Put E-collar On a Dog

How to Put E-collar On a Dog?

Training a dog is not usually the same in every person’s experience. Some dogs might require extra attention, time, and effort when it comes to making them follow your commands. For this purpose, many dog owners opt for training methods that are known to be effective and will help out the training pattern of their dogs without exhausting your time money, and efforts.

E-collars or electric collars for dogs are designed as a training tool for you to better command your pup. As not many dogs are very responsive to voice or far stimulus while commanding them, a tool that grabs their attention is often effective in such situations.

There are many misconceptions regarding E-collars. Some people often confuse this device with a shock collar. A shock collar is harmful to your dog and is a cruel way to induce commands by giving electric shocks to a dog. Whereas an E-collar is designed to electrically send harmless stimuli to your dog for grabbing his attention, like a vibratory signal, an impulse, beeping noise, pressure, or anything similar to that, which does not tend to induce pain.

To talk more about how to correctly use and put an E-collar on your dog, we have gathered some facts which will help you use an E-collar efficiently without hurting your dog in any way. So, keep reading to find out all that you need to know.

Put E-collar On a Dog

How to Place an E-collar on a Dog

Place an E-collar on a Dog
E-Collar is easy to use if you know exactly how to. It is okay to take some time and do your research in learning the right way before putting it on your dog.

Following are some steps that you must consider while placing an E-Collar on your dog’s neck so that you can use it effectively while making sure of your and your dog’s safety.

Step 1: Search the Right Size

The most crucial part of any device is its right fit. If the collar won’t fit your dog perfectly, then it is of no use. So before buying a collar, make sure that you have taken the right measurements of your dog’s neck in the middle, neither too low nor too high.

The size ranges that you find won’t be the exact reading of your dog’s neck circumference, but an estimated range of how much the collar can be adjusted. So always choose the collar which can be easily adjusted to your dog’s measurements.

Step 2: Select the type of Stimulus

Electronic collars are available in many types of stimuli, such as noise, impulse, pressure, vibration, and even a mild electric shock. You can select the one that favors your dog’s need the best. You must always go for the less intense type of e-collar, in the beginning, to see how your dog responds. Always leave the harsh and strict options as your last resort.

Step 3: Read the Instructions Carefully

Always read the label of your product carefully. See if the product has any limitations of usage or not so that your dog does not face any mishap. Some devices might not be waterproof and can malfunction if your dog is wearing it in rainy weather or while bathing. So you need to make sure of the proper way of its usage so that neither does your dog gets hurt, nor your money gets wasted.

Step 4: Place it on the Right Spot

Always tie the collar in the right spot of their neck, neither too low nor too high. Making sure of the right spot will help your dog perceive the stimulus more easily without you being harsh on him.

Step 5: Make Sure of the Safe Usage Duration

It is never advised to leave an E-collar on your dog’s neck for several hours, especially when your dog is alone and unattended. This can harm him or the collar can get stuck anywhere if he is moving around outside. An attempt by your dog to get out can also result in choking or unconsciousness without you even knowing about it.

To avoid any such situation, make sure that your dog is not wearing this product unattended for more than 12 hours continuously.

Step 6: Always be Aware of Necessary Precautions

It’s always good to be cautious for your dog’s safety. Even though and E-Collar is a safe product to use, there are still some facts which you must always keep in mind while using this product.

  • Never use an E-Collar on a puppy less than 6 months of age.
  • Always try other conventional methods of training first before shifting your dog on a collar command.
  • Never leave your dog with this collar on for more than 12 hours.
  • Once your dog is trained, there is no need to have him keep the collar on.
  • Always treat your dog with rewards or treats when he obeys and responds to your commands well, to negate the negative impact of training.
  • Always make sure that the collar is not too tight to irritate your dog’s coat.
  • Do not let your dog play in the water or be outside in the rain if you are not sure about the collar being waterproof.

With these steps and other demonstrations, you can easily learn the dos and don’ts of using an e-collar for your pup effectively.

Benefits of Using E-collars

Using this device for training your dog has many benefits for both your dog and you. Below described are the few most guaranteed ones which every user experiences while their usage.

Benefits of Using E-collars

Teaching Yard Boundaries

Many dogs, specially when they are new to your home environment or are just puppies, may find it difficult to stay in your house within the boundaries. The worst nightmare of a pet parent is to find out that their dog is gone missing from the house just because they were not trained for yard boundaries.

To avoid any such situation, E-collar works best in preventing your dog from running away and makes him understand the yard boundaries so that he stays where he is supposed to, without running away.

Effective Way of Communication

Many dogs either don’t react to your yelling while training them or just make it more difficult for you. With an E-collar you don’t have to keep shouting from a distance, with just a button you can ensure effective communication between you and your dog.

Training to Restrain Barking

Barking from your dog can be a good natural alarm for you in breaking in situations, but often they are useless and cause you distress. Sometimes even the neighbors or the mailman will fear passing by if your dog always ends up barking on everyone he sees. In such conditions, you can limit your dog’s barking by sending him a stimulus so that he knows when not to bark.

Less Efforts to Train Your Dog

Using your voice for commands or a leash with a limited range can cost you more time and effort for training your dog. This is manageable with the use of an E-collar if you are a person with a schedule and wish to train your dog with the lesser hassle and more effectiveness.

Teaching Social Manners

Some dogs get very excited by seeing guests in the house or strangers with whom they are not familiar. They might start jumping or mounting them which can be quite embarrassing and a pet owner would love to make their dog behave with manners to help him in being gentle with social interactions.

For this purpose, E-Collars are found very effective and useful by making your dog understand how to behave in social interactions accordingly.


For dogs who are not responding to any other method of training, E-collars serve as an effective last resort. You just have to learn the correct way of using it and with time your dog will be trained enough to let go of this device soon.

Just make sure to take all the precautions wisely and follow the steps of usage correctly as stated, and you will be good to go for training your dog with an E-Collar.

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