Best Dog Shock Collars
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Best Dog Shock Collars 2024 – Complete Guide and Top Picks

A dog shock collar is a very effective tool that has helped many dog owners and trainers for years, in averting their dogs’ unwanted behavior. Mostly, dog owners find it hard to train their dogs, even with the basic commands for which they sometimes have to hire a trainer. But with this incredible tool, you can train your dog by yourself for his loud barking, aggression, and other inappropriate behaviors.

An effective dog shock collar has different modes including vibration, light, beep, and shock. It depends on the owner which mode he/she chooses for training a dog. The “shock” feature does not have to be necessarily used in all situations. If a dog has aggression issues, then this feature can be used. The stimulation level can be controlled through the remote, but it is important to avoid harming your dog.

We have spent days in our research in bringing the 10 best dog shock collars with quality information through this article. We have also consulted experts to determine the features and methods about this item. Actually, a dog shock collar is an investment and one should make a wise decision for choosing this incredible training tool for his/her dogs.

Best Dog Shock Collars

Top 10 Dog Shock Collars in 2024 – Comparisons

Image Product Name Key Features

  • Discourages dogs from bad behaviors
  • Train dogs not to bark excessively
  • Ideal for training 4 dogs with single remote
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  • The ultimate dog training collar
  • Available 3 safe stimulation modes
  • Waterproof, rechargeable and fast charging
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  • Designed to train 2 dogs
  • Great to correct dog behaviors
  • Budget-friendly
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  • Life saver dog shock collar
  • Great for aggressive dogs
  • Long battery life
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  • Suitable for dogs from 8 to 140Lbs
  • Available 7 training modes
  • Can connect 3 receivers simultaneously
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  • Fits for 15-100 Lbs dogs
  • Covers 330 yard range
  • Can adjust from 1 to 99 shock levels
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  • Correct disobedient behavior
  • 330 yards remote range
  • 4 functional modes
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  • Wide Range Control
  • No skin irritation
  • Power saving design
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  • Advanced ergonomic design
  • Outstanding training technology
  • Lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries
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  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Range up to 220 Yards
  • can control up to two dogs
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10 Best Dog Shock Collars in 2024 – Reviews

1. Delupet Dog Shock Collar with Remote 1600FT

Top Pick

Delupet Dog Shock Collar Review
Delupet Dog Shock Collar

An effective dog training collar helps to reduce your dog’s behavior problems and trains about basic obedience commands

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As a pet parent do you seek to control and coordinate your dog with respect while training it? If the answer is yes, then the Delupet Dog Shock Collar would be the best that you seek. This collar is specifically designed to correct dog’s bad behaviors in the most humane and effective way.

This is ideal choice for pet owners who need to train multiple dogs simultaneously through only one remote. This also facilitates to control and training the stubborn dogs that scare others in the environment.

This device provides three safe and efficient training modes such as beep, vibration, and shock to control dogs. The remote control system with the receiver of the dog collar helps to teach dogs some basic obedience commands and limits aggressive behaviors to lead a pleasant life between the dogs and their owners.

Additionally, this training collar helps to solve your dog’s behavior problems like extreme barking, chewing, biting, or digging. The beauty of this system is that it’s completely adjustable, so you can find the perfect setting for your dog based on their size and temperament. And because the shocks are so mild, you can rest assured knowing that your dog won’t be harmed in anyway.

It features an adjustable strap that fits most dogs with neck sizes 8-24 inches. While carrying the remote, the security keypad lock prevents all accidental or unwilling pushes. The effective range of the remote control is about 1600Ft, making it perfect for training your dog in the backyard or at the park.

The Delupet is also waterproof, so you can use it even if your dog gets wet. Moreover, you can allow your dogs for other outdoor activities like swimming, jumping, or sports. The long-life span of the battery is a great advantage and also ensures the perfect training tool for your pet’s needs.

Key Features:

  • There are 3 training modes which include the beep, vibration, and shock
  • Available large buttons with clear digital screen
  • The range of control of the remote is about 1600 Ft
  • Appropriate for both thin and thick haired dogs
  • Comfortable silicone prongs ensure double protection


  • Ensures the best technology for good communication
  • The safe keypad lock, eliminates accidental shock
  • Works on an accurate range of area
  • After full charge, the collar can last up to 35 and the remote 45 days
  • Safe, high-quality and efficient dog training collars


  • Not appropriate for Dogs below 6 months’ old

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2. Petrainer PET998DRB1 Dog Training Collar Rechargeable

Runner Up

Petrainer Dog Shock Collar Review
Petrainer Dog Shock Collar

The range of the remote control is perfect for public control of your dog, and the low-light visibility mode is efficient for all conditions.

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If you have been seeking means to train your household dog like a professional at your backyard or a nearby park, then the Petrainer rechargeable dog shock collar is your destination. We have placed this as the runner up in this list for its special features and variety of benefits.

The device works as a remote system, and the range is 330 yards/ 1000 feet and guarantees public control of the dog. It has a light mode collar, this does not directly aid training, but helps to spot the dog in the dark or low-light situation. At the contact points the silicon cover protects the pet’s skin.

There are 3 training modes, which include the beep, and it helps to break the attention of the dog and cause the dog to focus. The vibration and the 0-100 levels of customization shock to guarantee to find stimulation for correction. These would help you train the dog like a professional.

This rechargeable dog collar helps curb all misbehavior problems of the dogs. The rainproof receiver allows your dog to enjoy any adventure, as you can train the dog under different climatic conditions. The lithium batteries are easily rechargeable, both for the transmitter and receiver, the batteries can be charged easily by a phone charger, power bank, or PC.

Key Features:

  • Collar receiver is water resistant or rainproof
  • Maximum remote range is 330 yards or 1000 feet
  • Low-light or night mode visibility
  • Available in tone or beep, vibration and shock simulations
  • Adjustable from 14 to 25 inches, this fits in small, medium or large dogs


  • Wireless control up to 330 yards
  • Nylon straps protect your dog’s sensitive skin
  • Waterproof collar with rainproof remote
  • Easy to adjust the shock level
  • Fast charging capacity


  • Few owners experienced poor battery life

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3. Bousnic Dog Shock Collar – (8-120lbs)

Best Budget

Bousnic Dog Shock Collar Review
Bousnic Dog Shock Collar

The device is designed so you could correct the obedience of your dog as a professional at your backyard or park.

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If you are seeking to train a dog and curb its excesses while maintaining the best budgetBousnic dog shock collar is the answer you seek. It is a user-friendly device helps to correct your dog’s bad behavior and make owners happy.

The dual-chanel remote system allows 2 dogs to training simultaneously, with the range of 1000 feet. This enhance the opportunity of enjoying the training time in everywhere including the backyard, park, or beach.

The training modes are still available in 3 types, which includes the vibration mode, the standard tone to change the dog’s focus, and the safe shock mode, which is adjustable up to 16 levels. You could choose the level that fits the dog without causing any harm.

Moreover, the Bousnic collar receiver weighs only 0.12Lbs, which is very thin, lightweight, and comfortable for dogs of all sizes. The system is designed ergonomically, and its contact point is made of silicon cover to protect the dog’s skin.

As the receiver is waterproof, so you can let your dog to train on a rainy weather or swim in the river or pool. The lithium battery takes only 2-3 hours to get charged fully and lasts up to 11-15 days and the remote battery lasts over 1 month.

Key Features:

  • The range of control for the remote is 1000 feet
  • The soft silicon cover for contact points helps protect the dog’s skin
  • Shock modes are effective for both long and short hair dogs
  • The device is 100 percent waterproof and can be used in any climatic condition
  • Correct obedience like a professional at the best budget


  • The dog can be trained in any climatic condition
  • Very simple and easy to understand the using mechanism
  • Protect your dog’s skin and ensure a safe training experience
  • Simultaneous charging facility for both transmitter and receiver
  • Comfortable and effective collar supports like a professional


  • The collar system is best for use with healthy dogs.

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4. Pet Union PT0Z1 Premium Training Shock Collar

First off, to correct obedience of your dog within a range of 1200 yards effectively, this model is the best shock collar for training the dog. As the pet would not be stuck in a small area, he could move freely within a greater distance in the backyard or park while training.

Pet Union PT0Z1 Premium Review

The device is distinct because if it’s 4 training modes which include, the tone or beep which gives an audible warning to change the dog’s focus. The vibration mode ranges from 1-100 level customization to determine the stimulation without hurting the dog. The LCD blue backlit serves as an indicator for the low-light situation. Then, the shock mode for emergency response.

Along the same lines, the Lithium-Ion Battery charges rapidly, and it has long-lasting battery life. When the device is not in use, the Auto Power Protect Mode helps to save the battery.

Furthermore, the device is fully waterproof, this feature gives it the ability to withstand any scenario. Also, it is easy to pair the receiver and remote by holding the antenna to the power sync sensor when turned on.

Key Features:

  • The Auto Power Protect Mode helps to consume battery life
  • The range of control is about 1,200 yards
  • There are 4 training modes as opposed to other devices
  • The rapid charging Lithium-Ion battery which is also long lasting
  • Ease of pairing the remote and receiver


  • This collar gives the dog enough space to move freely
  • Helps to correct barking, aggression, with other behavioral issues
  • The light mode helps to conduct training at night
  • Helps to keep your pet safe and comfortable
  • Easy to use and great customer service


  • Incorrect use can cause pressure on a dog’s neck

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5. Slopehill Dog Training Collar with Remote

When It comes to training your small dogs, the Slopehill Dog Training Collar would be the best choice for you. This remote shock collar helps correct obedience and achieves the best behavior of your dogs in your backyard or open area.

Slopehill Review

The shock collar features 7 training modes including beep, vibration, high shock level, low shock level, light, and keypad lock, and shocked locked modes. The low shock allows 0-50 levels and high shock allows 51-99 levels to set the perfect and comfortable static level.

Additionaly, the keypad lock mode stops all accidental transmission throughout the remote. But the shocked mode only allows beep and vibration mode. This device is unique as it can connect to 3 receivers simultaneously, this allows training as a professional would.

As the collar receiver is totally waterproof, so you can let your dog to swim in the river or pool and also do all outdoor activities in rainy weather. The battery life is also quite impressive in comparison to other collars. The 6 to 26-inch collar length allows to fit dogs from 8 to 140Lbs.

Key Features:

  • There are 7 distinct modes can generate up to 0-99 levels
  • It can be used to control 3 dogs simultaneously
  • The long-lasting battery life when fully charged
  • The length of the adjustable collar strap is 6 to 26 inch
  • Waterproof and long lasting


  • Perfect solution to deter your dog’s negative behaviors
  • Opportunity to customize the intensity from 0-99 levels
  • Waterproof, and have the facility to use in any climatic condition
  • Pet owners choose this collar to save time and money
  • To resolve any problem, contact +1 (732) 762-2943


  • Recommended for maximum 8 hours of daily use

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6. DOG CARE Shock Collar for Large Dogs

This device is an exceptional dog obedience collar, and it is best for large dogs for outdoor activities such as close-working hunting or other adventures. The range of the remote control is 1000ft and allows close distance at the backyard while training.


There are 3 training modes as it is in other devices, the tone or beep, which changes the dog’s focus, then the vibration mode. Finally, the static mode adjusts from 1 to 99 shock levels and helps to fits for dogs with different sensitivity.

The safety keypad lock prevents all accidental misoperations and ensures that each shock lasts for only 4 seconds which is safe and very effective for dog training. The collar strap is long enough to fit properly on both sides so that dogs can feel comfortable.

In this system, you can enjoy the battery life because both the transmitter and receiver are rechargeable. After full charge the receiver can last up to 15 days and remote up to 45 days.

After all, this shock collar is appropriate for large dogs, covers up to 330 yards which makes it easy to train dogs at the outdoor like in the park or backyard. This also helps to keep the dog under control while training and ensures safety.

Key Features:

  • The control range covers 1000ft
  • There are 3 training modes, the beep, vibration, and static mode
  • Appropriate for dogs up to 15-100Lbs
  • The range of the remote system is 330 yards
  • Easy to recharge with long stand by time


  • The better technology ensures better communication
  • The remote transmitter instantly allows selecting any static level
  • The split-end charger starts charging when battery status becomes low
  • Best to train about basic obedience commands
  • The super quality is ideal for training in the field or yard


  • The collar receiver doesn’t fit dogs less than 15 pounds

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7. Petronics Rechargeable Shock Training Collar with Remote

The need to correct the obedience of your pet would arise, and this device is the best for remote training. The range of the remote is 330 yards, which can be used to train your dog at your backyard or park. It helps to curb all dog’s behaviors, such as violence or barking.

Petronics Collar Review

Additionally, it’s easy to understand this device interface. It has 4 training modes, which include the LCD backlit, the tone, or beep which helps to change the dog’s focus. Then, the vibration mode has a level of 1-100, and the shock mode, of 100 different levels of static shocks.

Furthermore, it can be used to train all sizes of dogs effectively, as the collar is adjustable between 14 to 23 inches. The water resistant characteristics make it suitable for any weather condition and other outdoor adventures. The battery is rechargeable and can last for a long period after the full charge.

Key Features:

  • It fits long range control especially for outdoor activities
  • It suits any climatic condition as it is water resistant
  • The transmitter and receiver can synchronize within 10 seconds
  • It fits all sizes of dogs
  • It suits correcting barking, walking, leash training, and sitting


  • Best remote training collar to improv disobedient behavior
  • Works to control excessive chewing, barking, or digging
  • This extremely effective shock collar is easy to use
  • One remote transmitter can control two collars
  • Offers 5 years money back warranty


  • This collar is water-resistant but not waterproof

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8. Petrainer PET998DRU1 Dog Training Collar

This shock collar device is the most suitable for bark control in pets. The range of remote control is 1000 feet, and it can be used to train your dog to correct the obedience and behavior at your backyards or open areas.

Petrainer PET998DRU1 Review

This training collar features 3 training modes, which include, the beep or tone which help dogs to change focus, then the vibration and shock modes which have levels. You can choose the level that suits your pet without causing harm. The silicon cover helps to prevent the skin from irritation.

Furthermore, this device is fully waterproof, this feature gives it the ability to withstand any scenario, and fits any climatic condition. You can charge both the transmitter and receiver simultaneously, this helps to save time, and it is cost-effective. Along the same line, the collar is suitable for all sizes of dogs.

Key Features:

  • The silicon cover for contact points helps protect the skin
  • There are 3 distinct training modes, which includes the tone, shock and vibration modes
  • The range of control is about 330 yards, and it gives room for the dog
  • The device is 100 percent waterproof and can suit any climatic conditions
  • Suitable for all sizes of dogs


  • Allows dogs to train any time at anywhere
  • Made for beginners to lead basic training
  • The light mode supports in low light conditions
  • This safe training collar protects your dog’s skin
  • Very strong and great for active dogs


  • Not effective for puppies

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9. Educator E-Collar Humane 100 Levels of Safe Stimulation

The Educator Remote Dog Training Collar is well known as electric shock collars for dogs. This is possibly one of the best in the list as a result of many features and one notable reason is the comfort when placed on the pet.

Educator E-Collar Review

This is an innovative design work as a remote system, with a range of 0.5 miles. The purpose of this safe training device is to improve the dog’s effectiveness by the pavlovian tone. The dog hears this tone for about 1.5 seconds, then followed by a stimulation so long as the button is not released.

The user can select the stimulation level from 1-100, and the other levels are to boost stimulus level from 1 to 60, then the shock level.

When training under extreme weather conditions, the device is designed to be completely waterproof as the transmitter can float in water also. The Lithium polymer batteries are rechargeable with double chargers, and it recharges rapidly within 2 hours.

Key Features:

  • The tracking light which can be used in low-light situations
  • It provides a tapping sensation which is more intense than vibration
  • It is distinct from other collars because of its ½ mile range
  • The transmitter and receiver are resistant to water
  • There are 2 sets of contact points


  • The mini stopwatch transmitter is designed to fit in small hands
  • Available two contact points for long hair and short hair
  • The remote ensures very clean stimulation
  • This features the advanced ergonomic design
  • An absolute and incredible life saver tool for pets


  • Only made for the United States
  • Not available for other countries

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10. IPETS PET619S 100% Waterproof & Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar

One of the best remote devices for dog training is the Ipets PET619S, and it is 100 percent waterproof and rechargeable. This would help correct obedience in your dog and train him effectively. There are outstanding features that make this remote system one of the best.

IPETS PET619S Review

The remote system has a range of up to 220 yards, and it gives the dog the needed space while training. The transmitter can fit the hand comfortably, and you don’t need to look at the buttons so you focus on the dog in training. The interface on the transmitter is easy, and a new pet parent can pick it up quickly.

There are 3 training modes, which are the tone or beep mode, the vibration mode. Then the shock mode, which has 1 to 100 levels of stimulation. You can choose the level which is most healthy and effective for your pooch. The design fits for all dogs weights from 10 pounds upward.

Key Features:

  • Lithium-Ion batteries are rechargeable
  • The remote system can be used to control 2 dogs simultaneously
  • The pairing process is easy and interface is user friendly
  • Range of 220 yards for the remote
  • Suitable for all weather or climatic conditions as it is water resistant


  • The rechargeable collar designed with RF434Mhz technology
  • The “no look” one hand operation helps to more focus on dogs
  • Less button ensures fast switching between modes
  • The intuitive design produce sound and vibration separately
  • Easy to customize precise stimulation levels


  • None

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Why Do You Use a Shock Collar for Dogs?

The evolution of dog training for thousands of years, have brought us to smart solutions. This is one of the methods used to train a dog for its ill-mannered behaviors. Dog owners have been using this technique and sharing success stories over the internet. So why do you use a shock collar for dogs?

To Curb your Dog’s AggressionAggression is a major issue in many dog breeds, especially rescued dogs. The aggression can be caused for various reasons including dog’s previous living situation. To address the dog’s aggressive behavior, E-collar or shock dog collar can play a vital role.

These are integrated with warnings such as vibrations or beeps that are used to train the dogs. To prevent your dog’s inappropriate behaviors such as loud barks or attacking other dogs, you can give a small shock. It will let your dog know which behaviors are not allowed.

Leash Pulling: Sometimes when you take your dog out for a walk, it may try to run away by pulling the leash to go to a pooch. Dog’s hyper and inappropriate behaviors can be hard to handle outside your home. A shock collar will give a warning to your dog in the form of discomfort by a low to high-frequency shock or vibration.

Distance Training: Mostly training techniques require you to be standing near your dog. A shock collar is essential for fixing your dog’s behavior from a distance. This off-leash tpoutdty-8632raining is perfect for your dog to learn verbal cues from its owner.

Otherwise, it would be troublesome for you to give commands to your dog without a collar. It is highly effective in providing an instant warning to your dogs and escalating them from incorrect behavior.

Types of Dog Shock Collar

You will find three types of dog shock collars that include:

Underground Fence Containment Collar

This type of dog shock collar is like an invisible fence for your dog. A boundary is created around a specific area, from where you do not want your dog to escape. If it tries to escape, the transmitter in the collar sends signals to the monitoring device placed at home.

In this way, you will get alerts if your dog is trying to escape. When the dog touches the boundary, it gets a shock. After a few attempts, your dog will eventually learn to stay in the assigned area. If you are tired of your dog ripping apart your neighbor’s garden, then this type is perfect for you.

Remote Training Collar

This type gives complete control over your dog. The dog owners who possess a remote training collar should know which frequency to set for which situation. We would recommend prohibiting from misusing this device. This contains two stainless steel prongs that will give a shock to the dog’s neck on inappropriate behavior. You can also check the intensity on your hand and make sure you don’t abuse it.

Anti-bark Collar

Many dog owners get irritated when their dogs won’t stop barking. An anti-bark device is programmed with an interrupter such as a beep, blast of air, or an electric shock. This device will help you get rid of the inappropriate barking of your dog at people or other animals.

How Does a Shock Collar Work?

The major concern that many dog owners have is whether a shock collar is effective and how does it actually work?

  • Prevent Unwanted Behavior: A shock collar is a leash-free device that is used to prevent inappropriate behaviors of your dog. These behaviors include loud barking, escaping the house, aggression on other animals, etc. The purpose of this collar is not to abuse your dog, it is meant to train it with a warning. Unlike older shock devices, modern shock collars focus on preventing unwanted behaviors without giving harsh punishments.
  • Shock Intensity: The advance shock collars are safe to train dogs without hurting or abusing them. You can set the levels of shocks on the device to control your dog’s unwanted behaviors. The shock or vibrations are delivered to your dog as a warning through stainless steel prongs attached to the collar. This will also allow you to communicate with your dog with verbal cues. If it does not stop, you can give a shock to provide a sense of discomfort. The device needs to be used wisely for the training without misusing it.
  • Multiple Features: Modern devices include multiple features to control your dog’s behavior. Other features involve vibrations, audible sounds, etc. which are also very effective when it comes to training your dog for certain manners. Shocks can be given in only emergency situations. For example, if your dog is attacking another dog in the street, then you can use the shock function immediately. This will refrain your dog from attacking any human or animal instantly.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Dog Shock Collar

As there is a wide range of shock collars that you will find in the market. Choosing a perfect shock collar for your dog can be overwhelming. Here are the things to consider while choosing:

Signaling Modes

Make sure the device has multiple signaling modes. If you are confused about which feature to use, it is significant to choose a shock collar having 2 or 3 modes. Light, beep, and vibration are the different signaling modes integrated into the device.

It is recommended to try out the light or sound mode first for the training. Do not start with using high-intensity shock signals as it will only raise depression or aggression in your dog.

Effective Ranges

Another thing to consider while buying a dog shock collar is its range. If you have a yard or larger area, then you will require a remote with maximum range. In this case, you won’t be able to keep an eye on your dog all the time. If you have a smaller area and your dog is in the line of your sight all the time, then there is no need to buy a larger range.

The range can vary from 1000 feet to 500 yards or more. If you have trained your dog properly, going out of the range would not be a problem. You will find him at his well-mannered behavior as he does not know about the range of stimulation.

Levels of Shock

Also, consider the levels of shock that the device contains. A device can have hundred levels of static shock. To avoid being cruel, keep the device on a low stimulation level to train your dog. You can increase the level slightly if it isn’t working on your dog.

Keep in mind that the device does not have an electric shock just like in a taser. It is made to train your dog by using a negative connotation, not to cause damage. Once the dog feels a sense of unpleasantness, it won’t continue with the bad behavior.


Mostly, dogs just love water and will never skip the opportunity to play in it. You have to make sure while buying a dog shock collar if it has a waterproof feature or not. Do not go for a cheap one just to save some money. This is like an investment that is going to give you some incredible results. Do not forget to keep the level of stimulation low when used in water.


Cost can be a major concern for many people. High-quality devices are quite expensive but they guarantee safe shocks. It is not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on a dog shock collar. You can also get one at a reasonable price that is equally effective. Do some research and make a wise decision for buying an effective collar for training your dog. The device should allow you to control stimulation on different levels.

Some Important Tips

  1. Start with teaching your dog with some basic commands without a collar such as “sit”, “stay”,
  2. Work on your dog’s obedience before coming to collar training.
  3. Put on the shock collar around your dog’s neck in order for him to get used to of the device.
  4. Try out different aversive methods such as light and beep, without starting off with the shocks.
  5. Misusing the device will only make your dog depressed or aggressive.
  6. Apply the static shock technique only when required.
  7. If you think a “shock” method is required to train your dog, introduce it with a low stimulation.
  8. Do not abuse your power of control.

Final Thoughts

Before buying, it is important to do some research. A dog shock collar should be used properly to have a positive impact on your dog’s behavior. He must be treated upon obeying your commands. The purpose of this device is to train dogs, not harm them.

The other features i.e. light and beep must be used first and the “shock” method should be kept for the last, only in the case of aggressive behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Shock collar is recommended for large dogs?
SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers is recommended for large dogs. It has a range of 500 yards and can be used to train 3 dogs at a time. The remote allows you to set a level of stimulation from 0 to 7. This device also features other training methods such as beep and vibration. It can be used in any field including hot, cold weather, rain, dust, wind, etc.

Do shock collars work on all dogs?
Yes, shock collar works on all dogs as it is an effective way to curb aggressive behavior such as attacking on other animals, unwanted barking, etc. The training techniques can vary from dog to dog. It also depends on the trainer how they manage aversive training techniques.

Is it cruel to use a shock collar on a dog?
It is safe to use a shock collar on dogs if used properly without harming your dog. Make sure the collar that you are using is safe and only intended to train your dog for its bad behaviors.

Do vets recommend shock collars?
Yes, vets recommend shock collars to train dogs for their bad and aggressive behaviors. They recommend using a “shock” feature for emergency situations only while the level of stimulation must be set on low frequency. Other features such as light, beep, or vibrations are also great when it comes to training your dog.

Do shock collars work for barking?
This works perfectly well for excessive barking especially if your neighbors have been complaining. The E-collar trains your dog to refrain from unwanted and loud protests.

Do shock collars make dogs more aggressive?
A shock collar does not make your dog aggressive if used properly. It helps dog owners administer their dogs’ inappropriate behaviors and make them obey verbal commands.

Can shock collars cause brain damage?
Shock collars are intended to be made to train the dogs for unwanted barking or aggressive behavior. These are safe to train your dog and do not cause brain damage. It is recommended to apply low stimulation when your dog is misbehaving. For emergency situations where your dog is about to attack any human or animal, you can increase the level a little bit to stop him.

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