Star Wars Dog Names

The Ultimate List of Star Wars Dog Names

Like children’s names, famous brand nicknames vary with the seasons – would you go with a traditional like Star, and will you call your newborn furry friend after a favorite show or film personality? Star Wars Dog Names like Teddy and easily assimilated aliases like Charley, Tommy, and Annie.

You can also choose ancient mythology-inspired names like Hercules, Loki, Mercury, Odin, Minerva, etc. At the same time, other puppies derive their names from other creatures, such as Grizzly and Mammoth. Pepper, Chili, and Almond are beautiful names and grocery mainstays.

Star Wars Dog Names

Most Popular Star Wars Dog Names

Most Popular Star Wars Dog Name

Are you really a diehard fan of Star Wars? Did you acquire The Return of the Jedi tickets before your pals even knew what it meant? A genuine Star Wars enthusiast needs a fitting name for their Force-fuelled canine. We’ve included all of the most notable characters from all the movies and a few more from the extended world. Behold, the Force would be with you!

  • Boba/Boba Fett: For just a retrieve pooch, consider “Bobby the fret”! – In the Force awakens, he is the notorious Jedi knight who pursues Luke Skywalker.
  • Chewy: Chewy is the loyal, cuddly closest buddy we always wished we possessed. He is a big softie with such a huge heart.
  • Kylo: Kylo was Han Solo’s and Leia’s ruthless and confident child who turned to the evil side.
  • Yoda: Yoda was tiny in stature, but his passion was more significant than the game. Yoda was a renowned Jedi Master with an intense relationship to the Spirit.
  • Vader: Vader, a Sith Warrior Commander, rugged, heavily armored Darth, was adherent to his wicked lord, Vader Sidious.

Star Wars Character Dog Names

Star Wars Character Dog Names

Your pet isn’t a scraggly nerf herder-he’s the universe’s sharpest blade! There are numerous Star Wars personalities, locations, and animals to gain energy since considering your canine name. The names ranging from humans and worlds to robots, spaceships, and furry mutants. Suppose you’re an accurate observer or a drop-dead lover of the series. In that case, this selection of the greatest Star Wars nicknames is guaranteed to include an other-worldly choice for you.

  • Obi-Wan/Obi /Kenobi – Obi-Wan Kenobi, a brilliant Jedi, was indeed a great defender and teacher to Skywalker. We all know how that instructor relationship ended.
  • Skywalker – Skywalker, a youthful but talented flyer and an unstoppable triumvirate formidable Force to deal with.
  • Leia – Fearless, astute, Princess Leia Organa embodied every one of these qualities and much more.
  • Han Solo – Han Solo is indeed a mythical figure in the Star Wars series.
  • R2 – The cute white dog and blue bot possessed by the Knights of ren before embracing the Resistance Group. Several Star Wars fans name their pets “Artoo.”
  • Lando – Lando is a rogue, Solo’s Lil bro, and a hustler who controlled Falcon Town and turned Skywalker, Hans, and others into the Republic.
  • Jabba – Jabba the Monster is among the galactic greatest designated terrorist lords. Astute owners may contemplate Jabba as just a humorous dog name.
  • Biggs – Biggs is Skywalker’s buddy, and his name is also a really great dog nickname.
  • Greedo – Harrison Ford shoots and kills a gunslinger. It all begs the question! So, could Greedo take the initial shot?
  • Ackbar – Commodore Ackbar is a professional soldier for the Rebel alliance, well known for his catchphrase, “It was a snare!” The surname “Grr” might also be appropriate for a canine.
  • Poe/Dameron – Dameron is indeed a skilled aviator and Resistant fighter from the classic Star Wars trilogy.
  • Tarkin – Supreme Protocol droid Tarkin, the emperor’s commander, originally appeared inside the original Trilogy sequence.
  • Wedge – Wedge is one of the fighters that flew alongside Skywalker to defeat the Space Station in “Empire Strikes back.”
  • Wicket –Wicket, the Elf who had first finds Luke Skywalker and his crew on Hoth, is a cunning and inventive warrior who fights Emperor soldiers.

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Our Favourite Star Wars Dog Names

Our Favourite Star Wars Dog Names

As a multimedia brand, Star Wars is a “power” to be dealt with. There isn’t a single person acquainted with a contemporary culture who’s never heard of the term ‘Star Wars.’ Its renown has spread to millions of people all around the globe. The Star Wars franchise is beloved by several people worldwide, and it has influenced many subsequent sci-fi films.

Chewie Chewie, a renowned intelligent Wookiee and a member of a critical band of Radicals that returned liberty to the universe.

Artoo – Artoo, an intelligent Astromech robot, assisted Padme, Anakin Luke, and Darth Vader in succession.

Threepio – Luke Skywalker’s brave Knight Anakin created a robot trained for politeness and procedure as a permanent friend.

Jedi The Jedi, Sith Warriors, or Kings of the Jedi Council are the primary characters in numerous Star Wars publications.

Yoda – Yoda was a renowned Jedi Knight with a genuine relationship to the Spirit than others. He is knowledgeable and assertive.

Jabba (the Mutt) – Jabba the Hutt was a prominent mobster in the universe, having clout for both governance and the crime syndicate.

Girl Star Wars Dog Names

Girl Star Wars Dog Names

So, you’ve just gotten a beautiful pup, and you quickly realize that power is resistant with this, though. Perhaps your dog has been behaving rebelliously and distantly recently. It immediately dawns on oneself: she has crossed over to the evil side. In reality, you wouldn’t even have to find another planet to notice how prevalent Star Wars nicknames have recently grown.

Leia – Leia Organa was indeed a sassy and self-righteous character and a key figure in the Resistance Movement.

Padmé – Padme was a brave and optimistic monarch who served as Empress of Naboo and later as Senate.

Rey – Rey is a wanderer on Jakku, a fighter hardened by existence on a brutal, mysterious island.

Jyn – JynErso is impulsive, rebellious, and ready to take the fight to the Imperial, leaving her troubled past beyond her by giving her talents to a more significant cause.

Amilyn – Amilyn is a mythical figure from the Star Wars universe well-known for her distinctive strategy and unconventional style.

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Boy Star Wars Dog Names

Boy Star Wars Dog Names

Explore your emotions; you know that’s right. If you want to make a cosmic remark with a creative nickname for your new puppy, which will display your unashamed passion of fanaticism, just a Star Wars-inspired moniker will suffice.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Also known as Benjamin, a brilliant Jedi Knight, was a great defender and teacher to Skywalker. Obi-first Wan’s Knight.

Vader: Ancient Jedi and Sith Lord. The parent of Skywalker.

Luke: Luke, a young yet talented fighter, earned significant points upon eliminating the first Star Destroyer and securing the Rebels Coalition’s triumph.

Han: Han, the arrogant jacky flyer, may have a rep as a rogue, but he also had a sensitive side.

Lando: Lando was indeed a scam artist with a heart, even if he was dishonest.

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Male Star Wars Dog Names

Male Star Wars Dog Names

For various reasons, selecting a Star Wars-themed nickname for a newfound canine companion may make much sense. Some people may contemplate taking this path since they are big Star Wars fans. The concept of considering your new buddy after movies that have had a significant impact on you should be attractive since saying his nickname will inform people of the film that has had quite an effect on life.

Ackbar – During Attack Of the clones, Ackbar, a seasoned leader, commanded the defense of his ancestral home, Mon Cal.

Anakin – Anakin Vader could become one of the greatest formidable Jedi of all time.

Baby Yoda – Fictional figure from Of the Mandalorian, a Sci-fi Disney Dog+ exclusive drama series.

Bane – Darth Bane, a legendary and mythical Master Swordsman, realized that the Darth customs of antiquity were utterly useless.

Baze – Baze Malbus became a realistic warrior as a result of his Metric measurements planet’s surface.

Biggs – Biggs was an ace pilot who has always been there for Skywalker on planet Tatooine.

Boba – Boba began learning fighting and capoeira at a young age.

Bodhi – Bodhi, a veteran Royal flyer, has exceptional flying and technical abilities.

Booster – A pirate and that the only documented citizen owner and operator of an Expansionist Death Star.

Cad – A ruthless bounty hunter always on the hunt.

Cassian – Is a skilled Coalition Undercover agent with battlefield experience.

Chopper – Chopper is a soldier who has operated in the battalion of Cadet Commander Slick during the Attack of the Clones.

Cody- General Cody is a loyal military general who served with Sith Commander Obi-Wan Kenobi in battle.

Darth – Some thought he had been the foretold Promised One that would restore equilibrium to the Way.

Dooku – Dooku was a fearsome Sith who played a crucial role in the Attack Of the clones. Yoda educated him as a Knight.

Echo – Served in the Attack Of the clones as a cloned soldier.

Embo – Embo was a masculine KyuzoJedi knight.

Ewok – In the Movie Universe, Ewoks are a fictitious tribe of tiny, hairy, mammaloid humanoids.

Ezra – Ezra Bridger depended on his social awareness as he grew up under the Dynasty’s reign.

Finn – Was an effective, relentless, and loyal soldier, raised to defend the first Republic as a trooper.

Gideon – Gideon is a Film Series mythical figure who initially appears inside the Disney plus tv show The Mandalorian.

Greedo – Greedo was a Jedi knight from Rodian with a horned toad nose and bulging pupils.

Han Solo – Commander of the Starship Enterprise, he was among the Rebellion Coalition’s greatest commanders.

Hondo – Hondo Ohnaka, a strong, practical Weequay, commanded a renowned Outside Ring pirates band.

Hunter – In the Different Batch, another of the battle droids.

Hux – Major Hux, a cruel First Orders soldier.

Jabba – Jabba da Hut is a mobster and leader.

Jango – Boba Fett’s biological father and gang leader

Jar-Jar – Jar Jar Kermit is a Gungan who is widely despised by Fans Of the series.

Kenobi – Legendary Kenobi was a Jedi master.

Kit – Tentacle-headed Jedi Master extra-terrestrial.

Lando – Lando is a pirate and a player.

Luke – Luke is a Knight who demolished the Death Star.

Mando – Mandalorian is an abbreviation for the central protagonist in the Disneyland TV program.

Maul – Maul is a Sith Lord with a distinct crimson visage and claws.

Obi – Obi-Wan is a Jedi master who trained both Anakin Vader and Darth Vader.

Poe – He is an excellent aviator and a skilled fighter pilot in the rebellion.

Rako – Is a bounty hunter from the Empire Battles series, a crime boss.

Ren – Han Solo’s and Leia’s child who deserted to the darkness

Rex – Brave and dedicated captain of the clone troopers

Scion – Powerful force-sensitive alien.

Skywalker – Luke and Anakin’s surnames

Snoke – Godfather of Kylo Ren and commander of the First Knights

Tarkin – Grandmaster Moff Tarkin, the emperor’s ruler.

Teebo – Attack of a Jedi master Ewok commander

Trooper – Warrior of the Kingdom

Wedge – A brave, talented young pilot who fought for the Rebels with Skywalker.

Wicket – Is a young courageous warriors Ewok.

Windu – Windu is a well-known grim champion Jedi.

Yoda – Small, powerful, and wise Jedi Master who mentored Luke.

Zeb – Zeb is short-tempered and highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Female Star Wars Dog Names

Female Star Wars Dog Names

Do you even have a Shih Tzu Dog? Han Solo, the bunny? Leia, the frog? If this is the case, you weren’t alone in displaying your Film Series devotion and affection for your animal.

Ahsoka: Ahsoka os a Jedi padawan and a woman Knight.

Amidala: Amidala is a congressman and prequel trilogy’ ruler, Anakin Skywalker’s leading lady.

Amilyn: Known for her intelligence and eccentric style.

Aphra: Vader hires a woman archaeologist in the Shadow comic book series.

Barriss: Is a healer and Luminaria’s Sith student.

Beru: Luke Skywalker’s niece and father.

Cara: Cara Dunes is a renegade shock soldier turned Jedi assassin.

Hera: The Rebellion miniseries’ woman Sith warrior pilot

Jannah: A renegade Trooper who now works for the rebels.

Jyn: Is a great woman warrior who assisted in the theft of the Star Destroyer blueprints.

Leia: Hard-headed and has a strong sense of teamwork who rose through the ranks of the Coalition.

Mara: Mara, is a powerful fictional character; she appeared in the franchise as luke’s wife.

Maz: Maz is a woman collector and entrepreneur with a strong sense of power.

Omega: Enhanced female med-tech clone from the Clogged Nozzle

Padme: Strong believer of democracy and an expert shooter and lawmaker

Phasma: The Very first Knights Commander

Qi’ra: Han Solo was raised up in the city alongside him.

Rey: The next prequel trilogy hero and force genius.

Rose: Employee for the opposition turned combatant.

Sabine: She is a great warrior and explosive expert.

Traya: Woman Master Swordsman who was once a Knight

Zorii: Zorii is an exceptional leader.

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Planet Star Wars Dog Names

Do you want to title your pet after a character from Force Awakens? Are you a big fan of the Star Wars film sequence? If so, this post is for you. We will offer some great “Star Wars” related dog nicknames that you may enjoy in this post. Pet nicknames are an excellent opportunity to show off your devotion.


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Other Star Wars Dog Names

Other Star Wars Dog Names

Do you want a dog moniker that is really out of the whole universe? Among the most well-known fictitious names in the cosmos to identities, only the most ardent sci-fi enthusiast would recognize. Here’s a list of the people and worlds that make up the Star Wars franchise.

Wampa – Wampa is a Hoth’s massive and frightening white appalling animal.

Sabre – Lightsabre is an abbreviation for the Sith Warriors’ weapons.

Sith – The Sith is a historical organization that pushes people who decided to dedicate themself to the evil side, gaining power through hatred and deceit, instead of the side of good that the Knights pursue.

Jedi – Folks who are hypersensitive to the Spirit and are dedicated to bringing freedom and harmony to the universe.

Beru – Whitsun Beru Larson is the spouse of Captain Larson and the grandmother of Princess Leia.

AT-AT – Enormous predator robots employed by the Imperial and prominently depicted during Assault of Hoth.

Wookie – Wookie is a large hairy animal that is endemic to Tatooine and roams the desert world in flocks. Euclid Warriors use them as horses.

Ewok – Ewok is a hairy, clever dog, and devoted animal from Kashaya’s woodland world. Chewbacca is a true Ewok!

Falcon – The Millennium Falcon is Han’s iconic ship, and it plays an integral part in the initial Star Wars movie.

Jawa – The adorable, fuzzy baby animals inhabited Endor and battle with the Coalition against Emperor even during the War of Endor.

Gungan – Gungans are wild animals on Tatooine who continue to hunt for leftovers and other things. Jar Jar is indeed a member of the Gungan race.

Other Star Wars Characters Dog Names

Other Star Wars Characters Dog Names

Are you searching for a fantastic dog moniker? Star Wars pet nicknames are an excellent way to express your enthusiasm! I’m a big Fan Of the series. I’ve been a fan of the old flicks since I was a child. We’re fortunate to live in the new Star Wars period now that Disneyland has bought it and is churning out fresh stuff. It also generates a slew of Sci-fi pet names.

Rako – Rako Hardeen is a crime boss with lofty ambitions who featured in the tv show Star Wars.

Aurra Sing – Renowned for her pale complexion and constructed commlink transmitter, she is a proficient treasure hunter and an excellent shooter.

Zeb – Zeb is the final renegade in the “Star Wars Insurgents” tv show.

Booster – Throughout the Star Wars Wing trilogy, Turbo Terrik is a pirate.

Sabine – Sabine Raven is a badass chick within Star Wars Rebellion miniseries.

Hera – Hera Syndulla is a feminine Sith warrior aviator who features inside the “Star Wars Insurgents” storyline.

Jango – Skilled in combat, Jango Kenobi is a crime boss and Fett Fett’s eldest brother.

Ezra – Force-sensitive revolutionary leader Ezra Morley is a Stormtrooper Costive in the Star Wars Militants tv show.

Dog Names from the Star Wars Prequels

Whether you’re receiving a new puppy from a universe, city, long away, and fancy yourselves a Star Wars diehard fan, pick a few of these cosmic nicknames from the world’s most prominent film franchise. There are plenty of ideas among the Twelve films, four TV shows, and numerous comics, novels, and products, and we’ve boiled it down to the most OK nicknames from a few of our iconic people.

  • Dooku: Lord Dooku, a Knight, taught by Kenobi, transforms into Dark Lord Vader Tyrannus and later becomes Lord Sidious’ disciple.
  • Padme: Princess Padme of Naboo is a great hero in the Sci-fi sequel films, acting as Anakin’s romantic lead and an essential negotiator.
  • Qui-Gon: Comme, Obi-instructor Wan’s the Jedi Lord, was confident that Vader was the “selected individual” and pushed on his education to be a Knight.
  • Anakin: Anakin has a unique dog ability with power. When the dark side tempts him, he transforms into the fearsome Vader.
  • Jar-Jar: Jar Jar Kermit is an Oriented facility Gungan. Many Moviegoers hate this figure; therefore, we don’t believe it’s the most excellent dog nickname if you have a weird and unusual love for this unpleasant personality.
  • Windu: Marshal Windu, portrayed by Jackson Samuel, is a Sith Lord who had first appeared in Star Wars I.
  • Rugar: Chief Rugar Nas is a human soldier and a playable character.

Star Wars Dog Names Based on Location

If I had to choose only multiple components to adore, it would indeed be animals and Darth Vader. But it is always a pleasure whenever the pair is combined. It’s difficult to go astray with any of these Film Series pet names, whether that’s a clever pun on a surname, a tribute to a famous role, or a jab at your poodle’s evil inclinations.

Yavin – A reddish plasma world surrounded by 25 satellites, four of which are capable of supporting humanity.

Tatooine – Tatooine, a thinly populated arid world in the galactic Outside Belt, is a chaotic world ruled by Hutt criminals, including Jabba.

Hoth – Hoth is a cold winter weather continent with a Rebel Alliance stronghold assaulted at the beginning of The Emperor Attacks Again.

Endor – A woodland asteroid inhabited by both the Woks and is essential in the Star Wars franchise. To defend the unfinished Star Destroyer 2, Imperial troops installed a shielding reactor on Endor.

Eisley – Moss Eisley is indeed a launch facility settlement on Tatooine that Yoda describes as a “miserable nest of slime and malevolence.”

D’Qar – A world in the Outside Belt acts as Princess Leia’s military compound to fight against the First Republic.

Coruscant – The busy and vibrant metropolitan area world that functions as the galactic capital.

Dagobah – Yoda lived on this marshy planet for so many generations while sheltering from Royal troops.

Alderaan – Before being devastated by the emperor, Alderaan was formerly Queen Leia’s homeworld to demonstrate and undermine the Coalition’s determination.

Naboo – Naboo Jar Binks’ home galaxy is a crucial place in Sci-fi Movie.

Star Wars Dog Names by The Force Awakens

If you’re commemorating Star Wars with May 4 – “Just May 4 be there with us” – or simply searching for a nickname for your newest best buddy, here are a few of the greatest dog nicknames from the Film Franchise. Viewers have been obsessed with the superheroes that exposed readers to the power, blasters, battle droids, and much more ever since the original Star Wars picture premiered in 1976.

Rey – Orphaned as a kid on Jakku, wanderer Rey grows up to be the heroine of “The Prequels” and a powerful virtuoso.

Kylo – Hot-headed, conflicted, and filled with rage, Kylo is the offspring of Harrison Ford and Leah, who has turned to the evil side. The surname “Ren” might also be appropriate.

Finn – Fin, a significant character in “The Original Trilogy,” is a renegade soldier who defected to assist Rey inside the rebellion.

Phasma – Superior ranking captain and a threatening Commander of First Orders sports distinctive chrome Trooper armor.

BB8 – A most loved, loyal, and skittish Astromech droids who debuts in “The Original Trilogy.”

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Star Wars Dog Names Inspired by the Film Rogue One

Star Wars Dog Names Inspired by the Film Rogue One

Here are the most well-known and adored Star Wars figures of all history. There are literally hundreds of Star Wars characters, ranging from protagonists to foot soldiers to odd creatures in the backdrops of your favorite moments. Do you really have a dog that has a solid connection to the power? Is your dog a Skywalker Swick in training or a Demon Lord on the road to the shadows? Whatever situation, your dog, may discover a great nickname influenced by the Star Wars universe.

  • Jyn: Despite her hostile nature, Jyn is intelligent, caring, kind, selfless, and has a sense of justice. 
  • Cassian: Cassian is a tall, black, tan-skinned, and brown dog eyes commander who assisted Jyn on her mission. 
  • Bodhi: Bodhi is an Imperial fighter who deserted to the Coalition and accompanied Jyn on her voyage in “Rebel One.” 
  • Baze: In Rebel One, Baze is a trooper who works with and protects the blinded Chiroot. 
  • Chirrut: Chirrut is a blinded crusader with a profound emotional affinity who assists Jyn on her mission in Rebel One.

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Star Wars Creatures, Droid, Faction, & More Dog Names

You have had to question whether the cats or dogs called Leah had oddly large ears, similar to Leia’s bun knot hairdo from the very first Star Wars film. Or if the Chewy dogs had black and white, hairy noses like Han Solo’s henchman. I understand we often refer to our canine Oscars as a Wookie since he screams in a way that looks like Chewy.

Admiral – The title is held by a member of the Star Wars organization.

BB8 – One of the cutest characters in the Star Wars Universe.

Dagobah – Just after the downfall of the Empire, Swampy world became Yoda’s home.

Eisley – On Tatooine, there is a space station called Mos Eisley.

Endor – The Ewoks’ woodland moon

Ewok – Endor’s adorable hairy animals, are known as Ewok

Falcon – Han Solo’s renowned spacecraft is the International Space station.

Hoth – The Emperor Rises Back’s icy continent

Jakku – Jakku is a desert world and home to many scavengers, thieves, etc.

Jawa – Rey’s native American dog world and the arid world

Jedi – Foragers are a culture that has been established on Tatooine.

Porg – Porgs are small dogs, curious creatures found on the ridge of Luke Skywalker’s hidden island.

R2 – R2D2 was indeed a robot controlled by the Knights of Ren, who was associated with the Empire.

Rebel – Adorable bird from of the asteroid Ahch-T, wherein Skywalker is now in exile.

Wampa – Wampas are strong furry bipeds that live in the ice world, Hoth.

Wookie – Wookie is a Hoth’s pale inhuman monster.


We must admit that naming a dog is much more exciting than naming your baby. No matter what name you choose for your dog, everyone will think it is adorable. You just need to keep one thing in mind that the name must suit your pooch’s personality.

Several canine nicknames are well-known because of their design and pronunciation. When teaching our dogs, we understand that three or two-word nicknames are by far the most successful. These are brief enough just to catch our pet’s interest and simple to pronounce.

Moreover, picking a name that reminds you about your favorite thing every time you call your pup is overwhelming. If you are confused and not sure what name to choose, check out the list above.

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