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Best Spiked Dog Collars 2024 – Detailed Overview with Top Pick

A spiked dog collar is an effective tool that can be used for multiple purposes such as ID tag, leashes, style, and safety. It is one of the crucial collars that many dogs need. It is required for the protection of your pooches. There can be situations when other animals might attack your dog. For that, you need to train him well in order to tackle a situation like that. Best Spiked Dog Collars

An effective spiked collar is made up of high-quality material and is adjustable to your dog’s neck. It protects your dog against attacks from potential predators. It depends on the owner for what purpose he/she is using this collar.

Our team has gathered some useful information by conducting research to bring the 10 best spiked dog collars with detailed buying guide. We were also accompanied by some professional pet specialists and experts to provide the importance and features of this effective collar. Let’s move forward to know the purpose, importance, features, and benefits with best picks of an ideal.

Image Product Name Key Features

  • Thick and soft PU leather
  • High quality spikes
  • Excellent to protect dog’s neck
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  • Strong PU leather
  • Nickel-plated hardware
  • Well-made and amazing quality
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  • Heavy duty D-ring
  • High quality leather
  • Budget friendly
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  • Genuine Cow Leather
  • Five adjustment holes
  • Fashionable design
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  • Cool Black spikes
  • Strong, light, and elegant
  • Best for medium dogs
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  • Thick & strong PU leather
  • 3 row bullet spiked
  • Good quality & fashionable
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  • 3 lines inlaid decoration
  • Durable leather material
  • Ensure 100% comfort
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  • Safe and great quality
  • Excellent for defense
  • Good fashion collar
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  • double layer PU leather
  • Heavy duty D-ring
  • Great Style
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  • Spike studded collar
  • Best for training & sports
  • Strong, soft and comfortable
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10 Best Spiked Dog Collars in 2024 – Reviews

1. Berry Pet Sharp Spiked Studded Dog Collar

Top Pick

Beirui Sharp Spiked Dog Collar Review
Beirui Sharp Spiked Dog Collar

Very comfortable and soft dog’s collar, made of sturdy and attractive materials that boost your dog’s confidence.

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The Beirui Sharp Spiked Studded Dog Collar has indisputably become the best collar. It can’t be compared to any other in aesthetic or strength, therefore it is appropriate for dogs that are prone to breaking collars.

The dog collar is made of soft and high-quality PU leather. It is comfortable, durable, and unbelievably soft for your pooches to wear. The spikes used are of high quality, and brilliant, this provides security for your dogs in outdoor activities while walking or training. Caution must be taken to ensure the dog doesn’t hurt anyone with the spikes.

Furthermore, the conformed D-ring is secured by mushroom rivets and a piece of leather to the collar. This provides a point of attachment for a lead or tags for the dogs. Most collars break at the point where the leads are attached to the collars. The mushroom rivets, this feature is appropriate for dogs that often break collars. Hence, it provides security during outdoor activities.

The spikes are carefully attached to the leather. The collar is extremely excellent, wear-resistant, allows ease of breathing, possesses anti-age properties, and it is cold resistant.

There are different sizes of collars. It is appropriate you take the accurate measurement for your dog, as the collar works properly when it is tightly fitted. Also, the collars come in 6 different colors for the different sizes, you can choose appropriate contrasting colors for your dog.

Key Features:

  • The D-ring is sturdy enough for walking and training
  • The metal buckle ensures the D-ring is tightly fixed
  • The spikes are attractively attached for security and aesthetics
  • Collars come in stunning and classical colors that make your dog outstanding in the park
  • It is made of PU leather, which provides comfort

What We Like:

  • Made with original leather material
  • There are six fixed buttons make this collar more sturdy
  • Very strong red metal sexy nail decoration
  • Comes with cold-resistant, breathable, and anti-aging properties
  • An amazing collar to protect your dog’s neck

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not for small dogs

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2. Hoot PU Leather Adjustable Spiked Studded Dog Collar

Runner Up

Btdcfy Pu Leather Spiked Studded Dog Collar Review
Btdcfy Pu Leather Spiked Studded Dog Collar

The Light, elegant, soft, and comfortable dog collar brings out the beauty in your pet.

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For a more girly option, the Btdcfy PU leather spiked studded collar would be the perfect answer and we have placed it as the runner up in the list. It is a blue spiked dog collar lined with silver hardware. Although it looks feminine, it still retains its strength and toughness. This collar provides ease of control for dogs while walking, training, or other outdoor activities.

This dog collar is made of PU leather, which is soft but of high quality, much like our top pick. The leather material is light, comfortable, elegant, and does not break easily like other products. The nickel-plated hardware on the collar adds aesthetic to the collar, it does not imply that it could be used for only female dogs alone, but also male dogs use it.

Near the buckle is located the conformed D-ring, which is fitted with four studs. The D-ring provides a point of attachment for the lead or tags identifying the dogs. In the same way, this collar is perfect for dogs that don’t have any history of breaking collars, as they won’t break this also.

The collar is 2 inches wide, with 5 adjustable holes. So, it can tightly fit the dog. Also, there are different sizes available, and you should take the right measurement for your pooch. Furthermore, you might also desire contrasting colors, you could choose from the attractive options available here.

Key Features:

  • The collar is made of high-quality PU leather
  • There are 5 holes for adjusting the length
  • The conformed D-ring is sturdy enough for training or walking
  • 2 inches wide with nickel-plated silver hardware on the leather
  • The collar comes in varieties of colors and sizes

What We Like:

  • Ensures great quality in a lower price
  • You can adjust the collar properly according to the neck size
  • Available multiple color facilities
  • Strong, durable, and well-made product
  • Fashionable and nice looking

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not suitable without large dogs

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3. Aolove Mushrooms Spiked Rivet Studded Adjustable Pet Collar

Best Budget

Aolove Adjustable Pu Leather Pet Collar Review
Aolove Adjustable Pu Leather Pet Collar

An amazing collar for the furriest member of the family within budget, without sacrificing quality.

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Pet parents on a budget but desire a durable and attractive collar for their pet would buy Aolove Adjustable PU leather Pet Collar. The prices are lower not because the company is sacrificing quality, but because of simpler design and fewer market materials utilized in manufacturing the collar. If you are not after super wide collar design, then this collar is within the best budget and perfect for you.

This product is a spiked collar and the main purpose for the spikes is to frighten off aggressive dogs. It is made of PU leather plus alloys which are soft and sturdy materials for pooches to wear. Also, the collar is lined with three rows of studs. The middle row has the spiked studs which are blunt, while the other two rows are made of blunt but short studs. These provide aesthetics and beauty to the collar.

Metal buckles used for the clasp are nickel-plated, this feature makes it durable and anti-rust. Furthermore, there are 5 adjustable holes, and the buckle is the adjustment mechanism for the collar. The leash ring is the point for attaching the lead, it is sturdy, and coated with nickel.

The collar is available in six different sizes, and you should choose the size that best fits your pooch. Additionally, this brand comes in 13 different colors, and pet parents can choose the color most appropriate for their pet.

Key Features:

  • The material used is faux PU leather plus alloy
  • The buckle is nickel-plated, to ensure durability and prevent rust
  • The studs and spikes protect the dog from aggressive attacks
  • Select from the different sizes available to fit your pet
  • You can purchase in different color choices

What We Like:

  • There are five adjustment holes help to fit properly
  • Made with heavy duty polyurethane leather
  • Comfortable and padded design
  • Highly recommended this good quality
  • All true sizes fit perfectly

What We Don’t Like:

  • It shouldn’t be put on outdoor cats

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4. Aolove Basic Classic Adjustable Leather Collar

Small dogs could sometimes be tougher than large dogs, as they could also have larger bodies than others. If you are considering the best-spiked collar for small dogs, then the Aolove classic collar is the answer you seek.

Aolove Classic Adjustable Collar Review

The collar is made of genuine cow leather plus alloy. The outside of the collar has a texture similar to the crocodile skin, and this texture gives a sense of aesthetic and toughness. Furthermore, the beauty comes out when it is tightly fits around the neck of your pet. The pet parent would have to choose from the 5 adjustment holes on the collar.

This collar is usually thinner than others, and the single row of spikes is carefully attached to it. The D-ring is strong enough for attaching the leads to restrict the dogs during outdoor activities. The buckle is the adjustment mechanism for the holes.

From the various sizes, you can choose the proper one by measuring your pet’s neck size properly. There are also more than ten different colors are offered for this particular collar. So, pet parents have the option to select the best contrasting colors for their pet, as this collar is designed to be fashionable and attractive.

Key Features:

  • The material used is genuine cow leather which is strong and durable
  • Collars have 5 adjustable holes
  • Nickel-plated hardware and heavy-duty D-ring
  • Collars come in small sizes that fit your small pooch
  • Fashionable and varieties of colors

What We Like:

  • Made with nice and thick real lather
  • Ensures excellent quality for small dogs
  • Thick & sturdy, but super cute
  • Awesome looking fits perfectly
  • Long lasting and vet recommended

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not suitable for large dogs

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5. Benala 2″ Black Leather Spiked Dog Collar

All dogs need collars for some reasons such as to put IDs in case it strays away, or to put leads for outdoor activities such as walking or training. The best-spiked collars for your medium dogs are the Benala black leather collar. The width of this collar is 2 inches, and it perfectly fits your medium-sized pooches.

Benala Black Leather Collar Review

The collar is made of high-quality PU(Faux) leather that is strong, elegant, and not stiff. Other features lined on the collar are the black spikes, which give the dog a strong and forceful appearance. The D-ring is also attached to the collar to keep your pet safe and restrict it during outdoor activities.

This collar comes in 5 different colors, and you choose the color that matches your dog properly. The variety of colors add beauty to the collar. Additionally, there are also different sizes for this collar and you can get the most suitable one regarding your dog’s size.

Additionally, this collar is designed to fit dogs such as Pitbulls, Boxers, Mastiffs, and Bully. So, pet parents that have any of these medium-sized dogs should consider this collar as preferable.

Key Features:

  • Made of PU (Faux) leather which is not stiff
  • Most suitable for medium sized dogs
  • Cool black spikes on the collar give the dog the look of rigidity
  • The leash is attached strongly for outdoor activities
  • Collars come in 5 different colors

What We Like:

  • High-quality polyurethane leather
  • Light, elegant and best in quality
  • Comfortable, safe, and environmental
  • Great for medium and large dogs
  • Looks your dog strong and powerful

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not suggested for small dogs

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6. Beirui Berry Pet Spiked Leather Collar

Every dog deserves a collar and Berry Pet is the best spiked collar for large dogs. You can use this collar for various purpose, specially for outdoor activities such as training, jumping or walking. Also, it serves as a point to attach tags for ease of identification and vaccination information. As a pet owner, if you want to have control over your pet in public, this collar is appropriate for this.

Berry Pet Review

The collar is made of thick and durable PU leather, but it is soft and not stiff providing comfort and security for your pet simultaneously. There is a D-ring that is made of alloys, and the leashes are attached to it so as to engage in outdoor activities safely. The spikes lined on the collar are like a bullet and provides safety or aesthetics for dogs.

The furry member of the family also needs an accurate measurement for collars to fit properly. There are 4 different sizes available for this collar and you can choose the right one according to your pooch. The manufacturer company offers a 60 days quality guarantee for any inconstancies.

Key Features:

  • The durable D-ring for attaching leads
  • The bullet-shaped spikes which are properly arranged in rows
  • Various sizes available to fit your pet appropriately
  • Individuality symbol: It is fashionable for dogs
  • Varieties of colors available

What We Like:

  • Made with thick and sturdy but soft material
  • A good quality and skin friendly product
  • Best for walking, traveling, and outdoor use
  • Ergonomic design with 4 adjustable sizes
  • The manufacturer company ensures 60 days of quality guarantee

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not for puppies

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7. OOLAHLAH Rivet Spiked Studded Genuine Leather Collar

Collars are important for dogs, for beauty, safety, and to restrain pets during outdoor activities. The quality of the material used is a priority, as some dogs have a history of breaking collars. Hence, the Rachel Collar is recommended for your dogs as the best Leather Spiked Dog Collar.

Rachel Dog Collars Review

The collar is made of faux leather, and it is comfortable, eco-friendly, and long-lasting. Also, the spikes on the collars are much smaller than the spikes on others, and the size makes them safer. Additionally, the buckle is the mechanism for adjusting the collar to sizes that fits the pet.

The leash is fixed to the collar and it is the point where the lead is attached for training or other outdoor activities. Furthermore, the collar comes in 5 different colors, and pet parents should choose the color that best fits their pooch. Also, there are different sizes available and pet parents should measure the dogs and compare them to choose the proper one.

Key Features:

  • Made of PU leather which is soft and comfortable
  • 3 lines rhinestone inward decoration
  • The spikes are smaller and enhance safety
  • 5 different colors
  • Collars are in different sizes

What We Like:

  • A beautiful and genuine leather spiked collar
  • Dogs feel comfortable wearing this
  • The great quality works well
  • The cute design looks very nice

What We Don’t Like:

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8. 17″-20.5″ Pink Faux Croc Leather Spiked Collar

The dogs my love is considered to be the best pink spiked dog collar. The features are exceptional and considered to be used for the control and safety of a stubborn dog.

Dogs My Love Review

The collar is made of faux which is a soft and durable material. It is comfortable on dogs and strong for those that are prone to breaking collars. Also, on the collar is an oversized D-ring, which is the point for attaching leashes. Furthermore, four spikes are around the D-ring that gives the collar a fierce look.

Additionally, the collar is hot pink in color, this is for aesthetics and beauty. The spikes are sharply pointed, providing safety during outdoor activities from other fierce pooches. Along the same line, the collar is in different sizes, pet parents would measure the size according to their dog’s size and shape. Also, there are 5 holes on the collars, though pet owners could punch more holes on the collar.

Key Features:

  • Fierce looking 4 spikes around the D-ring
  • D-ring provides the point of attaching a leash
  • It is made of faux croc material
  • The color is hot pink and beautifies your pooch
  • New sizing holes can be punched easily

What We Like:

  • Made with number forty sharp spikes
  • Included all great quality materials
  • A large sized pink colored cute collar
  • The nice design and looks Amazing

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not recommended for puppies or small dogs

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9. DML Leather Spiked- Studded Collar Pitbull

The importance of collars is to restrain aggressive dogs during outdoor activities such as walking or training and to attach vaccination information. Dml black faux leather is the best-spiked dog collar for Pitbulls because of its crucial features.

Dml Black Faux Leather Review

The material used for this collar is the PU(faux) leather, which is strong, elegant, and comfortable for dogs to wear. Also, the heavy-duty D-ring is the point for attaching leashes, so you can restrain your pet. It also has nickel-plated hardware, and it provides safety for the dogs.

The width of the collar is 2”, and it is 24” long. The collar would perfectly fit any dog with 19-22 inch neck. There are 5-adjustable holes on the collar, and the buckle which is nickel-plated is the adjusting mechanism to tightly fit your pet.

Key Features:

  • Double layer PU leather provides the best comfort and stiffness needed
  • Heavy-duty D-ring which is resistant to breakage
  • Adjustment is easy by the 5 adjustment holes
  • The spikes on the collars give pet the look of rigidity
  • The overall length is 24” and 2” in width

What We Like:

  • Made with high-quality PU leather
  • Features 60 studs and 37 spikes
  • Available nickel-plated D-ring
  • Amazing design with great style
  • Vet recommended

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not suitable for pulling dogs

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10. Berry Pet 3 Inch Width Bronze Sharp Spiked Leather Collar

The Beirui 3” sharp studded collar stands out as the best collar for dog training. This collar is unique and flashy because of its goth style, skull, and cross bone design on it.

Beirui 3" Sharp Studded Leather Review

The PU leather is the material used for this collar, it is soft, comfortable, and stiff enough for your pooch. Also, the furriest member of the family can be protected from other aggressive dogs by the presence of sharp spiked studs. The heavy-duty D-ring is the point of attaching leashes or leads for training or walking.

The buckle is the adjustment mechanism, and there are 5-sized adjustment holes. Pet parents can adjust to the size that perfectly fits their pet. Furthermore, the width of the collar is 3”, and sizes dogs whose necks are 17”-25”.

Pet parents must take caution while on outdoor activities, as the spikes could be harmful to young children that attempt to play with the pet. Also, the accurate size of the dog’s neck must be measured and compared before finalizing.

Key Features:

  • Studded leather dog collars for all sizes of dogs
  • Sharp spiked studs, ensures the safety of the pet
  • 5 adjustment holes
  • Made of PU leather for comfort and stiffness
  • Silver and black hardware

What We Like:

  • There are 36 sharp black spikes used in it
  • Ensures optimum security of your dogs
  • Best for training, sports, walking, travel and outdoor activities
  • Most suitable for medium-sized dogs like Pitbull or Boxer
  • Awesome outlook and functionality

What We Don’t Like:

  • Very sharp spikes and need a good control on your dog

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Why You Need a Spiked Dog Collar?

A spiked dog collar can serve many purposes for you and your dog. Let’s find out why you need for your dog:

  • For ID Tags: A spiked dog collar does not only look good but also can be used for ID tags. For example, if you are visiting a veterinarian for a checkup or vaccination, the spiked collar will make him stand out. You will be able to identify your dog without any hassle. Secondly, in a situation where you have lost your dog, this ID tag will also help you and others to find your dog.
  • Fashion Statement: Mostly, spiked collars are used as a fashion statement for dogs. When your dog is walking around with an attractive spiked dog collar, he is going to grab everyone’s attention. There’s nothing wrong with using it as an accessory along with safety purposes. You will find a spiked dog collar in a wide range of colors and designs for your dog to stand out. Make sure to get a collar that is practical and also looks great on your dog according to his breed. A spiked dog collar can be maintained easily as it is built up with a synthetic polyurethane leather that makes it easily washable.
  • Safety: One of the major purposes that dog owners use a spiked collar for is their dogs’ safety. The collar has pointed and evenly-positioned studs that are made up of metal. A spiked dog collar is used against attacks from potential predators. It is very useful especially for smaller breeds to protect them against larger dog breeds. Your dog should also be trained for situations including attacks but this collar is just one aspect for his safety.

Features to Consider While Choosing a Spiked Dog Collar

When choosing a spiked dog collar, it’s important to consider the following features:


It is important to check the size of the collar. A spiked dog collar should be able to fit your dog. The best way is to measure the size of your dog’s neck and go for a collar that is a little bigger.

Even when the pup is growing, you can still use the spiked collar. So size is the most important thing to consider and you should only buy an item if it is available in the correct size.


What’s the point of getting your dog a collar that is not durable? Dogs love to play in mud and puddles, which is why it is important to choose a collar that is durable and washable. Secondly, a spiked dog collar is used as a protection to your dog against a potential attacker.

You need to ensure that the material is high grade and should be able to withstand wear and tear. Getting a spiked collar is like a long-term investment that needs to be done wisely.


Another important feature to consider is comfort. As your dog will be wearing a collar for a long time which is why it should be comfortable. Whether the material used is leather or nylon fabric, you need to make sure that your dog is not allergic to it and can wear it comfortably.


Whatever your purpose of purchasing a spiked dog collar, style should not be compromised. A spiked collar is not only practical but is also a stylish accessory. Your dog looks tough and protects himself against potential predators.

While choosing a perfect spiked collar for your dog, make sure it suits your dog breed. Furthermore, it should be easily adjustable on your dog’s neck and can be used for multiple purposes such as ID tag, leash, etc.


Another important feature to which many of us do not give much importance is the collar’s thickness. The size and thickness should be chosen according to the dog breed.

As mentioned above, it is important to measure your dog’s neck before choosing a collar for him. For example, if you have a large breed, then a thin and narrow collar would not a good idea as it will unable to cover his neck.

The Importance of Spiked Dog Collars

For some people, a spiked dog collar is like a fine and aesthetic accessory for their dogs. For others, it carries an important value for the protection of their dogs. It looks great on both large and small dog breeds if they are wearing the correct size.

The importance of spiked collars lies in its functionality. There are many dogs who have an aggressive nature and can attack other pets. Some dogs also have a traumatic past where they were abused by their owners or other people.

In that situation, it is our responsibility to take a step for the protection of our dogs. Your dog can get attacked anywhere by a stray dog or unleashed dog in the street, which is why this effective tool plays a vital role.

A spiked collar carries an important value when it comes to your dog’s safety. To make a complete use out of a spiked collar, buy the one that does not only have good looks but multiple functions.

  • A spiked dog collar must have a space for an ID tag. A tag contains your dog’s information in case you lose him. Anyone who will find your dog will contact you as soon as he/she sees him.
  • A collar should also have a space for leash attachment. You can take him on a walk or for running whenever you want without taking off the spiked collar.
  • LED light is another important feature that your dog’s spiked collar should have. It increases visibility during night time. At night, you will know your dog’s movements and won’t lose him. If the spiked dog collar does not have this feature, you can attach an LED to it by yourself at home.

Some Important Tips

  1. Choose the right size for your dog’s neck.
  2. Gradually introduce the collar to your dog to avoid fear or aggression.
  3. Use the spikes only for aesthetic purposes, not as a means of punishment.
  4. Never leave the spiked collar on your dog unsupervised.
  5. Keep the collar clean to prevent irritation or infection.
  6. Check the collar’s condition regularly and replace it if it’s worn or damaged.
  7. Avoid using the spiked collar on puppies or dogs with sensitive skin.
  8. Use a flat collar or harness for everyday use and only use the spiked collar for special occasions.
  9. Consider your dog’s temperament and behavior before deciding to use a spiked collar.
  10. Seek professional help from a trainer or behaviorist if your dog has aggression or behavior issues.

Final Thoughts

A pet dog is like a family member to its owner. A dog owner wants his/her dog to look attractive and stay safe where he goes. Whether you want to buy your dog a spiked collar for a protection purpose or a stylish accessory, this article will be useful for you to make a wise decision.

After extensive research, we would recommend a spiked dog collar that has multiple features such as space for ID tag and leash. Furthermore, it should also have an LED light to enhance the visibility of your dog’s movements during night walks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do spiked collar useful for dog training?
A spiked dog collar is best for compulsion-based training. Just like a normal collar, a spiked collar is adjusted to your dog’s neck but it protects him from any sudden attack from a stray or aggressive dog.

What is the point of spiked dog collars?
There are many dogs with aggressive nature who have the tendency to attack other animals. The best way to protect your dog is by putting a spiked dog collar on them. The sharp metal studs will keep your dog safe from the pointed teeth of potential predators.

Will a spiked collar protect my dog?
Yes, a spiked collar is an effective tool that will protect your dog from attacked from other aggressive large dogs on the street or in the park. A spiked dog collar can be easily used on your pet dog when you are taking him out for hiking, walk, or running.

Do spiked dog collars work?
Spiked dog collars are primarily designed for aesthetic purposes rather than functionality. While the spikes may deter some dogs from pulling or biting, they are not a reliable training tool and should not be used as a means of punishment.

In fact, using a spiked collar for punishment can lead to fear and aggression in dogs, which can be counterproductive to the training process.

Instead, positive reinforcement training methods and the use of appropriate collars or harnesses are recommended for effective and humane dog training.

Do spiked collars hurt dogs?
It does not hurt your dog as long as you are using a high-quality spiked collar. Make sure the material is comfortable for your dog’s neck. Furthermore, it is not recommended to put on a spiked dog collar when your pet dog is playing with other pets or children.

Should dogs wear a spiked collar 24/7?
There is no point in taking off the collar as it will not hurt your dog’s neck if fitted properly. A spiked collar is also used as an ID tag. Taking it off can be a problem in a situation where he runs outside and gets lost. It will cause a problem for you to find him out.

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