Football Dog Names

150+ Football Dog Names for Your Active Furry Friends

Football is one of the popular sports that have the power to bring people together all around the world. Whether you are supporting a team or have developed exciting rivalries among friends, the incontestable love for football is shared by many and enjoyed worldwide.

Also, as a football fan, it is nothing ordinary to name your pup after the sport you so much love. Sometimes your pet’s sporty appearance and personality suggest he needs a football-inspired name. If you are a true soccer sports fan, we got you covered!

Whether from players’ gender, team, lingo, or league, this is the right place to find the perfect moniker for your newly adopted dog. This article will share name info and suggestions for football-inspired pet names. Here are many classic football dog names that would fit your pup.

Male Football Dog Names

Male Football Dog Names

Being a soccer fan is rewarding, but it becomes more rewarding when you take a further step to name your dog after your favorite sport. Thus, they deserve a moniker that can present them as superheroes. Choosing a football-themed name for your male dog can be a fun and sporty way to name your furry friend. Here are some football male dog names:

  1. Beckham
  2. Ronaldo
  3. Messi
  4. Neymar
  5. Ronaldo
  6. Brady
  7. Peyton
  8. Gronk (short for Rob Gronkowski)
  9. Blitz
  10. Spike
  11. Tackle
  12. Quarterback
  13. Fumble
  14. Huddle
  15. Spike
  16. Field Goal
  17. Blitz
  18. Striker
  19. Punt
  20. Touchdown

Female Football Dog Names

Female Football Dog Names

Who said football is only meant for the male gender? Many women are involved in the soccer game! We have a lot of influential female soccer stars with impressive skills and personalities. As a football lover, you will be doing your pet the best deed if you can name her after your favorite female footballer.

  1. Mia (inspired by Mia Hamm)
  2. Abby (after Abby Wambach)
  3. Hope (after Hope Solo)
  4. Megan (after Megan Rapinoe)
  5. Carli (after Carli Lloyd)
  6. Alex (after Alex Morgan)
  7. Julie (after Julie Ertz)
  8. Peyton (a unisex name, inspired by Peyton Manning)
  9. Brady (also a unisex name, after Tom Brady)
  10. Serena (inspired by Serena Williams, who is a big football fan)
  11. Lolo (after Lolo Jones, who played in the Legends Football League)
  12. Rosie (inspired by Rosie Napravnik, a jockey and football enthusiast)
  13. Blaze (a fiery name for a spirited pup)
  14. Cleat (a reference to football footwear)
  15. Raven (inspired by the Baltimore Ravens)
  16. Charger (inspired by the Los Angeles Chargers)
  17. Raider (inspired by the Las Vegas Raiders)
  18. Falcon (inspired by the Atlanta Falcons)
  19. Bear (inspired by the Chicago Bears)
  20. Panther (inspired by the Carolina Panthers)

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Boy Football Dog Names

Boy Football Dog Names

If you’re looking for boy football-themed dog names, you can draw inspiration from famous football players, teams, and terms associated with the sport. Here are some football boy dog names:

  1. Peyton (after Peyton Manning)
  2. Tom (after Tom Brady)
  3. Drew (after Drew Brees)
  4. Aaron (after Aaron Rodgers)
  5. Odell (after Odell Beckham Jr.)
  6. Julio (after Julio Jones)
  7. Zeke (after Ezekiel Elliott)
  8. J.J. (after J.J. Watt)
  9. Lawrence (after Lawrence Taylor)
  10. Emmitt (after Emmitt Smith)
  11. Gronk (after Rob Gronkowski)
  12. Tackle
  13. Quarterback (or QB for short)
  14. Spike
  15. Fumble
  16. Blitz
  17. Hail (after the “Hail Mary” pass)
  18. Interceptor (or just “Intercept” for short)
  19. Gridiron
  20. Touchdown (or “TD” for short)

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Girl Football Dog Names

Girl Football Dog Names

If you have a female dog and you’re looking for football-themed names, you can draw inspiration from famous female football players, teams, and terms associated with the sport. Here are some football girl dog names:

  1. Mia (after Mia Hamm)
  2. Abby (after Abby Wambach)
  3. Carli (after Carli Lloyd)
  4. Hope (after Hope Solo)
  5. Megan (after Megan Rapinoe)
  6. Alex (after Alex Morgan)
  7. Julie (after Julie Ertz)
  8. Brandi (after Brandi Chastain)
  9. Michelle (after Michelle Akers)
  10. Sydney (after Sydney Leroux)
  11. Christie (after Christie Pearce Rampone)
  12. Rapinoe (after Megan Rapinoe)
  13. Solo (after Hope Solo)
  14. Lloyd (after Carli Lloyd)
  15. Abby (after Abby Dahlkemper)
  16. O’Hara (after Kelley O’Hara)
  17. Wambach (after Abby Wambach)
  18. Chastain (after Brandi Chastain)
  19. Hail (after the “Hail Mary” pass)
  20. Endzone

College Football Dog Names

College Football Dog Names

College football has a rich history and tradition, and there are plenty of great names and references you can use for your dog if you’re a college football fan. Here are some college football dog names inspired by famous teams, coaches, and traditions:

  1. Saban (after Nick Saban, Alabama Crimson Tide)
  2. Dabo (after Dabo Swinney, Clemson Tigers)
  3. Urban (after Urban Meyer, former Ohio State Buckeyes coach)
  4. Bear (after Bear Bryant, legendary Alabama Crimson Tide coach)
  5. Spurrier (after Steve Spurrier, Florida Gators and South Carolina Gamecocks coach)
  6. Woody (after Woody Hayes, Ohio State Buckeyes)
  7. Rocky (after Rocky Top, the Tennessee Volunteers’ fight song)
  8. Bevo (after the Texas Longhorns’ mascot)
  9. Hotty (after “Hotty Toddy,” Ole Miss Rebels’ cheer)
  10. Boomer (after “Boomer Sooner,” Oklahoma Sooners’ chant)
  11. Dawg (after the Georgia Bulldogs)
  12. Seminole (after the Florida State Seminoles)
  13. Gator (after the Florida Gators)
  14. Vol (after the Tennessee Volunteers)
  15. War Eagle (after the Auburn Tigers’ battle cry)
  16. Nittany (after the Penn State Nittany Lions)
  17. Spartan (after the Michigan State Spartans)
  18. Buckeye (after the Ohio State Buckeyes)
  19. Sun Devil (after the Arizona State Sun Devils)
  20. Longhorn (after the Texas Longhorns)

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Football League Dog Names

Football League Dog Names

If you’re a fan of a particular football league, such as the NFL (National Football League) or the CFL (Canadian Football League), you can choose a dog name that pays homage to your favorite league. Here are some football league-inspired dog names:

  1. Gridiron (a term for the football field)
  2. Endzone
  3. CFL (pronounced as “Cee-F-L”)
  4. NFL (pronounced as “N-F-L”)
  5. Arena (after the Arena Football League)
  6. XFL (pronounced as “X-F-L,” after the now-defunct league)
  7. Pigskin (a slang term for a football)
  8. Touchdown (or “TD” for short)
  9. Quarterback (or “QB” for short)
  10. Blitz (a defensive strategy)
  11. Huddle (where teams gather for plays)
  12. Safety (a defensive position)
  13. Punt (a type of kick)
  14. Scrimmage (a practice session)
  15. Goalpost
  16. Wideout (after a wide receiver position)
  17. Linebacker
  18. Tight End
  19. Referee (or “Ref” for short)
  20. Kickoff (or “Kick” for short)

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Football Team Dog Names

Football Team Dog Names

If you’re a fan of a specific football team and want to give your dog a name that reflects your team loyalty, here are some football team-inspired dog names for popular NFL teams:

  1. Bear (Chicago Bears)
  2. Packer (Green Bay Packers)
  3. Viking (Minnesota Vikings)
  4. Lion (Detroit Lions)
  5. Falcon (Atlanta Falcons)
  6. Panther (Carolina Panthers)
  7. Saint (New Orleans Saints)
  8. Buccaneer (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  9. Cowboy (Dallas Cowboys)
  10. Eagle (Philadelphia Eagles)
  11. Giant (New York Giants)
  12. Jet (New York Jets)
  13. Patriot (New England Patriots)
  14. Bill (Buffalo Bills)
  15. Dolphin (Miami Dolphins)
  16. Raven (Baltimore Ravens)
  17. Steeler (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  18. Brown (Cleveland Browns)
  19. Bengal (Cincinnati Bengals)
  20. Texan (Houston Texans)
  21. Colt (Indianapolis Colts)
  22. Titan (Tennessee Titans)
  23. Bronco (Denver Broncos)
  24. Chief (Kansas City Chiefs)
  25. Charger (Los Angeles Chargers)
  26. Raider (Las Vegas Raiders)
  27. Cardinal (Arizona Cardinals)
  28. Seahawk (Seattle Seahawks)
  29. Ram (Los Angeles Rams)
  30. 49er (San Francisco 49ers)

Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite NFL team or modify the name to make it more dog-friendly. These names are a great way to show your team pride and love for football through your canine companion.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Football Dog Names

Choosing a football-inspired dog name can be a fun and creative way to connect your passion for the sport with your furry friend. However, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind before finalizing your decision:

  1. Ease of Pronunciation: Ensure that the name is easy to say and that it rolls off the tongue smoothly. This will make it easier for you to call your dog, and for others to interact with your pet.
  2. Length: Keep the name relatively short. Longer names can be confusing for your dog and may be more challenging to use consistently.
  3. Uniqueness: Consider whether the name is unique and won’t be confused with common commands or words. You want your dog to be able to distinguish their name from other sounds.
  4. Appropriateness: Make sure the name is appropriate for all situations. Avoid names that might be embarrassing or awkward when calling your dog in public places.
  5. Meaning: Think about the meaning or significance of the name. Does it have a special connection to a football player, team, or moment in the sport’s history? Understanding the meaning behind the name can add depth to your choice.
  6. Gender: Choose a name that suits your dog’s gender. While many football-inspired names can be unisex, make sure it aligns with your dog’s identity.
  7. Recognition: Consider whether the name will be recognizable to other football fans. This can lead to interesting conversations and connections with fellow enthusiasts.
  8. Nickname Potential: Think about whether the name can easily be shortened into a friendly nickname. Nicknames can be endearing and practical for everyday use.
  9. Training: Keep in mind that your dog will need to learn and respond to their name. Using a name that is distinct and easy to distinguish will make the training process smoother.
  10. Longevity: Dogs are part of your family for a long time. Choose a name that you won’t get tired of, as changing a dog’s name can be confusing for them.


With a football-related moniker for your pet, you will be reminded of the joyful feeling you experience when watching or playing football. Every time you call on your pet, it’s a reminder of the sport you love. Choosing a perfect football-inspired name for your furry buddy can be hectic and confusing.

However, when choosing a moniker for your pup, pick a short and simple name. Your furry friend is entirely new, and you might want to consider his personality before deciding what to call him.

Your new canine companion will be a member of your family for the foreseeable future; therefore, ensure his name is something that you genuinely love.

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