Calm an Aggressive Dog

Ways to Calm an Aggressive Dogs

Well, as dog owners we have all faced an aggressive dog at some point. If you are looking for ways to calm an aggressive dog, we know you are facing the same problem. There is no specific breed of a dog that is aggressive.

Dogs are generally good pets, but they are aggressive, even the sweet little ones. There are various reasons a dog will become aggressive. There is no stopping it before it happens. We are going to discuss the main reasons your dog is acting out and being aggressive.

There are several reasons. The aggression might be territorial, protective, possessive, defensive, social, or due to pain. Along with the reasons for your dog’s aggressive behavior, we are going to provide you with a solution. We will discuss the ways in which you can calm your dog.

The simple ways include using calming supplements, behavioral courses, and avoiding triggering situations. Let’s discuss the reasons, signs, and solutions to a dog’s aggressive behavior in detail.

Calm an Aggressive Dog

Reasons for Dog’s Aggressive Behavior

Reasons for Dogs Aggressive Behavior

There are several reasons for a dog to behave aggressively. Let’s see the most common and obvious reasons for aggression.

  • Territorial: Dogs are generally protective in nature. If they feel unsafe in their space or home, they will start acting aggressively.
  • Protective: This is mostly for the mother dogs. They tend to be protective of their babies and will start acting aggressively if they feel unsafe. The same goes for the males. They are protective of their pack too.
  • Possessive: Dogs are very possessive of their stuff. They will start acting aggressively if they fear anything about their toys or food.
  • Defensive: Dogs act aggressively if they have a fear. They generally attack in defense. They will start biting anything or anyone if they fear it.
  • Social: Another reason for dogs to be aggressive is social anxiety. If a dog is not trained for social situations, he’s going to act aggressively in such situations.
  • Frustration: Your dog might act aggressively when he’s frustrated because of a fence or a leash. Sometimes even the pet dogs want to walk without a leash. If they are frustrated you will be on the receiving end of the aggression.
  • Indirect aggression: Sometimes when a dog couldn’t reach the target, it may indirectly be aggressive to someone else. If you break a dog fight without your dog ending it by itself, you are most likely making it.
  • Aggression due to pain: If your dog suddenly started acting aggressive and you can’t find the reason, it might be hurt or in pain. Dogs tend to become aggressive if they are in pain.
  • Sexual frustration: Sometimes dogs act aggressively because of a lack of sexual interaction. Most likely a pair of male or female dogs living together tend to be more aggressive.

Signs of Aggression

Signs Of Aggression

You should always keep an eye for the following signs to see if your dog might start acting aggressively.

  • Growling more often.
  • Yawning and lip licking more often than before.
  • Raised fur is another obvious sign of aggression.
  • The gaze is more averted than before.

If you see any of these signs you should always look for ways to calm your dog. Let’s see the things you can do to avoid permanent aggression.

7 Ways to Calm an Aggressive Dog

Ways to Calm an Aggressive Dog

There are various things you can do to calm a dog. Today we are going to tell you the most common and simple solutions for an aggressive dog.

Staying Calm

The first thing you need to do is to keep yourself calm. If your dog is behaving aggressively or you are seeing a change in the behavior, start acting calmly with the dog.

Lower your voice. Do not make the dog tenser by raising your voice. Always keep your body language relaxing and non-threatening while dealing with an aggressive dog.

Of course, the voice should be commanding, but never make it threatening to the dog. The best way is to show that you are in command and calm, the dog will start to calm down too.

Use of Supplement

There are various dog treats available in the market for calming aggressive dogs”PetHonesty Hemp Calming Chews“. You can always use a calming treat for your dog every time the aggression becomes obvious. The supplements usually take about half an hour to act. Just give them the treat and wait for the dog to calm down.

You should always look out for the signs of aggression we mentioned earlier. In this way, you will be prepared for what’s coming.

Never Trigger your Dog

There are various triggering situations for dogs. It is your dog, you should be aware of its nature. Always be completely aware of what is a trigger for your dog. If you are not, you will most likely trigger the aggressive behavior.

Of course, the triggers are not completely avoidable. However, you should always take care of the triggers you know. If you fail, then you can try the calming solutions we mentioned earlier.

Punishment and Bribe

Both of these points are to be taken seriously. If your dog is acting aggressively never punish the dog. Yelling at a dog and punishing will only increase the chances of aggression growing.

Always be reasonable with an aggressive dog. The same is the case with a bribe. If you start giving your dog every time the aggressive behavior appears, it is going to be a problem.

You can use calming treats sometimes. Never make it a habit. If you do it every time, your dog is going to consider it a bribe for calming down. Always keep the balance.

Take Courses

If you are failing to calm your dog down on your own, always look out for the behavioral courses. Enroll your dog in the course. The ones providing the courses are especially skilled in calming aggressive dogs.

Ensure Safety

The most common reason for a dog to behave aggressively is fear. If your dog is feeling unsafe for any reason make sure of the safety.

If your dog is afraid of a thing or a toy, make sure you throw it out. If you ensure the safety of the dog even in the presence of such a thing, you will be helping your dog to stay calm.

The main thing here is developing authority and control. If you can show your dog that you are completely in control of the situation, it will help. Developing a sense of trust and ensuring the safety of your dog will result in keeping your dog calm.

If you are successful in developing a situation for your dog where there is no reason to be afraid, you have ensured safety. Hence, the dog will restrict from showing aggression.

Make Sure to Socialize

Dogs are very protective and possessive naturally. They fear new places, things, or people. They tend to get anxious around new things, hence making themselves aggressive.

Your dog needs to socialize more to avoid this situation. If your dog is used to meeting new people or dogs, it is more likely to stay calm when facing new people.

Socializing a dog should be done at earlier ages. The dogs will adapt to socializing when they started their training from the beginning. Always keep in mind this simple thing to avoid your dog’s aggressive behavior.

Basic Tips for Aggressive Dogs

Basic Tips for Aggressive Dogs

Follow these basic tips if your dog is acting aggressively.

  1. Never punish your dog when the aggression is shown.
  2. Everyone at your home should be consistent with the way you deal with your dog. Everyone should behave in the same manner, calm and authoritative.
  3. If you see a change in your dog’s behavior, never let it go unrewarded.
  4. Make sure your dog is doing regular exercise.
  5. Make sure to get your dog spayed if the aggression is due to sexual frustration.

Final Thoughts

There are various reasons for your dog to get aggressive. We have collected some obvious signs for you to be aware of. Always keep in mind that dealing with aggression is not a solution. Develop your authority, stay calm, and ensure the safety of your dog.

Always keep an eye on the triggers for your dog. Avoid the triggering situations as much as you can. Make sure you do not punish or reward your dog unnecessarily. There are various solutions if your dog starts being aggressive consistently.

Follow the simple solutions. Go to the behavioral courses. Always reward your dog when you see a slight change in its behavior. Be happy and keep your dog happy, calm, and safe.

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