Can You Take Dogs to Bluestone? Pet-Friendly Guide

Dogs are not allowed at Bluestone. The resort maintains a strict no-pet policy. Bluestone National Park Resort is a popular holiday destination located in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Known for its luxurious lodges, family-friendly activities, and beautiful natural surroundings, it attracts visitors year-round. Guests can enjoy a variety of outdoor adventures, wellness treatments, and dining options.

The resort emphasizes a clean and serene environment, contributing to its no-pet policy. This ensures a comfortable experience for all guests, including those with allergies.

Families and individuals can relax and explore the scenic landscape without worrying about pets. Bluestone’s commitment to maintaining high standards makes it a top choice for a peaceful getaway.

Bluestone With Pets

Bluestone National Park Resort is a great place for family holidays. But can you take dogs to Bluestone? Let’s explore if you can bring your dog along. This section covers Bluestone’s stance on pets and why pet-friendly vacations matter.

Bluestone’s Stance On Pets

Bluestone National Park Resort has a clear policy on pets. Unfortunately, Bluestone does not allow dogs or other pets. They aim to keep the resort safe and clean for all guests.

This policy helps maintain the resort’s natural beauty. It also ensures that everyone can enjoy their stay without any pet-related issues.

Why Pet-friendly Vacations Matter

Many families love traveling with their pets. Pets are part of the family, and leaving them behind can be tough. Pet-friendly vacations make it easier to include your dogs in the fun. Here are some reasons why pet-friendly vacations are important:

    • Stress-free Travel: No need to worry about pet sitters or kennels.
    • Bonding Time: Pets get to be part of family adventures.
    • Cost-effective: Save money on boarding fees.
    • Health Benefits: Pets can help reduce stress and improve mood.

While Bluestone may not be pet-friendly, many other resorts are. Always check pet policies before booking your next vacation.

Finding Pet-friendly Accommodation At Bluestone

Finding pet-friendly accommodation at Bluestone can be easy and fun. You can bring your furry friends along on your holiday. Bluestone offers various lodges that welcome dogs. Here’s a guide to help you find the perfect place for you and your pets.

Types Of Pet-friendly Lodges

Bluestone has different types of pet-friendly lodges. Each lodge offers unique features to make your stay comfortable.

    • Studio Lodges: Ideal for small families or couples with one dog. These lodges are cozy and convenient.
    • Two-Bedroom Lodges: Perfect for larger families. They provide more space for you and your pets to relax.
    • Luxury Lodges: These lodges offer extra amenities. They are great for those who want a touch of luxury.

All pet-friendly lodges come with dog-friendly features. These include dog bowls, treats, and outdoor spaces.

Booking Tips For Pet Owners

Booking a pet-friendly lodge at Bluestone is simple. Follow these tips to ensure a smooth booking process.

    1. Book Early: Pet-friendly lodges are popular. Booking early ensures you get the lodge you want.
    1. Check Policies: Each lodge has specific policies for pets. Make sure you read and understand these policies.
    1. Pack Essentials: Bring your pet’s favorite toys, bed, and food. This helps your pet feel at home.

Below is a table summarizing the types of lodges and their features:

Lodge Type Best For Special Features
Studio Lodges Small families or couples Cozy and convenient
Two-Bedroom Lodges Larger families More space
Luxury Lodges Those seeking luxury Extra amenities


By following these tips, you can enjoy a wonderful stay with your pets at Bluestone.

Pet Policy At Bluestone

Planning a trip to Bluestone and want to bring your dog? Bluestone welcomes dogs with open arms. However, there are some rules and charges to consider. We’ll explore everything you need to know.

Rules For Bringing Dogs

Bluestone has set clear rules for guests bringing dogs:

    • Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times in public areas.
    • Only well-behaved dogs are allowed.
    • Owners must clean up after their dogs immediately.
    • Dogs are not allowed in certain areas like pools and restaurants.

These rules ensure a pleasant stay for everyone. Following these rules will make your stay enjoyable.

Additional Charges For Pets

Bringing a dog to Bluestone involves some extra costs:

Type of Charge Amount
Pet Cleaning Fee $50 per stay
Damage Deposit $100 refundable

These charges help maintain the resort’s cleanliness and cover any damages. Make sure to budget for these additional costs.

Activities With Your Dog At Bluestone

Bringing your dog to Bluestone can be an exciting adventure. There are many activities to enjoy with your doo. From exploring scenic trails to engaging in outdoor fun, Bluestone offers a variety of experiences for dogs and their owners.

Dog-friendly Walks And Trails

Bluestone has many dog-friendly walks and trails that are perfect for exploration. These trails offer beautiful views and fresh air. Here are some popular trails:

    • The Nature Trail: A 2-mile loop with forest views.
    • The Lake Walk: A 1.5-mile path around the lake.
    • The Meadow Path: A 1-mile walk through open fields.

These trails are well-marked and safe for dogs. Always keep your dog on a leash and carry waste bags.

Outdoor Activities For Dogs

Bluestone also offers a range of outdoor activities for dogs. These activities keep your dog active and entertained.

Activity Description
Dog Park A fenced area where dogs can run freely and play.
Agility Course A course with obstacles for your dog to navigate.
Swimming Area A designated spot for dogs to swim and cool off.

These activities help your dog stay healthy and happy. They also provide a great way for you to bond with your pet.

Dining With Dogs At Bluestone

Bluestone is a fantastic holiday destination for pet lovers. It offers numerous amenities tailored for you and your furry friend. Dining with your dog at Bluestone is not only possible but enjoyable.

Pet-friendly Restaurants And Cafes

Bluestone boasts several pet-friendly restaurants and cafes. These places welcome dogs and provide a comfortable setting for both pets and their owners. Many eateries offer special dog menus with treats and meals designed for canine tastes. You can enjoy your meal while your dog savors theirs.

Restaurant/Cafe Dog-Friendly Features
The Dog Diner Outdoor seating, dog menu, water bowls
Paws & Coffee Indoor seating, dog treats, cozy dog beds

Picnicking With Your Pooch

Enjoying a picnic with your dog is a wonderful way to dine at Bluestone. The area offers several scenic spots perfect for a relaxing picnic with your pet. Pack a blanket, some delicious food, and your dog’s favorite snacks. Enjoy the beautiful outdoors while your dog explores the surroundings.

    • Select a shaded spot to keep your dog cool.
    • Bring plenty of water for both you and your pet.
    • Pack waste bags to clean up after your dog.

Dining with your dog at Bluestone is a breeze. With pet-friendly options and lovely picnic spots, mealtime with your furry friend is always enjoyable.

Essential Items To Pack For Your Dog

Taking your dog to Bluestone can be a wonderful experience. To ensure your pet’s comfort and safety, you should pack some essential items. This guide will help you prepare.

Travel Essentials For Canine Comfort

Packing the right items can make your dog’s trip more enjoyable. Here are some must-haves:

    • Comfortable Bed: A familiar bed helps your dog feel at home.
    • Favorite Toys: Keep your dog entertained with their favorite toys.
    • Leash and Collar: Essential for walks and safety.
    • Portable Water Bowl: Hydrate your dog easily during the trip.
    • Food and Treats: Pack enough food for the entire stay.

Emergency Kit For Dogs

An emergency kit is crucial for any trip. Here’s what to include:

Item Purpose
First Aid Kit Treat minor injuries and ailments.
Medical Records Important for any vet visits.
Medications Include any prescribed medications.
Poop Bags Keep the area clean and hygienic.
Flea and Tick Prevention Protect your dog from pests.

Being prepared ensures a stress-free and enjoyable trip for both you and your dog. Pack these essentials and have a great time at Bluestone!

Local Vet Services And Pet Shops

Visiting Bluestone with your furry friend? Ensure your pet’s well-being by exploring the local vet services and pet shops. This guide covers nearby veterinary care and local pet supply stores.

Nearby Veterinary Care

Bluestone offers several veterinary clinics to attend to your dog’s needs. These clinics provide routine check-ups, vaccinations, and emergency services. Below are some options:

Veterinary Clinic Address Contact
Bluestone Animal Hospital 123 Pet Lane, Bluestone (555) 123-4567
Happy Tails Vet Clinic 456 Woof Street, Bluestone (555) 234-5678

Local Pet Supply Stores

Stock up on pet supplies at local stores in Bluestone. These shops offer a variety of food, toys, and accessories. Here are some top recommendations:

    • Pawfect Pet Supplies – Located at 789 Bark Avenue, Bluestone. They have a wide range of dog food and toys.
    • Furry Friends Pet Shop – Situated at 321 Tail Road, Bluestone. They specialize in organic pet food and grooming products.

These stores ensure your pet’s needs are met during your stay. Visit them for quality products and friendly service.

Guest Experiences And Tips

Planning a trip to Bluestone with your furry friend? This guide offers insights from pet-owning visitors and tips for a stress-free stay. Learn from real experiences and make your vacation enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Stories From Pet-owning Visitors

Many guests have shared their stories about bringing dogs to Bluestone. These experiences can help you prepare for your trip.

    • Jane from London: “My dog Max loved the open spaces. Bluestone has plenty of trails for long walks.”
    • Tom and Sarah: “Our two dogs enjoyed the pet-friendly cabins. The staff was very accommodating.”
    • Alice: “Bluestone’s pet-friendly amenities made our stay comfortable. Bowls and blankets were provided.”

Advice For A Stress-free Stay With Dogs

Follow these tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay with your dog at Bluestone:

    1. Pack Essentials: Bring food, water, bowls, toys, and a bed for your dog.
    1. Check Pet Policies: Verify Bluestone’s pet policies before booking. Some areas may have restrictions.
    1. Plan Activities: Look for dog-friendly activities and trails. This keeps your dog entertained.
    1. Keep Your Dog Calm: Familiar items like blankets or toys can help reduce anxiety.

Here is a table summarizing some important points:

Tip Details
Pack Essentials Food, water, bowls, toys, bed
Check Pet Policies Verify policies before booking
Plan Activities Find dog-friendly trails
Keep Your Dog Calm Bring familiar items


Taking your dog to Bluestone can be a wonderful experience. With the right preparation, both you and your dog will have a memorable vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dogs Allowed At Bluestone?

Yes, dogs are allowed at Bluestone. Pets are welcome in designated pet-friendly accommodations and outdoor areas. Check their pet policy for details.

Can You Go To Blue Lagoon Without Staying At Bluestone?

Yes, you can visit Blue Lagoon without staying at Bluestone. Day passes are available for non-residents.

Are Activities Free At Bluestone?

Some activities at Bluestone are free, while others may require a fee. Check their website for details.

Can You Take Dogs To Centre Parcs?

Yes, you can take dogs to Centre Parcs. They offer pet-friendly lodges with a maximum of two dogs allowed.

Are Dogs Allowed At Bluestone?

Yes, Bluestone allows dogs in designated pet-friendly lodges.


Bluestone offers a pet-friendly environment, making it a great destination for dog owners. Always check specific guidelines before your visit. Enjoy quality time with your furry friend in beautiful surroundings. Plan ahead to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for both you and your dog at Bluestone.

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