Benefits of Using Dog Shock Collars

Benefits of Using Dog Shock Collars

If you are new to being a pet parent, you will soon find out that there are multiple types of dog collars in the market. Even training collars, themselves have a lot of types. Usually, owners consider using a leash and a training collar when pets exhibit aggressive behavior like excessive barking and growling at strangers.

While most of these behavioral issues can be corrected by positive reinforcement and leash training, for some dogs, it is inevitable to use a shock collar. There are two types of such training collars. One uses vibration, and the other uses a certain level of electric shock to alert the canine. The ones using vibration to get the dog’s attention are called E-collars, to be more specific, and Shock collars use electric shock.

Benefits of Using Dog Shock Collars

Shock collars come in where no other training method works. While these are usually the last resort in disciplining a canine, these can be used from the beginning as well, given that you are able to employ the right level of shock.

Following is a list of benefits you can get by using these collars:

To Lower Aggression

This pertains especially to dogs that have been recently rescued. Aggression is a trait many dogs share and this all too often results in accidents. In order to help them, live a better life, it needs to stop. If your dog is anxious around strangers or suffers from territorial anxiety, getting him to listen to anything will be a difficult task.

Shock collars act as a tool to control this anger by reinforcing a negative association with aggression. These can prove to be effective communication when your pet is not responding to your voice or treats. Whenever you feel that your dog’s aggression is spiking, just give it a shock. In time your dog will learn to understand that every time it gets aggressive, it’ll experience something negative through the collar.

Once you have his attention, stopping the collar and rewarding your pet can slowly rebuild your relationship. While it takes longer, when used well, your pet will be able to calm down and listen to you quickly.


Shock collars are a great way to create a relationship of obedience between you and your best friend. Whenever you feel that your dog is not listening to you for e.g. your dog is jumping around even when you’re ordering it to sit down. In time the dog collar will act as a reinforcement tool to teach your dog to obey your commands.

Calming Down

Dogs being very playful by nature, tend to get very excited when they’re in a good mood. When they’re super happy, they’ll jump around which sometimes may not be what you want them to do. Shock collars help them calm down by signaling them that the over-excitement isn’t too desirable.

Training Multiple Dogs Simultaneously

Suppose you’re a dog owner with multiple dogs. You’re going to take them out on walks together instead of taking them out separately. Best shock collars are an excellent way to keep control even when you’re outnumbered. If Tony is acting too excited, you can press the button of remote 1 to signal it to calm down. On the other hand, if Tommy is jumping around too much, you can use remote 2 to tell it to calm down.

Monitoring at a Distance

Being one of the biggest advantages of shock collars, most of them come installed with a microphone. It makes your dog’s activity audible even if you can see it visually. When you are teaching your pet to stay at a spot as you move away, using the collar signal can add more impact to the command. When synchronized properly, you will find that your pet will respond readily and understand the command when used the next time. If your dog starts barking outside at a pedestrian, you’ll know of it instantly.

Is Safe for Your Pet

While there is a lot of controversy surrounding these collars, these are one of the most humane ways of controlling dogs. As long as you do not increase the level of the shock or vibration to an intolerable level, your canine will be safe. Other collars like prongs collars for example, however, continue to get constricted to dangerous levels if your pooch keeps pulling on it. With these collars, the entire control is in your hands.

Final Verdict:

Shock collars are useful but not necessary for all dogs. It is a perfect tool to give your pet a gentle punishment. Many pet proprietors depend on this device to deliver their pet basic training.

There are so many brands in the market, and it is vital to select the best quality to get the proper benefit from this collar. These are also good to use and can’t harm your dog.

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