyptian Dog Names

Female Egyptian Dog Names

Female pups are priceless to dog lovers. Thousands of female Egyptian monikers sure sound great for your girl furry buddy. Female dogs are naturally characterized by beauty and agility; thus, never underestimate their abilities. If you just brought in a little girl dog, here are some famine titles inspired by queens, goddesses, and more.

  1. Cleopatra
  2. Nefertari
  3. Hathor
  4. Bastet
  5. Sekhmet
  6. Neith
  7. Nut
  8. Amunet
  9. Ma’at
  10. Mut
  11. Seshat
  12. Tawaret
  13. Selqet
  14. Merit
  15. Renenutet

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Unique Egyptian Dog Names

Unique Egyptian Dog Names

Giving your dog a unique Egyptian dog name will reflect your sincere affection towards him. It proves how special your newly adopted companion means to the family. Also, a unique title can make your dog distinct from other canines in the surrounding. Here are some unique Egyptian dog ideas.

  1. Anubis
  2. Cleo(patra)
  3. Osiris
  4. Bastet
  5. Ra
  6. Sphinx
  7. Horus
  8. Nefertiti
  9. Khufu
  10. Khepri (means “scarab” in Egyptian)

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Egyptian Mythology Dog Names

Egyptian Mythology Dog Names

Choosing a canine moniker may be the best choice for your new pet. Below is the collection of mythology male and female dog names monikers from ancient Egypt. When it comes to giving their dog an Egyptian mythological inspired name, dog owners appear to have many choices.

  1. Amun
  2. Hathor
  3. Sekhmet
  4. Thoth
  5. Sobek
  6. Anuket
  7. Ma’at
  8. Ptah
  9. Nut
  10. Geb

Egyptian God and Goddess Names

Egyptian God and Goddess Names

Egyptians are known to give reference to their ancient gods and goddesses. Despite the modern civilization, each city in Egypt has its god and goddess. Looking at these deity-related titles is a fantastic inspiration for your newly adopted pup. Absolutely, diving into the pantheon of Egyptian gods and goddesses opens up a world of majestic names. Here are some:


  1. Ra – The sun god
  2. Osiris – God of the afterlife
  3. Anubis – God of mummification and the afterlife
  4. Horus – God of the sky
  5. Thoth – God of wisdom and writing
  6. Ptah – Creator god
  7. Sobek – God of the Nile and crocodiles
  8. Amun – King of the gods
  9. Set – God of chaos and storms
  10. Khnum – God of creation and the source of the Nile


  1. Isis – Goddess of magic and motherhood
  2. Bastet – Goddess of home, fertility, and protection
  3. Hathor – Goddess of love and motherhood
  4. Ma’at – Goddess of truth and justice
  5. Nut – Goddess of the sky
  6. Sekhmet – Goddess of war and healing
  7. Neith – Goddess of war and hunting
  8. Tefnut – Goddess of moisture and rain
  9. Mut – Mother goddess
  10. Nephthys – Goddess of mourning and protection

Egyptian Dog Names Based on Locations

Egypt is characterized by ancient stories and locations that inspire finding a perfect dog moniker. The country is the home that has one of the Seven Wonders of the World, which is the pyramids. It has a lot of ancient settings that make the country a must-see on many persons’ travel lists. Here are beautiful locations in Egypt to name your pup after.

  1. Cairo
  2. Luxor
  3. Aswan
  4. Giza
  5. Alexandria
  6. Sinai
  7. Nile
  8. Memphis
  9. Siwa
  10. Thebes

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Egyptian Dog Names Inspired by Famous Warrior

Egypt was full of famous warriors. The notable rulers are considered a great source of inspiration to name dogs for bravery and their front role as a protector of people. Here are great ideas to represent famous warrior Egyptian dog names.

  1. Ramses (after Ramses II)
  2. Akhenaten
  3. Cleopatra (not a warrior, but a powerful ruler!)
  4. Khufu
  5. Tutankhamun
  6. Hatshepsut
  7. Senusret (after various pharaohs)
  8. Thutmose
  9. Amenhotep
  10. Nefertari


When it comes to giving your dog a moniker, all you want is a find something perfect and straightforward. Try not to overwhelm yourself by thinking or brainstorming.

The above article has narrowed down enough dog titles to ensure you get your favorite. Also, we believe these Egyptian names will bring about you selecting the perfect title for your new canine companion.

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