Dog off Couch Spray

How to Keep Dog off Couch Spray?

Who does not want to cuddle with their pooch and want to get him all the comfort that he needs, but when it comes to your furniture, there are some boundaries which should be well-defined? Pups love to crawl over places and discover new room for them. They love snuggling in your bed or lie down on your couch along with scratching it with their claws.

These behaviors are not intentional for your dog to harm your belongings, but merely an act of natural instinct and after all they are animals who need to be trained.

So, if you are one of those people who are tired of polishing your furniture every other day or changing the couch cloth because your pup scratched the previous one, then this article is for you! Learn everything that you can do to make sure about your pup having a safe distance from your furniture so that you won’t have to worry at all!

Dog off Couch Spray

Home Remedy to Keep Dogs off Couch Spray

Keeping your dog off the couch and another furniture is a universal issue that every pet owner goes through. This problem needed an ultimate solution and hence vets and teams of researchers did their studies to conclude several safe methods which can be used to keep your dog off the couch.

Keep Dogs off Couch Spray

There are several products and materials available in the market that you can use to keep your dog away from the furniture, along with some effective home remedies circulating the internet. So, if you don’t want to spend extra bucks on buying a new product for this purpose, then try any of the below discussed home remedies first to see if it works for you, that too without spending much.

Repellant Smell

Almost every dog is found to be repelled by ammonia smell. This fact has been scientifically concluded. So, if you want your dog to stay away from your furniture or floor, all you need to do is use an ammonia-based floor liquid or spray safe ammonia-based solution over your furniture. Once your dog learns to not go near the furniture anymore, you can discontinue the use of such products.

Homemade Spray

There is a recipe to make your own spray with cheap materials already available in every kitchen and pantry. You can use this spray on your floor around the furniture or directly on the furniture, and this works the same as ammonia in helping you keep your dog off the furniture.

Homemade Spray

The recipe is,

  • Take 1 and a half cups of water in a spray bottle.
  • Add 20 drops of either lemon or orange essential oil in the bottle.
  • Shake the bottle well and then add 2 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar in the solution.
  • Cover the bottle and shake it well again until you see a uniform mixture.

Your homemade spray is ready which you can use in corners of your furniture and the furniture will diffuse the smell throughout which your dog won’t like a bit.

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How to Keep Dog off Couch Spray – Step by Step Guide

Using a spray product to keep your dog off the furniture is easy and hassle-free, but requires a few steps and techniques to use it correctly so that it gives 100% expected effect within time. Follow the below-given steps to find and use a keep off couch spray for your dog.

How to Keep Dog off Couch Spray

Step 1: Choose the Right Product

Choosing the right product is directly going to affect the results that you will experience. Always lookout for the ingredients which you consider safe for your dog. Some spray solutions might contain allergens to which you or your dog can react to. So always make sure to buy the perfect solution composition that is declared safe for the health of both you and your dog.

Mostly, the spray solution contains essential oils, citric acid extracts, and ketone compounds which when mixed, emit a sharp smell that dogs don’t like. These smells can be pungent for you as well so see if you yourself can handle that odor or not. If not, then go for a lighter and more mild formula.

Step 2: Make Sure of the Cover Cloth

One thing that users hesitate about is whether the solution is going to ruin their cover clothes or not. You should keep in mind that some spray solutions are oil based and can leave a stain and ruin your cloth. To make sure that the spray is safe for cloth surfaces, read the labels before buying.

You should also check your cloth cover type for making sure that it will stay unaffected even after spraying it with a keep off couch dog sprays. Most cloth covers are labelled as X, W, S, or WS. Out of these, the only kind of cloth that can survive repellant sprays are W and WS. So, make sure to look out before you ruin your covers.

Step 3: Application

To apply the spray correctly on an area, select the proper place and distance of spraying. Ideally, experts recommend spraying on the inner corners of your couch or bed to make sure the spray solution never comes in direct contact with you or your dog and diffuses a repellent smell as well at the same time.

Secondly, never spray too close as it can stain your cloth quite badly. Always maintain a 30cm distance from the surface and spraying nozzle to protect you and leave a generous amount of repellent smell as well.

Step 4: Stop Using Once the Job is Done

These sprays work for conditioning your dog as a part of the training. Once your dog is made to believe that certain areas are a no-go area for him, you won’t see him around the furniture anymore. Once this level of training is achieved, you can safely discontinue the use of spray and wash all your beddings and covers to get rid on any left-over spray product.

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Some important Tips

No matter if you use a homemade spray or a purchased product, it is your duty to ensure the safety of your dog and yourself first. So, if you begin using any of these products, make sure that you are keeping check of the following mentioned tips to ensure maximum safety and eliminate all the health concerns of you and your pup.

  1. Never use harsh chemicals to keep your dog away from your furniture.
  2. Always spray on the areas that are not directly in contact with you or your dog, as your dog might lick the surface or get the solution on their paws and the same goes for you.
  3. Never leave any solid pills or balls which emit odor for keeping your dog off the couch. These are highly dangerous and your dog can swallow these considering it food.
  4. Never spray on your dog or directly in front of his face as he can get allergies from the products used inside the spray.
  5. Always change the bedding or cloth of your couch and wash it well to get rid of the spray contents once your dog is trained.


Being harsh on your dog and yelling over spoilt bedding or couch covers are not always the right solution. Shouting at him can be temporary treatment but for a permanent solution, you need to do better than that. And for a solution like this, sprays work the best for keeping your dog off the couch and other furniture.

Ensure to use the product well and you are good to go for a worry-free routine with your dog staying miles away from your couch.

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