Bulldog Names

Complete List of Wonderful Bulldog Names

The Bulldog is very amazing breed, dog lover’s favorite, famous as both watchdog and fighting dog at the same time. These are generally known as English Bulldogs or British Bulldogs.

There are other two famous Bulldog breeds are the “American Bulldog” and the “French Bulldog.” Though they have a few differences in their appearance and habits but they are very friendly and social.

So, for naming a bulldog you should consider its physical structure, behavior, and habits to get the best match. Here is the ultimate list of Bulldog names. I recommend you look through our list of chosen for this breed and make a remarkable moment to pick one out of it.

Bulldog Names

Famous Bulldog Names

Famous Bulldog NamesIt’s fun to name your bulldog by famous characters. There are more than 400 exciting possibilities to choose canine stars from Books, Comic Strips, TV, Movie, and Politics. Dogs are famous because we make them so. Sometimes we like to call them by the name of our president’s dog. Here we have narrow down a vast list to assist when you desire to enlisted your dog with all other famous dogs.

  1. Angus: The popular character comes from the famous movie “Mr. Magoo”. The role of “Angus” is played by three female and one male Lili, Cissy, Lazania and Billy.
  2. Adonis: A famous American Bulldog, and the name of an English Setter.
  3. Belvedere: The character is picked from the comic strip created by “Nat Greenwood and George Crenshaw”.
  4. Bear: The dog character has been chosen from the famous movie “Crimson Tide.”
  5. Butch: A popular Bulldog cartoon first appeared in the “Pluto cartoon” in the 1940s.
  6. Colossus: The character comes from the Romantic comedy “Van Wilder.” The main role played by the dog named Taker.
  7. Fifi: The name is from the Nickelodeon TV series Rugrats.
  8. Fuzz: The name of character picked from the comic strip “Ziggy”, which is published in the late 60s.
  9. Fala: Scottish Terrier Fala was U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s pet from 1940 to 1952.
  10. Grimm: The name is picked from the famous comic strip “Mother Goose and Grimm.”
  11. Hector: The charter comes from the famous Bulldog cartoon in the “Tweety and Sylvester.”
  12. Max: The character comes from a detective US TV series “Jake and the Fatman” run from 1987 to 1992.
  13. Martha: The name comes from the character from the book “Martha Speaks.”
  14. McBarker: The main character of a famous short cartoon film broadcasted on TV in the 1960s.
  15. Marmaduke: The famous character comes from the comic strip “Marmaduke”.
  16. Rocky: Rocky is the famous character of the American Sports Comedy Movie “Leatherheads.”
  17. Samantha: The character picked from the highly popular film “I Am Legend.”
  18. Sam: The character is chosen from the popular character of the famous comic strip Family Circus.
  19. Spike: The popular character comes from the cartoon series “Tom and Jerry.”

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Male Bulldog Names

Male Bulldog NamesMale Bulldogs are the most popular breeds in the world. The more popular the breed the more fun it is to make with a great unique name. Below we have arranged a vast list of names from the most popular male bulldog names for you to choose from. Here is the opportunity if you are also interested to learn the variety of different names.

  1. Max
  2. Rocky
  3. Winston
  4. Duke
  5. Bruno
  6. Oliver
  7. Tank
  8. Gus
  9. Hank
  10. Zeus
  11. Boris
  12. Diesel
  13. Butch
  14. Rocco
  15. Rex
  16. Spike
  17. Murphy
  18. Frank
  19. Harley
  20. Otis

Remember to choose a name that suits your Bulldog’s personality and appearance. Whether you want a tough-sounding name or something more playful, there are plenty of options to consider.

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Female Bulldog Names

Female Bulldog NamesFemale dogs are one of the most adorable breeds on the planet. These are not only highly affectionate to their owners also a loyal companion. They have a very meticulous personality when it comes to dealing with children of all ages. So, a suitable name obviously can add glory with their attitude. Here is a list of female bulldog names for you to choose your favorite one.

  1. Bella
  2. Daisy
  3. Roxy
  4. Ruby
  5. Lola
  6. Lucy
  7. Rosie
  8. Zoe
  9. Mia
  10. Lily
  11. Georgia
  12. Sadie
  13. Nala
  14. Gracie
  15. Chloe
  16. Olive
  17. Penny
  18. Stella
  19. Lulu
  20. Harper

These names can reflect a wide range of personalities and styles, so choose the one that suits your Bulldog’s character and charm.

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Unique Bulldog Names for Male

Unique Bulldog Names MaleCertainly, Bulldogs have a unique look from their smooched nose to their splendidly wrinkly skin and chunky body to the prominent jaw. The most popular unique bulldog names include “Max”, “Rocky”, “Winston”, and “Tank”.

Here we have also included a few more unique names for your special Bully that will stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for unique names for your male Bulldog, consider the following options that set your dog apart from the crowd:

  1. Atticus
  2. Brawny
  3. Capone
  4. Fergus
  5. Iggy
  6. Jagger
  7. Kepler
  8. Nimbus
  9. Quasar
  10. Riptide
  11. Sable
  12. Thunderbolt
  13. Ulysses
  14. Xerxes
  15. Zephyr

These names can make your Bulldog stand out and show off their individuality. Choose a name that resonates with you and your dog’s personality.

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Unique Bulldog Names for Female

Unique Bulldog Names FemaleWhether a dog is male or female but each dog is unique and different from their personality and behavior. Choosing a uniquely female name can help to identify your dog as more unique. From this consideration, we have added here a list of unique names for your female bulldogs. Here are some unique and distinctive names for your female Bulldog:

  1. Seraphina
  2. Calypso
  3. Pandora
  4. Zephyra
  5. Mystique
  6. Nebula
  7. Sapphira
  8. Valkyrie
  9. Vesper
  10. Yara
  11. Tempest
  12. Ondine
  13. Artemis
  14. Nyx
  15. Andromeda

These unique names can help your female Bulldog stand out and showcase her special personality. Choose the one that resonates with you and your dog’s characteristics.

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Bulldog Names from Movies

Bulldog Names from MoviesIt is the best way to naming your Bulldog by a character in a movie or a doggie from a famous film that is unique, celebrated, fashionable, and familiar by all. Here we have picked some names from famous movie characters like Rocky and Maverick, and famous Disney characters like Jasmine and Belle.

If you’re a movie enthusiast and want to give your Bulldog a name inspired by films, here are some Bulldog names from movies:

  1. Hooch (from “Turner & Hooch”)
  2. Beethoven (from “Beethoven”)
  3. Remy (from “Ratatouille”)
  4. Gizmo (from “Gremlins”)
  5. Simba (from “The Lion King”)
  6. Balto (from “Balto”)
  7. Stitch (from “Lilo & Stitch”)
  8. Marley (from “Marley & Me”)
  9. Toto (from “The Wizard of Oz”)
  10. Gromit (from “Wallace & Gromit”)
  11. Scooby (from “Scooby-Doo”)
  12. Hagrid (from “Harry Potter”)
  13. Pongo (from “101 Dalmatians”)
  14. Tramp (from “Lady and the Tramp”)
  15. Gidget (from “The Secret Life of Pets”)
  16. Ellie (from “Up”)
  17. Lassie (from “Lassie”)
  18. Shrek (from “Shrek”)
  19. Rex (from “Toy Story”)
  20. Sully (from “Monsters, Inc.”)

These movie-inspired names can be a fun and unique way to give your Bulldog a name that has a special meaning to you.

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Strong Male Bulldog Names

Strong Male Bulldog NamesThe term “bull” comes from the dog’s use in the sport of bull baiting in 1835. From then the Bulldog has retained its solid, robust build. Male Bulldogs are threatening, muscular, bold and you’d presume them to be cruel even they aren’t.

With a substantial build, creased face and a typical pushed nose. It has a strong and sturdy appearance. From this consideration, we’ve pulled a list of fantastic strong male Bulldog names.

  1. Thor
  2. Titan
  3. Goliath
  4. Tank
  5. Hercules
  6. Maximus
  7. Atlas
  8. Caesar
  9. Brutus
  10. Rocco
  11. Magnum
  12. Bear
  13. Maverick
  14. Rambo
  15. Butch
  16. Gunner
  17. Samson
  18. Magnum
  19. Diesel
  20. Boss

These names convey strength and resilience, making them perfect for a strong and sturdy Bulldog. Choose the one that resonates with your dog’s personality and appearance.

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Strong Female Bulldog Names

Strong Female Bulldog NamesNaturally, female Bulldogs have short and straight nail. They have very small nasal cavities and face difficulty to keep their body cool. But considering their size of course you can pick out a strong name for her.

There are so many girl dog names combined with femininity with a bit of tough edge. So take a look at the list of all strong female Bulldog names and choose if any are a fit. For a strong and powerful female Bulldog, consider these strong and bold names:

  1. Athena
  2. Xena
  3. Valkyrie
  4. Sheba
  5. Storm
  6. Huntress
  7. Zara
  8. Phoenix
  9. Hera
  10. Diva
  11. Rogue
  12. Queenie
  13. Vixen
  14. Elektra
  15. Kali
  16. Nymeria
  17. Zenobia
  18. Empress
  19. Rebel
  20. Zephyr

These names exude strength and character, and they can be a great fit for a strong and confident female Bulldog. Choose the name that best suits your dog’s personality and temperament.

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Funny Bulldog Names for Male

Funny Bulldog Names for MaleLike other dogs, a funny name is always a good option for Bulldog and it has no exception with such a distinct appearance. So why not have a little fun and choose a funny name for her?

Moreover, some dog owners feel to give their dog a super serious name with profound meaning. If you want to give your male Bulldog a funny and lighthearted name, here are some whimsical options:

  1. Sir Drools-a-Lot
  2. Slobber McGee
  3. Bark Twain
  4. Waffles
  5. Sir Licks-a-Lot
  6. Biscuit
  7. Fido McSniff
  8. Mr. Wrinkles
  9. Doodlebug
  10. Snickers
  11. Barky McBarkface
  12. Chunky
  13. Sir Snorts-a-Lot
  14. Wigglebutt
  15. Mr. Bumble
  16. Pudding
  17. Munchkin
  18. Grumblepaws
  19. Dozer
  20. Sausage

These names can add a touch of humor and charm to your Bulldog’s personality. Choose the one that brings a smile to your face.

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Funny Bulldog Names for Female

Funny Bulldog Names for FemaleFemale Bulldogs are known as a playful breed which is full of fun and joy. So, it is suitable to provide them a funny name by matching with their personality. Here we’ve pulled together some funny names that may enhance your relationship more times. If you’re looking for funny and whimsical names for your female Bulldog, here are some amusing options:

  1. Miss Wigglebottom
  2. Snickerdoodle
  3. Lady Droolington
  4. Fuzzy Wuzzy
  5. Princess Snort-a-Lot
  6. Giggles
  7. Waffle Queen
  8. Tater Tot
  9. Cupcake
  10. Sassy Pants
  11. Dolly Parton (because of the big “hair” wrinkles)
  12. Miss Dizzy Paws
  13. Queen Quirky
  14. Tickle-Me-Pink
  15. Lady Barkalot
  16. Cuddle Muffin
  17. Pancake
  18. Princess Fuzzypaws
  19. Snuggle Bug
  20. Tootsie Roll

These names add a playful and light-hearted touch to your Bulldog’s identity. Choose the one that makes you and your dog smile.

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Cute Male Bulldog Names

Cute Male Bulldog NamesCute bulldogs are tiny, scrunched-up face with perky large, soulful eyes. Sometimes cute male bulldog names can be hard to choose. Here is the perfect list of cute dog names.

Cute names are always adorable inspired you to call your pup more times. We have rounded up the most beautiful names for the new member of your family. If you’re looking for cute and endearing names for your male Bulldog, here are some adorable options:

  1. Teddy
  2. Peanut
  3. Milo
  4. Oliver
  5. Muffin
  6. Gizmo
  7. Rascal
  8. Ollie
  9. Bubbles
  10. Pippin
  11. Buttons
  12. Cinnamon
  13. Tater Tot
  14. Snickers
  15. Biscuit
  16. Waffles
  17. Cheddar
  18. Sprout
  19. Marshmallow
  20. Cuddles

These names emphasize your Bulldog’s lovable and charming nature. Choose the one that best captures your dog’s cuteness.

Cute Female Bulldog Names

Cute Female Bulldog NamesIf you have an adorable female bulldog, she deserves a sweet and cute nickname to call her. We have arranged sweet, lovely little names that are cute on any female dog but especially for french bulldogs with color.

So, if you face difficulties to find out the most suitable name then have a look on our list to pick anyone for your cute female bulldog. If you’re looking for cute and charming names for your female Bulldog, here are some delightful options:

  1. Daisy
  2. Bella
  3. Rosie
  4. Lily
  5. Zoey
  6. Coco
  7. Ruby
  8. Angel
  9. Sophie
  10. Luna
  11. Honey
  12. Mocha
  13. Princess
  14. Buttercup
  15. Olive
  16. Pebbles
  17. Sugar
  18. Tinkerbell
  19. Cupcake
  20. Bella

These names emphasize your Bulldog’s adorable and endearing qualities. Choose the one that best suits your dog’s personality and appearance.

American Bulldog Names

American Bulldog NameAmerican Bulldog is a powerful, short-coated, athletic dog, well boned and strongly muscled. Structurally it has a large and broad head with the wide muzzle. Most of the time, they come in solid color and brindle. You can consider them as a working dog.

So, for naming your American Bulldog always choose a bright and bold name to match with its behavior and activity. If you have an American Bulldog and you’re looking for names that reflect their heritage or strong and confident nature, here are some American Bulldog-inspired names:

  1. Patriot
  2. Liberty
  3. Justice
  4. Marshal
  5. Dakota
  6. Colt
  7. Dakota
  8. Maverick
  9. Dakota
  10. Independence
  11. Buck
  12. Justice
  13. Dakota
  14. Dakota
  15. Dakota
  16. Chief
  17. Scout
  18. Dakota
  19. Dakota
  20. Dakota

These names celebrate the American Bulldog’s strength, courage, and patriotism. Choose the one that resonates with your dog’s personality and your love for this breed.

American Bulldog Names for Male

American Bulldog Names MaleIt is important to differentiate gender when choosing names for male and female dogs. That’s why we have provided a list below to assist you when choosing names for your American Male Bulldog. We really hope you might think it’s great after having a look on this list.

  1. Patriot
  2. Liberty
  3. Marshall
  4. Ranger
  5. Justice
  6. Colt
  7. Hunter
  8. Captain
  9. Gunner
  10. Trooper
  11. Blaze
  12. Wyatt
  13. Buckshot
  14. Dakota
  15. Maverick
  16. Major
  17. Rodeo
  18. Chief
  19. Bandit
  20. Cash

These names celebrate the American spirit and can be a fitting choice for your American Bulldog’s name. Choose the one that suits your dog’s personality and appearance.

American Bulldog Names for Female

American Bulldog Names FemaleThese types of bulldogs are gentle and loving family companion also provides optimum safety to their owner. They are enough fearless to face an angry bull or a human intruder. American female bulldogs are able to successfully compete in several dog sports like weight pulling, dog obedience, Iron Dog competition and similar more.

So, it is necessary to provide them a meaningful name. If you have a female American Bulldog and you’re looking for American-themed names that convey strength and independence, consider these options:

  1. Liberty
  2. Justice
  3. Dakota
  4. Betsy
  5. Freedom
  6. Scout
  7. Maverick
  8. Reagan
  9. Harper
  10. Kennedy
  11. Gem
  12. Dixie
  13. Willow
  14. Savannah
  15. Cheyenne
  16. Sierra
  17. Cali
  18. Star
  19. Rosie
  20. Shelby

These names celebrate American heritage and can be a great choice for your female American Bulldog. Choose the one that resonates with your dog’s personality and your love for this breed.

Classic English Bulldog Names

Classic English Bulldog NamesLike other breeds, it is also important to give your English Bulldog a refined and dignified name. Gender variances are prominent in this breed, with females typically smaller dogs and less muscular than males. Classic English Bulldog names can reflect the breed’s dignified and timeless nature. Here are some traditional and classic names for English Bulldogs:

  1. Winston
  2. Reginald
  3. Albert
  4. Beatrice
  5. Matilda
  6. Humphrey
  7. Agnes
  8. Clarence
  9. Penelope
  10. Arthur
  11. Mildred
  12. Ethel
  13. Archibald
  14. Prudence
  15. Mortimer
  16. Gertrude
  17. Percy
  18. Eloise
  19. Herbert
  20. Mabel

These names have an old-world charm and can be a great match for the English Bulldog’s dignified and stoic appearance. Choose the one that suits your Bulldog’s personality and style.

Dainty Female Bulldog Names

Dainty Female Bulldog NamesSometimes, there is no fun to go with the classic route and you would favor choosing something more gender specific. Here we have collected some names that are sweet, delicate and also make enough fun when you call your pooch by name. For a dainty and feminine female Bulldog, consider these elegant and delicate names:

  1. Isabella
  2. Lily
  3. Grace
  4. Sophia
  5. Bella
  6. Violet
  7. Rose
  8. Arabella
  9. Juliet
  10. Seraphina
  11. Felicity
  12. Anastasia
  13. Evangeline
  14. Aurora
  15. Giselle
  16. Angelica
  17. Celeste
  18. Rosalind
  19. Clarissa
  20. Penelope

These names emphasize the grace and charm of your dainty female Bulldog. Choose the one that best suits her personality and style.

Olde English Bulldog

Olde English Bulldog

The Olde English Bulldogge is a specific breed developed to resemble the original Bulldogs of 17th century England. If you have an Olde English Bulldog and are looking for names that reflect their heritage and robust personality, you might consider names that harken back to that era or have a traditional English feel:

  1. Tudor
  2. Cromwell
  3. Bess
  4. Regency
  5. Winston
  6. Harriet
  7. Shakespeare
  8. Dickens
  9. Victoria
  10. Sir Francis
  11. Elizabeth
  12. Churchill
  13. Agatha
  14. Kipling
  15. Paddington
  16. Albert
  17. Rosalind
  18. Queenie
  19. Paddington
  20. Darcy

These names can evoke the historical and traditional English essence of the Olde English Bulldogge breed. Choose the one that resonates with you and your dog’s character.

Bulldog Puppy Names

Bulldog Puppy Names

Puppy bulldogs are very gentle and affectionate that love to be around their families. Their loose skin, short legs, and large heads give them a very amusing appearance. They are excellent and extremely loveable dogs, very loyal and sure to make your smile. So you should be sincere while choosing a name for your puppy bulldog.

Otherwise, you can follow our list to find out the best suit. Naming a Bulldog puppy is a fun and exciting task. Here are some cute and charming Bulldog puppy names to consider:

  1. Peanut
  2. Munchkin
  3. Buttons
  4. Snickers
  5. Daisy
  6. Gizmo
  7. Pudding
  8. Tater Tot
  9. Waffles
  10. Muffin
  11. Bella
  12. Scout
  13. Niblet
  14. Marshmallow
  15. Rascal
  16. Biscuit
  17. Pippin
  18. Olive
  19. Nugget
  20. Sparky

Choose a name that reflects your puppy’s personality and makes you smile. Remember that Bulldog puppies are known for their wrinkled, adorable faces, so a cute name is always fitting.

Bulldog Names Boy

Bulldog Names BoyBoy Bulldogs are popular and owners love to call them with favorite names. There are several Bulldog names with a brief glance and it is easy to see why these names are so meaningful. Few names like “Winston” is pretty clearly referring to the British dog.

Our list is full of similar other popular names to choose for your Boy Bulldog. Here are some strong and masculine names for a male Bulldog:

  1. Max
  2. Rocky
  3. Duke
  4. Tank
  5. Thor
  6. Zeus
  7. Brutus
  8. Jax
  9. Winston
  10. Gunner
  11. Rocco
  12. Diesel
  13. Butch
  14. Bear
  15. Atlas
  16. Ace
  17. Knox
  18. Goliath
  19. Titan
  20. Tank

These names can reflect the Bulldog’s sturdy and robust character. Choose the one that best suits your dog’s personality.

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Bulldog Names Girl

Bulldog Names GirlLike boy dog names, Girl Bulldog names are also important to choose. So, don’t be fooled by the appearance by a female bulldog because somewhere in there is a sweet, little, loving girl. During choosing search for personality but select a softer name than you would a boy. Here are some charming and feminine names for a female Bulldog:

  1. Bella
  2. Daisy
  3. Ruby
  4. Rosie
  5. Lily
  6. Zoey
  7. Chloe
  8. Mia
  9. Grace
  10. Sophie
  11. Luna
  12. Olive
  13. Lola
  14. Sadie
  15. Emma
  16. Princess
  17. Gigi
  18. Gracie
  19. Ruby
  20. Maggie

These names can highlight the adorable and sweet nature of a female Bulldog. Choose the one that best fits your dog’s personality.

Final Verdict:

All dogs are special in their own world. Thereby, as a dog owner, it is vital to take a significant amount of time before finalizing a name for our beloved pets. In this purpose, Bulldog is a very special breed and deserves a very special name which allocates its nature and personality. So, you can check all of these lists above and then finally deciding on what to call your favorite Bulldog.

Some Important Tips

Choosing a name for your bulldog can be a fun and meaningful process. Here are some important tips to help you select the perfect name for your furry friend:

Consider Their Personality: Observe your bulldog’s personality and quirks. Are they playful, calm, feisty, or laid-back? Choose a name that reflects their character. For example, “Tank” for a sturdy bulldog or “Daisy” for a gentle one.

Physical Traits: You can also draw inspiration from your bulldog’s physical characteristics. Names like “Brick,” “Smokey,” or “Tiny” can be fitting.

Breed-Specific Names: Bulldogs have unique traits and history. Consider names that nod to their bulldog heritage, like “Bulldozer” or “Bully.”

Gender: Select a name that suits your bulldog’s gender. Traditional male names like “Max” or “Rocky” and female names like “Lola” or “Bella” are popular choices.

Pop Culture References: Movies, TV shows, and books can be a great source of inspiration. If your bulldog reminds you of a famous character, consider naming them after that character.

Historical or Literary Names: Bulldogs have a strong and storied history. Names like “Churchill” (after Winston Churchill, a bulldog enthusiast) or “Oliver” (from Charles Dickens’ character) could be apt.

Avoid Names that Sound Like Commands: Be careful not to choose a name that sounds too much like a common command. Names like “Bo” (which sounds like “no”) can be confusing for your dog during training.

Family or Personal Connections: Consider names that have personal significance. This could be a family name, a place you love, or something related to your own interests or experiences.

Short and Easy to Pronounce: Bulldogs might not always respond to long or complicated names. Choose a name that is short and easy to pronounce to make it easier for both you and your dog.

Try It Out: Before finalizing a name, spend some time with your bulldog and see if the name feels right. It should be a name you enjoy saying and one that your dog responds to positively.

Uniqueness: If you want your bulldog to stand out, consider a unique or uncommon name. This can be a great conversation starter and help your dog be memorable.

Consider the Future: Think about how the name will sound and suit your bulldog as they age. A cute name for a puppy might not be as fitting for an older bulldog.

Ask for Input: Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for their input. Sometimes, they might come up with a name you hadn’t thought of.

Check for Relevance to Breed History: Bulldogs have a fascinating history, including bull-baiting and as mascots. Exploring this history may inspire a meaningful name.

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