Clean Dog from Skunk Spray

How to Clean Dog from Skunk Spray

Skunks live all around, and if dogs get curious about one, they may end up full of stink from skunk spray. More so, pet owners who reside in rural areas will have a lot to say about skunk spray. And when your dog gets sprayed, the smell is inevitable. Even if your dog has not encountered a skunk’s spray, it is never out of place if you know what to do if your pet comes in contact with one in the future.

Furthermore, skunk spray has some percentage of sulfur which makes it painful and disgusting if it comes in contact with your dog’s eyes, nose, or mouth. Hence, the first thing is to be sure your dog is safe before you commence treatment.

Avoid cuddling a dog that has come in contact with skunk spray and stop the dog from roaming around the house because, just like every other oil, skunk oil quickly spread around. It can stick to household fabrics and other properties while causing a foul smell.

Below are the remedies to eliminate skunk smell. We have the commercial and homemade mixture and the step-by-step guide on how to handle your canine companion after coming in contact with skunk spray.

Clean Dog from Skunk Spray

What is Skunk Spray?

Skunk spray is an oily substance formed by the anal glands that contain sulfurous chemicals called thioacetate or thiols. This oily secretion serves as a protector against predators whenever a skunk feels threatened. The organic compound released produces a bad stink to a dog’s skin and causes an offensive odor.

However, while the stinking and irritating is sensed on your dog, ensure your furry friend is not injured after been sprayed by a skunk.

Although thiocetates are not as powerful as thiols, they are instantly morphed into thiols whenever mixed with water. Thus bathing your dog with water is not the best thing to do initially; it will only make things worse. The smell of skunk is the same as the smell that comes from rotten eggs.

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What Neutralizes Skunk Smell?

There are some ways about neutralizing skunk smell and you can follow anyone from below. 

  1. Turn on Fan and Keep Windows Open: in this case, the first thing is to ventilate the house by switching the fan to the highest speed for air circulation. Improper air circulation could allow the smell to sink into clothes, cushions, and carpets. Therefore, keep the air moving and keep widows wide open for cross ventilation. If possible, bring out affected furniture and expose them to open air.
  1. Enzyme Cleaner: A safe enzymatic odor removal will help eliminate and neutralize skunk smell. Enzyme cleaners are best known to be potent solutions for breaking down and removing substances causing bad smells.
  1. Hydrogen Peroxide Mix: This is one of the most powerful homemade solutions to neutralize skunk smell. Most people find this solution quite helpful, but you may need to apply it multiple times for better results. You can combine hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and liquid dishwashing soap. However, it could be posing a significant danger if not used correctly.
  1. Vinegar: Instead of applying hydrogen peroxide, you can mix white vinegar with baking soda. This may not be effective as you want, but it will lessen the chance of bleaching your dog’s fur or burning his skin. You can use a scented shampoo to neutralize the skunk smell till you get a lasting and effective solution.

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How to Remove Skunk Spray from Dogs

There are several methods to remove the skunk smell from dogs, but it all depends on how badly your canine got sprayed.

Step 1

Resist the instinct to bathe your pet immediately you sense a skunk has sprayed him. First, sort out the right de-skunking tool. Bathing without the proper tools can make the smell sink deeper into your dog’s skin.

Step 2

Keep your pet outside while you look for a way to get rid of the skunk smell. This will prevent the smell from coming indoors. Examine your dog, and if you discover that your dog’s eyes are red and watering, the first thing is to neutralize skunk spray by rinsing them with eye solution or ordinary water. Once you tackle the face, you can go ahead to care for other parts of the body.

Skunk Smell

Step 3

Get the de-skunking remedies such as shampoos for skunk smell, and if you do not have the shampoo, you can formulate some homemade remedies. The homemade remedy can be made by combining 3% of hydrogen peroxide, 10 mL of a household dishwasher, and measure 1/4 cup of baking soda.

Homemade Remedies

Step 4

Set apart bath towels, hose nozzle, washcloths, and other bath items. Most importantly, get gloves for yourself; this will prevent your hand from contacting the skunk oil spray.

Get Gloves for Yourself

Step 5

Identify the spray spot and focus on treating the sprayed area before going for the rest of his body. Typically, most dogs are usually sprayed in the face or close to the backside.

Step 6

Apply the de-skunking product first on the sprayed area till you saturate the entire coat. While doing this, avoid your dog’s eyes and mouth. Rub the product till it gets to your dog’s skin, and then let it settle in for five minutes. This process helps break down the skunk oils for easy removal.

Step 7

Most de-skunking product has to sit on your dog for five minutes but check out the instruction on each product. If your dog becomes fussy or intolerant during this time, use a trick to keep your dog calm while treating the skunk spray.

Step 8

After applying the de-skunking formula for the given time, move on to the next stage of using a regular dog shampoo. Use the dog shampoo and give your dog a standard bath.

Use the Dog Shampoo

Step 9

Use the towel to dry your dog perfectly. It would help if you can take your dog outside to dry properly.

Step 10

If your dog still smells after the entire treatment process, you can repeat the process until you eliminate the lingering smell. However, dogs get uncomfortable with over bathing; thus, you can space each bathing time. Again, you can clean up your pet properties and apply pet deodorizer to them.

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Important Tips

  1. While de-skunking your furry friend, be careful with his eyes and other sensitive organs. Do not mix more than 3% hydrogen peroxide formula, as it can leave your dog with burns. The solution can explode if stored in a closed container, thus mix fresh and discard immediately. Also, hydrogen has bleaching content, the reason why you need to be careful while using it on black dogs.
  2. Do not apply any skunk odor removal solution that does not have a stated safety for dogs.
  3. Use product according to the instructions on the label and mix according to the given measurement of each item.
  4. After bathing your dog, never use a blower dryer to dry his fur. This can increase the skunk smell. Let your dog dry naturally under outside open-air.

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Skunk smell is one of the most irritating smells your dog is likely to come in contact with. You cannot avoid treating skunk spray so long your dog loves playing in the yard and outside the yard. It is essential to have a pet odor removal solution and other homemade effective remedies as a pet parent.

There are varieties of homemade and commercial products to get rid of the skunk smell. But you need to go for the most effective ones. In this article, you can find different methods on how to neutralize and treat skunk spray.

Furthermore, do not forget to wear gloves while washing and keep your pet outside to prevent the smell from penetrating the house. Also, the smell is very sensitive to the human nose; thus, you should wear a nose mask and keep your home ventilated while treating your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does skunk smell last?
Skunk smell has many ways to get into your home. For instance, if your dog comes in contact with skunk spray or a skunk comes into your yard, the smell can make its way into your home, fabric, or carpet. The wind can also blow the smell in your direction.

However, a skunk smell is oily and sometimes challenging to eliminate from anything it comes in contact with. If the smell penetrates your home, it can last for weeks before fading off.

Also, research shows that a skunk’s smell can stay up to 14-21 days if not attended to. Hence, the longer delay in cleaning, the longer the foul smell remains.

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