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Best Citronella Dog Bark Collars 2024 – Scent-Sational Solutions

The citronella dog bark collar is a perfect device if you are worried about your dog’s nuisance barking habit. It is a quick and easy way to train your pooch to get rid of his extreme barking behavior. There are various factors that you must consider while choosing the right one for your pooch. Best Citronella Dog Bark Collar

These factors include neck size, water resistance, automatic feature, two-part verification, and maintenance. In addition to that, make sure that your dog is not allergic to the material used in the collar.

After our extensive research of 72 hours and consultation with pet specialists, we have come up with all the information that you need about using a citronella bark collar. We made sure to review and add the 10 best citronella dog bark collars for you to choose the right one for your pooch. Now let’s move forward to get started about how and when to sue a citronella collar.

Image Product Name Key Features

  • Lightweight suits dogs over 6 lbs
  • Water resistance
  • Reduce excessive barking
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  • No beeps and no shock
  • Compatible with dogs of 8lb
  • Easy to adjust
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  • Lightweight dog collar
  • Water-resistant collar
  • Stops excessive barking
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  • High-quality spray collar
  • Adjustable-nozzle
  • USB cable is present
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  • Compatible with small dogs
  • Eliminate excessive barking
  • No false alarms
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  • Automatic anti-bark collar
  • Suitable for all-size dogs
  • Completely harmless and painless
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  • Rechargeable humane collar
  • Water-resistant and shockproof
  • Easily adjustable nylon strap
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  • Rechargeable long-lasting battery
  • Training collar with remote control
  • Safe, humane and effective
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  • Premium-quality rechargeable collar
  • Adjustable and waterproof
  • Safe and shockproof
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  • Completely waterproof
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Citronella and unscented spray cartridge
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Best Citronella Dog Bark Collars in 2024 – Reviews

1. PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar for Dogs

Top Pick

PetSafe Spray Bark Dog Collar Review
PetSafe Spray Bark Dog Collar

Teach your dog to behave well by reducing its extreme barking with the help of this water-resistant spray bark dog collar

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PetSafe Spray Bark Collar is the best way to get rid of excessive barking amongst dogs. It is one of the best ways to deal with dog’s barking. We know that you love your dog, and you are okay with it. But it may irritate your neighbors or passers-by, which you need to take care of.

Once you buy this, you don’t need to worry about your dog. It will send a harmless mist, which will indicate it to stop barking. The best part of this product is the dog will not suffer from any side effects after use.

Various studies and researches revealed that anti-bark spray collars are useful for teaching dogs the right behavior. Whenever dog barks, this will use a citronella burst to discourage your dog from barking. Besides, you will also get spray refills with this.

Another impressive feature of this bark collar is that it is water-resistant. Therefore, it will not be an issue if you are taking your dog for a walk during light rains. Dogs can also play in the wet grass without ruining this.

You will be able to spray 300-400 times per spray and each collar refill comprise 25-30 sprays. This is also lightweight, which is suitable for dogs over 6 lbs. Hence, you can carry this wherever you want, without worrying about its weight.

Key Features:

  • You will get an adjustable nylon collar
  • The Citronella spray is hypo-allergic and stain-free
  • It is comfortable for your dog
  • There will be an anti-bark spray
  • Each can hold 300-400 sprays

What We Like:

  • Helps to reduce and discourage excessive barking
  • Available spray refills make this cost effective
  • Available power on and off button to enhance the battery life
  • This collar basically designed for small dogs
  • Water-resistant spray, useable for light rain

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not recommended for large dogs

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2. Downtown Pet Supply Citronella Dog Collar

Runner Up

Downtown Pet Citronella Bark Collar Review
Downtown Pet Citronella Bark Collar

If you are seeking a safe, effective, and humane way to stop the excessive barking of your dog, this product is the best option for you

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Downtown Pet Citronella Bark Collar is the runner-up product on our list. There will be no anxiety, aggression, or stress in your dog if you buy this product. It is an effective tool that will help dogs to reduce their barking.

There is a spray device that you will get with this collar. With this device, you can spray Citronella, which will indicate the dog to stop barking. It is capable of sensing bark. So, whenever a dog barks, it sprays a small burst of Citronella, which will work very fast.

Besides, the dog collar is adjustable, and you can adjust it according to the comfort of your dog. Also, you don’t need to worry about safety as the collars are extremely safe. Hence, you are looking for a dog collar that can provide you with a fast result, go for this product.

It is compatible with dogs of 8lb and above. Therefore, stop the unnecessary barking and buy a strong dog collar as soon as possible.

Key Features:

  • You can insert the battery without any problem
  • The microphone helps to detect the bark
  • You will get Citronella refills with this
  • It is stronger than other collars
  • Comparatively more adjustable

What We Like:

  • This technology provides no shock and no beep
  • Safe, humane, and effective anti-bark spray
  • Appeals the four senses, smell, sound, sight, taste
  • This device keeps your dog safe from stress and anxiety
  • Effective and ensures the fast result

What We Don’t Like:

  • Comparatively short life

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3. PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar

Best Budget

PetSafe Citronella Bark Collar Review
PetSafe Citronella Bark Collar

Buy this lightweight and water-resistant dog collar to stop excessive barking of your dog and save a considerable amount of money

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PetSafe Citronella Bark Collar is one of the best you can buy at the most reasonable price, and thus, it is the best budget product on the list. It is an efficient tool that will help you to reduce the excessive barking of your dog.

Whenever a dog barks, it will create a burst of spray. Also, these sprays are harmless. There is a microphone attached to the collar. It helps to sense barking so that it can spray Citronella.

Also, you will get refills with this product. It uses a 6-volt alkaline battery, which enhances the efficiency of the product. Whenever you are refilling the collar, make sure to turn off the unit.

Well, the dogs find the smell of Citronella unpleasant. Therefore, they will stop barking. To be precise, the Citronella will distract the dog from barking and will help it to learn the proper behavior.

Key Features:

  • This comprises an efficient microphone
  • The collar strap is adjustable for dogs
  • The spray is stain-free and hypo-allergic
  • You will get 25-30 sprays per refill
  • The weight of the item is 0.65 pounds

What We Like:

  • Interrupt the excessive and unwanted dog barking
  • The static correction automatically adopts with the next level to stop dog’s barking
  • Suitable for snowy environment or light rain
  • A Microphone specially detects the barking sound
  • Effective to control your dog and easy to use

What We Don’t Like:

  • Loud noise unintentionally activates the collar

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4. JK TECH Anti-Bark Spray Collar

It is a high-quality product that is considered the best Citronella Anti Bark Spray Collar to stop the unnecessary barking of your dog. It is a watchband-styled collar that arrives with an adjusting nozzle.

JK Tech Collar Review

The purpose of that adjusting nozzle is to control the amount of Citronella that you would like to spray. It also comes with a training manual. If you can go through that manual precisely, it will be easier for you to use the product.

The battery of the sprayer and the microphone are rechargeable. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about changing the battery again and again. Also, it is a harmless dog collar that sprays a mist of Citronella. It sends a message to the dog to stop barking, and your dog will learn this behavior quickly.

Key Features:

  • The LED display helps to monitor the battery
  • Recharge the collar with a USB
  • The plastic collar comes with buckle closure
  • Arrives in light blue or dark blue
  • No replacement of batteries required

What We Like:

  • Always release a safe and harmless citronella mist spray
  • The adjustable strap suitable for all size
  • Environment friendly design to keep your pet safe
  • Recommended by vet and pet owners
  • Helpful and fast customer service

What We Don’t Like:

  • If the collar clogged, need to long-press the power button

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5. PetSafe Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar

If you have a small dog at your home and it barks too much, you can buy this product as it is the best citronella bark collar for small dogs. You can consider it to be a useful item that will improve the dog’s behavior. To eliminate the excessive barking, this will spray a burst of Citronella.

PetSafe Review

It is also an adjustable product, which is best compatible with dogs of 55 pounds and above. Also, it is waterproof. Hence, if you take your dog for walks on rainy days, it will not affect the collar. If the dog plays on the wet grass, your collar will stay safe.

This collar comes with perfect bark detection. The system is quite sophisticated. The best part is it will not give any false alarms. For instance, if any other dog barks, it will not affect your dog. It is best matched with the neck of 16 inches. Besides, it will not create any false corrections from other noises.

Key Features:

  • You can apply 400-500 sprays per can
  • The waterproof collar will come in handy
  • You will get 30-40 sprays per refill
  • It comprises efficient vibration sensors
  • It is easy to use the collar

What We Like:

  • Supplies a gentle mist of spray to disrupt excessive barking
  • It can distinguish the dog’s bark with other noises
  • Formulated with eco-friendly and safe technology
  • Waterproof and safe for outdoor activities
  • Ensures trusted and guaranteed quality

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not suitable for extra-large dogs

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6. Dogtek No Bark Citronella Spray for Dogs

The new Dogtek Spray is one of the best no bark citronella collars available on the market. It is a scientifically proven method that helps you to train dogs not to bark excessively. It is the most effective anti-bark collar to stop dogs from barking instantly.

Dogtek Spray Review

The advanced microphone receiver detects barking causing the collar to release a short spray of harmless and painless citronella mist towards your dog’s lower jaw. The formula acts as a distraction and deterring your pup from continuous barking.

Besides, it is a completely automatic collar, and it does not require any human involvement. You will only have to refill the unit with citronella when it is empty. Moreover, the strong and durable nylon collar strap fits neck size up to 24 inches.

The collar is lightweight and the fabric used is comfortable, so it does not cause any kind of uneasiness or extra anxiety to your dog. The device uses a 6-volt alkaline battery. The brand offers a one-year limited warranty on its product.

Key Features:

  • A scientifically proven method to train your dog to control barking
  • Equipped with an advanced microphone that detects barking instantly
  • Releases harmless and painless no bark spray
  • Completely automatic and does not require human involvement
  • Strong and durable nylon strap fits almost all size dogs easily

What We Like:

  • A harmless no bark spray collar
  • Formulated with advanced technology
  • Very light weight and simple to use
  • Available advanced microphone receiver for bark detection
  • Suitable for dogs of all age and sizes

What We Don’t Like:

  • Don’t work well for small dogs

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7. Downtown Pet Supply Humane No-Bark Collar Set

The Downtown Pet Supply manufactures the best citronella anti-bark collar to train your dog. This doentown pet collar is safe and shockproof and effectively trains dogs without any painful stimulation.

Downtown Pet Supply Review

The fully automatic device has an inbuilt microphone technology that senses the dog’s barking and immediately sprays citronella, which distracts the dog from whatever they were barking at. It perfectly distinguishes dog barks from other sounds.

Besides, the collar is water-resistant, so you do not need to worry if your dog loves playing outdoors. Moreover, it is a rechargeable product, which means it would free you from buying batteries. It comes with a USB charger that easily connects to any standard USB port.

Also, the fully customizable 27-inch nylon strap has two spray volumes and two sensitivity modes. The easy-to-operate mechanism allows you to adjust the strap according to your need. It fits all size dogs.

The company offers 60 days of manufacturing warranty to provide you the best experience with their dog collar.

Key Features:

  • Extremely safe, humane and does not cause painful stimulation
  • Easy rechargeable device, comes with USB charger
  • Water-resistant and robust product to last long
  • Inbuilt microphone technology to sense barking effectively
  • Two spray volumes and two sensitivity modes and easily adjustable strap

What We Like:

  • Safe, humane, and effective automatic spray
  • Available adjustable collar with the spray device
  • Comfortable than shock collar to train your dogs
  • Built-in microphone technology to sense the dog’s bark
  • Water resistant durable collar, easy to refill

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not suitable for brachycephalic breeds

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8. WWVVPET Citronella Spray Dog Training Collar

This silicone-made collar is undoubtedly the best citronella spray training collar you will find on the market. It is a safe, humane and effective item equipped with a highly sensitive microphone that reacts quickly by spraying a burst of citronella whenever it senses dogs barking.

WWVVPET Citronella Collar Review

The device comes with two training modes for different needs, which can be controlled through a remote. The remote has a range of up to 500 feet. It can also control more than one device at the time.

The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows you to use the collar for 3-7 days with 2-3 hours of charging. It comes with an on/off button, which also lets you manage the sensitivity level. The easily adjustable strap allows the collar to extend from 8 inches to 27 inches and fits almost all kinds of dogs.

It is also waterproof so that it won’t get damaged easily due to rainwater or grass water. However, it is not advisable to submerge the device entirely into the water. The collar comes with a low battery and low citronella indicator as well.

Key Features:

  • Safe and effective collar with a highly sensitive microphone
  • Two training modes to train your dog
  • Comes with remote control with a range of 500 feet
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides 3-7 days usage
  • Easily extendable strap fits all kinds of dogs

What We Like:

  • Comes with easy, safe, and fast technology
  • Available long lasting strong strap
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery supports up to 7 days
  • Suitable for all dogs and sizes over 8 pounds
  • Great collar, more effective and humane for dogs

What we don’t like:

  • Not recommended for swimming or playing in the water

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9. Zeonetak Dog Bark Control Citronella Collar

Zeonetak is a trusted brand that produces the best rechargeable citronella bark collar that can be very useful to train your aggressive barking dog. It provides an effective and humane way to stop your dog from unnecessary barking.

Zeonetak Review

The product perfectly senses your dog’s barking and then releases a burst of citronella to distract them. The built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery with micro USB charging allows you to use the device for 4-7 days with 2-3 hours of charging.

Besides, it is made from a premium-quality material, which makes it solid, waterproof, and lightweight. However, it is not designed for swimming purposes.

The collar comes with 2 levels of sensitivity, and you can also adjust the volume of the spray according to your dog’s size. The collar also comes with LED indicators, where it flashes green light when the device is turned on, and the light turns red when the battery is low.

Moreover, the strap used is very convenient and fits all size dogs. It is easy to adjust, and it can be extended up to 27 inches. The company offers a complete money-back guarantee on its product to return the product if you don’t like it easily.

Key Features:

  • Effective and humane way to stop dog from barking
  • Built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery with USB charger
  • Premium-quality material makes it solid, waterproof and lightweight
  • 2 level of sensitivity to adjust according to your need
  • LED indicators that indicate low battery

What We Like:

  • Available smart barking detection chip
  • Harmless, no shock, and no loud beeps
  • Helps to stop your dog’s barking faster
  • Provides a safe and humane way to train dogs
  • Facility to choose the appropriate spray volume according to the dog size

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not totally waterproof at all

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10. PetSafe Spray Bark Dog Collar

PetSafe is a new generation bark collar, and it is considered the best waterproof citronella collar available anywhere. The waterproof feature makes it safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

PetSafe Dog Collar Review

No need to worry if your pup goes out in the rain or plays in the water with the collar. It uses mild electric stimulation; therefore, it is safe and shockproof, and it won’t harm your pet. Besides, this advanced technolgy accurately detects dogs barking with both the microphone and vibration sensor.

The unique barking sensing technology prevents the device from getting wrong signals from outside noises or other dogs barking. The product every time releases efficient spray, just enough to calm and distract your dog from barking.

This includes 2 spray refill cartridges, which allows you to try both citronella and unscented spray and see what works best for your dog. The built-in quick rechargeable battery holds a charge up to 40 hours. It also comes with a USB charger. This lightweight collar fits perfectly with every kind of dog.

Key Features:

  • High-quality waterproof collar, safe for both indoor and outdoor
  • Accurately detects dog barking with microphone and vibration sensor
  • Releases enough spray to calm down your pup
  • Includes 2 spray refill cartridges to try both citronella and unscented spray
  • Lightweight and has a quick rechargeable battery

What We Like:

  • An automatic light spray disrupts dog barking
  • Controls bad behaviors like chewing, jumping, or digging
  • The unique bark-sensing technology distinguishes outside noises
  • A trustworthy vet recommended bark collar
  • Keep your pet safe, healthy, and happy

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not effective for excessive dog barking

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What is a Citronella Dog Bark Collar?

If you are a dog owner, you might have heard about the citronella bark collar. As the name suggests, it is used for the noisy dogs who have a bad habit of barking. It emits an odor that is a great distraction for your pooch and keeps him from barking.

Now you might be thinking how the strong smell of citronella stops your pooch from aggressive barking. Well, the answer is pretty simple. The collar on your dog’s neck detects the noise or vibration of his barking and immediately release a smell of citronella.

The citronella spray is completely safe to use and does not hurt your pet. Though, it instantly distracts him and act as a sign of discouragement for them to continue their bad habit of barking.

Moving forward, you can find different types of sensors in the market, which include noise detectors and remote control. It depends on your requirements. Another concern you might have is that if you have multiple dogs at home, a high-quality collar won’t release the odor if the other dog is barking.

You can have well-designed and superior quality collar for one or more dogs at your home. Let’s head over to know how does citronella collar work to control your pet’s barking?

How Does Citronella Collar Work to Control Dog Barking?

If you are new to this concept, you might be wondering how a citronella collar can stop the dog from barking. First of all, the collar is comfortable to wear and only works once it detects the barking. This releases an odor that deters your pooch from excessive barking.

It is beneficial for you and your family in many ways. For example, if you are not home, this will stop your dog from barking and won’t disturb the neighbors or people in the surroundings.

Using a citronella collar is an effective way if you are having trouble with training your dog to get rid of his bad habit of barking. Citronella that is used in the collar as a spray is a natural substance that does not harm your pet in any way.

Instead of using shock collars, that might leave your pooch anxious, it is better to try citronella after consulting the veterinarian. When used with positive reinforcement, citronella collar works wonders and you prevent excessive barking within a few days.

If you notice that your pooch is becoming immune to the scent, you can also use other features that come with the collar, which are vibration and beeping sounds. You just need something to distract your dog right away!

How to Train Your Dog with Citronella Dog Bark Collars?

The citronella anti-bark collar is used as a training aid to teach your dog to not bark. You can make your dog try the citronella dog bark collar after consulting with a professional dog trainer. There are various methods that can help you to discourage dogs from barking.

  • First method: Teach your dog the quiet cue

This technique is best because you make your dog wear the collar for a few days without him getting sprayed so he gets used to it. Then observe him for triggers and as he starts barking, tell him to quiet down and give him a treat. If he keeps barking then spray him and as soon as he becomes quiet, praise him. Repeat the process until he is well trained.

  • Second method: Teach your dog the quiet cue with collar correction

In this method, your dog will learn that the spray is coming from the collar. This way he will not bark when the collar is on and learn that if he’ll bark when he doesn’t have it on, the collar will reappear. Take the collar off and when he barks tell him to quiet down, if he doesn’t then put it back on and spray him. Repeat this process until he is well trained.

Types of Citronella Dog Bark Collars

There are two types of citronella bark collars:

Automatic Citronella Bark Collar

The automatic citronella bark collars involve less work for you. You just put on the collar and let it do its job. These have a microphone to detect your dog’s barking and then the spray sets off.

You need to make sure you get a high-quality automatic collar because the low-quality one sometimes detects other noise besides your dog’s barking and sets off. So, make sure you get the best one as they are ideal for dogs that start barking when their owners aren’t around.

Manual Citronella Bark Collar

As compare to the automatic collars, the manual ones give full control to the owner. These allow you to control the spray mechanism from a distance. Here you get to choose when the barking gets extensive instead of the collar detecting it automatically. But these collars are of no use if you aren’t home. Though, if your dog learns that barking will lead to the activation of spray.

Citronella Dog Bark Collar vs. Shock Bark Collars

Citronella dog bark collar will efficiently manage the extreme barking by spraying a scent that irritates the dog without harming him. As the dog starts barking his neck will get bigger as a result the device will instantly activate. The scent isn’t harmful to humans except if you are allergic.

On the other hand, the shock bark collar is a traditional training technique meant to reduce the dogs barking. It gives a shock as soon as the dog starts barking. The shock isn’t that powerful but it might still hurt the dog. Though, it is still considered a successful method of controlling the dog’s barking.

There are many different collars in the market that you can select for your dog. Some work on the spraying mechanism, others give a small electric shock, and some people even go for the manual collars to effectively discourage barking.

So, you’ll have to make a decision that which collar will suit you and your pet. All of the collars can be effective, but most owners are going for the gentler option like citronella.

Both of the collars will make your dog acquire a negative stimulus as soon as he barks, but the citronella spray is just stinky, while dog shock collar will hurt your dog a little bit. Most owners don’t want to hurt their dog so they go for the path of least resistance.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Citronella Dog Bark Collars

Before purchasing a citronella bark collar, you need to consider certain things. The following factors will help you decide which collar is best suited for your dog.

Neck Size

Firstly, you need to know the neck size of your dog. If you’ll purchase the wrong collar size then it will be useless. Generally, the collar companies have a size chart to help you pick the best fitting for your dog. But if you’re unaware of your dog’s neck size then the size chart will be useless.

Therefore, get out your tape measure and get to work. If you don’t know how to measure your dog’s neck size, here is an excellent guide that will help you understand the process. Lastly, don’t rely on an approximation of breed you find on the Internet. Instead, you should get the right size of the neck of your dog so you can find the best-suited citronella collar.


Safety is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a citronella dog bark collar. It’s important to ensure that the collar is safe and humane for your dog to wear. Look for collars that have safety features such as automatic shut off to prevent over-correction and a safety release feature that allows the collar to release if it becomes caught on an object.

The collar should also fit properly and not be too tight or too loose to prevent choking or discomfort. It’s also important to supervise your dog when they are wearing the collar to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Sensitivity Levels

Citronella dog bark collars usually come with different sensitivity levels. It’s important to choose a collar with adjustable sensitivity levels so you can customize it to your dog’s barking behavior. A collar that is too sensitive may spray citronella even when your dog is not barking, causing confusion and anxiety.

On the other hand, a collar that is not sensitive enough may not activate when your dog is barking excessively. It’s important to find the right balance to effectively reduce your dog’s barking.

Battery Life

Battery life is an important consideration when choosing a citronella dog bark collar. The length of battery life varies among different models, so it’s important to choose one that fits your needs.

Some collars come with rechargeable batteries, while others use replaceable batteries. Rechargeable batteries may be more convenient and cost-effective in the long run, but they need to be charged regularly.

Replaceable batteries are also convenient, as you can simply replace them when they run out, but they can be more expensive over time. Consider how often you plan to use the collar and how long the battery is expected to last before making a decision.

Water Resistance

It’s necessary for you to understand most citronella bark collars aren’t entirely waterproof. It means that most of these collars will stop working as soon as your dog gets into the water. And if your dog loves to swim, then you’ve got a problem.

But then again, some of these collars are also water-resistant. This feature is very important so when you’re about to purchase a collar for your dog make sure it is waterproof.

Manual or Automatic

As discussed before, both automatic and manual collars have an advantage over the other. So, it is important that you decide which collar suits you and your dog better.

For instance, if you’re not home most of the time, and your dog barks a lot in your absence then your neighbors will complain about it. So, in this case you should go for the citronella bark collar because it is automatic. The manual collar will not work in this matter unless you have someone who’d come over in your absence.

And that’s just isn’t practical. On the other hand, if you’re just trying to control the barking of a dog then a manual citronella bark collar will be the best option for you.

Two-Part Verification

If you’re going for the automatic bark collar then a two-part verification system is a must. This system doesn’t let the collar activate accidentally, which will be very harmful to the restriction process.

The accidental activations will make your dog uncertain about what releases the spray. So if the connection between the spray and the barking doesn’t construct then the collars are useless.

This confusion will make your nervous dog become traumatized because they don’t quite understand why they are being sprayed or punished.

So, make sure the automatic citronella collar you purchase has a two-part verification which detects the barking of your dog. Don’t upset your dog because of a collar that is cheap but doesn’t have a two-part verification system.

Benefits of Using Citronella Dog Bark Collars

  • Discourage your dog from barking: If your dog barks more than usual then it can cause injury to his larynx. Damage to the voice box leads to laryngitis, which is then examined by your veterinarian to make sure that your dog’s breathing isn’t restricted. The larynx is a vital part of your dog’s body and if it gets damaged then it can be life-threatening.
  • Works even when you’re not home: Some dogs develop a habit of barking when they’re bored, so you need to make an interactive environment, involving different activities to distract him.
  • It’s vital to understand why your dog is barking: If it’s just because he is bored then the interactive set-up and outdoor activities on a daily basis will do the trick. But some dogs also have separation anxiety and in this case, you’ll have to put real effort into training your pet.
  • A negative reinforcement-free solution: For a new owner barking of the dog can be really frustrating. So, to discourage them from barking you feel like punishing them. But let’s take an example of children, it’s easy to scold or punish them for their bad behavior, but it’s way more effective to communicate with them and let them know that their behavior is unacceptable. It’s the same with dogs.
  • Works for dogs with mild separation anxiety: If your dog gets anxious when home alone, he’ll begin to bark a lot. This happens when you get back to work after a holiday because your dog becomes used to having you around.

So take him out for a walk, buy some toys for him and keep him indulged in activities that distract him. This way he’ll go back to his normal routine.

Some Important Tips

If you want to use citronella collar for effective results, here are the tips to follow:

  1. It is important for you to use the citronella spraying collar consistently for a few days to see the results. Do not give gaps between the days.
  2. Make sure your goal is to stop barking and not hurt your dog. If at any point your dog is having anxiety, stop the procedure and consult the vet.
  3. As mentioned above, follow the right process to get rid of your pooch’s bad habit of barking. If one method does not work, try another but you need to be consistent.
  4. In rare cases, some dogs start to like the smell. When the spray is released, they start to lick the ground. In that case, using a citronella is not a good idea and you must consider other options.
  5. Last but not least, we suggest you to consult your vet before using any product or device to train your pet.


We gathered all the important information that you need to stop barking of your pet dog. All the items mentioned in this article were reviewed by experts carefully to bring the top ones to the table. Make sure to choose the right item for your pooch and train him using the effective method. Also, ensure that your dog is not having an anxiety issue or affected in a bad way due to the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size citronella bark collar my dog needs?
You can measure the neck size of your pooch and purchase the exact size. There is a measurement chart on every product’s description that you can see before buying a product.

Should I keep the citronella dog bark collar on at all the time?
Yes, the citronella collar only works when your dog start barking. Other times, your dog can keep his collar on just like any other normal collar.

Can citronella bark collars get wet?
Mostly, the citronella bark collars are made with waterproof materials therefore, they do not get wet. Make sure to choose the waterproof collar by reading the description.

What are the side effects of a citronella bark collar?
There are no side effects of Citronella bark collar as the citronella spray is not harmful in any way. But if you see, your dog is getting uncomfortable or anxious, you can stop his training.

How long after using this device will my dog stop barking?
It usually takes a few days or in some cases, a few weeks. It totally depends on the breed and his nature. If your dog has aggression issues, it will take longer than usual.

Are citronella bark collars cruel for dogs?
The citronella bark collars are not cruel for the dogs at all. In fact, they are better than shock collars and do not harm your pooch in any way.

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