Presidential Dog Names

Presidential Dog Names – Complete List of President’s Name

While many like to go with the typical names that everyone is fond of hearing, some people want to go above and beyond with their pup’s names to mark something new. Many go with their favorite shows for reference, many like referring their pups to the food they like and many would simply associate them to their best sports interest.

Among these things, we’ve found a great number of people showing interest in finding the best presidential dog names for them to choose for their pup. Presidents have had their fair share of dogs including German shepherds, hounds, bull terrier and retrievers mostly.

Each of them were given their specific name as well to highlight the prestige and status they hold. This has attracted a lot of dog parents worldwide, to use those ideas as a reference for naming their own pups. So, if you are looking for the most interesting and new ideas in the market, then Presidential names are the right place for you to choose from.

Presidential Dog Names

Presidential Male Dog Names

Presidential Male Dog Names

If you have a male pup and are looking for names that compliment his personality, then what better place to look for it than Presidential male dog names which we have collected for you to choose from according to your dog’s breed and personality.

#Dog NamesPresidents Names
1BarneyGeorge W. Bush
2Big BenHerbert Hoover
3BlazeFranklin Roosevelt
4BoBarack Obama 
5Boston BeansCalvin Coolidge
6CaptainGeorge Washington
7ChampJoe Biden 
8CharlieJohn F. Kennedy 
9DrunkardGeorge Washington
10DukeRutherford Hayes 
11Eaglehurst GilletteHerbert Hoover
12FellerHarry Truman 
13ForesterGeorge Washington
14GlenHerbert Hoover
15HectorRutherford Hayes 
16HimLyndon B. Johnson 
17JackTheodore Roosevelt
18King KoleCalvin Coolidge
19King TimahoeRichard Nixon 
20King TutHerbert Hoover
21Laddie BoyWarren Harding
22Le BeauJohn Tyler 
23Major Franklin Roosevelt, Joe Biden
24MikeHarry Truman 
25MopseyGeorge Washington
26Old BoyWarren Harding
27Pan PryCalvin Coolidge
28PatHerbert Hoover
29PatrickHerbert Hoover
30PeteTheodore Roosevelt
31Peter PanCalvin Coolidge 
32RexRonald Reagan
33Rob RoyCalvin Coolidge
34Sailor BoyTheodore Roosevelt 
35SatanJohn Adams 
36TasterGeorge Washington
37Tiny TimCalvin Coolidge
38TiplerGeorge Washington
39TipsyGeorge Washington
40VulcanGeorge Washington
41AlbertoPresident of Argentina
42AndrzejPresident of the Republic of Poland
43BorisPrime Minister of the United Kingdom
44CyrilPresident of South Africa
45EmmanuelPresident of France
46GastonPrime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda
47JairPresident of Brazil
48JokoPresident of Indonesia
49JustinPrime Minister of Canada
50KlausPresident of Romania
51LotayPrime Minister of Bhutan
52MarioPrime Minister of Italy
53NarendraPrime Minister of India
54PedroPrime Minister of Spain
55PutinPresident of Russia
56ScottPrime Minister of Australia
57SebastianPresident of Chile

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Presidential Female Dog Names

Presidential Female Dog Names

While most people are aware of the male majority of presidential dogs, there were a few but important female dogs associated with the presidents of their time. These female dogs also had their status up to the mark for attracting most individuals in terms of their unique names and charisma. So if you are looking for female presidential names for your pup then have a look at what we have compiled for you here.

#Dog NamesPresidents Names
1BessieCalvin Coolidge
2Calamity JaneCalvin Coolidge
3CloeGeorge Washington
4FalaFranklin Roosevelt
5HeidiDwight D. Eisenhower 
6HerLyndon B. Johnson 
7JunoJohn Adams 
8Lady RoverGeorge Washington
9LaraJames Buchanan 
10MeggieFranklin Roosevelt
11MillieGeorge H.W. Bush
12Miss BeazleyGeorge W. Bush
13NellieRutherford Hayes 
14PashaRichard Nixon 
15Ruby RoughCalvin Coolidge
16ShannonJohn F. Kennedy 
17SonnieHerbert Hoover
18VickyRichard Nixon 
19YukiLyndon B. Johnson 
20AnaPrime Minister of Serbia
21AngelaThe Chancellor of Germany
22BidhyaPresident of Nepal
23DilmaFormer President of Brazil 
24ErnaPrime Minister of Norway
25HalimahPresident of Singapore
26IngridaPrime Minister of Lithuania
27JacindaPrime Minister of New Zealand
28KajaPrime Minister of Estonia
29KertsiFormer President of Estonia
30MaiaPresident of Moldova
31MettePrime Minister of Denmark
32MiaPrime Minister of Barbados
33ParkFormer president of South Korea
34SalomePresident of Georgia
35SannaPrime Minister of Finland
36SheikhPrime Minister of Bangladesh
37VjosaPresident of Kosovo
38ZuzanaPresident of Slovakia

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Presidential Unisex Dog Names

Many people don’t want to go to gender extremes while naming their furry babies and that’s totally fine. To look for something that isn’t purely gender-associated and gives a nice addition to the dog’s personality is a good choice to go with. So for that reason, if you are willing to have a look at unisex dog names then we have just the perfect list for you to go through and make your decision.

#NamesPresidents Names
1BeagleLyndon B. Johnson 
2BlackberryCalvin Coolidge
3BlackieJohn F. Kennedy 
4BlancoLyndon B. Johnson 
5BuddyBill Clinton 
6ButterflyJohn F. Kennedy
7CheckersRichard Nixon 
8FaithfulUlysses Grant 
9GritsJimmy Carter 
10LibertyGerald Ford
11LuckyRonald Reagan
12ManchuTheodore Roosevelt
13RangerGeorge H.W. Bush
14SearcherGeorge Washington
15SkipTheodore Roosevelt
16SpotGeorge W. Bush
17StreakerJohn F. Kennedy 
18SunnyBarack Obama 
19TinyFranklin Roosevelt
20WeejieHerbert Hoover
21WinksFranklin Roosevelt
22WolfJohn F. Kennedy 
23YukonHerbert Hoover

Presidential Dog Names Based on USA

Presidential Dog Names Based on USA

Searching for USA-based presidential dog names does not mean you have to be a US citizen as well. In fact, people from all over the world have been found quite attracted to the names of dogs in different presidential eras of the United States of America. So if you are also searching for the same, then this is the right place to look for a list of USA-based Presidential dog names under the rulership of all the recent US presidents.

Abraham Lincoln Dog Names

  • Fido: Yellow mutt

Barack Obama Dog Names

  • Bo: Portuguese Water Dog
  • Sunny: Portuguese Water Dog

Benjamin Harrison Dog Names

  • Dash: Collie

Bill Clinton Dog Names

Calvin Coolidge Dog Names

  • Bessie: Collie
  • Calamity Jane: Shetland Sheepdog
  • Palo Alto: Bird dog
  • Paul Pry: Airedale Terrier
  • Peter Pan: Terrier
  • Prudence Prim: White Collies
  • Ruby Rouch: Collie
  • Tiny Tim: Chow Chow

Dwight D. Eisenhower Dog Names

  • Heidi: Weimaraner

Franklin D. Roosevelt Dog Names

  • Blaze: Mastiff
  • Fala: Scottish Terrier
  • Meggie: Scottish Terrier
  • Tiny: Old English Sheepdog
  • Winks: Llewellyn Setter

George H. W. Bush Dog Names

  • Millie: Springer Spaniel
  • Ranger: One of Millie’s puppies

George W. Bush Dog Names

  • Barney: Scottish Terrier
  • Spot “Spotty” Fetcher: English Springer Spaniel

George Washington Dog Names

  • Drunkard: Black and Tan Coonhound
  • Scentwell: American Staghound
  • Sweet Lips: American Staghound
  • Tipler: Black and Tan Coonhound
  • Tipsy: Black and Tan Coonhound
  • Vulcan: American Staghound

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Gerald Ford Dog Names

  • Misty: one of Liberty’s puppies

Grover Cleveland Dog Names

Harry S. Truman Dog Names

  • Feller: Cocker Spaniel
  • Mike: Irish Setter

Herbert Hoover Dog Names

  • Big Ben: Fox Terriers
  • Eaglehurst Gillette: Setter
  • Glen: Scotch Collie
  • King Tut: Belgian Shepherd
  • Pat: German Shepherd
  • Patrick: Irish Wolfhound
  • Sonnie: Fox Terriers
  • Yukonan: Eskimo dog

James A. Garfield Dog Names

  • Veto: breed unknown

James Buchanan Dog Names

  • Lara: Newfoundland
  • Punch: Toy Terrier

James Monroe Dog Names

  • Buddy: Spaniel

Jimmy Carter Dog Names

  • Lewis Brown: Afghan Hound

Joe Biden Dog Names

  • Champ: German Shepherd
  • Major: German Shepherd

John Adams Dog Names

  • Juno: Unknown Breed
  • Satan: Unknown Breed

John F. Kennedy Dog Names

  • Clipper: German Shepherd
  • Pushinka: A mixed breed
  • Shannon: Irish Cocker Spaniel

John Tyler Dog Names

Lyndon B. Johnson Dog Names

  • Blanco: White Collie
  • Edgar: Beagle
  • Freckles: Beagle
  • Her: Beagle
  • Him: Beagle
  • Yuki: Mixed breed

Richard M. Nixon Dog Names

  • Checkers: Cocker Spaniel
  • Pasha: Terrier
  • Vicki: Poodle

Ronald Reagan Dog Names

  • Fuzzy: Belgian sheepdog
  • Lucky: Bouvier des Flandres
  • Peggy: Irish Setter
  • Rex: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Victory: Golden Retriever

Rutherford B. Hayes Dog Names

  • Dot: Cocker Spaniel
  • Duke: English Mastiff
  • Grim: Greyhound
  • Hector: Newfoundland
  • Juno, Shep and Jet: Unknown Breed

Theodore Roosevelt Dog Names

  • Blackjack: Manchester Terrier
  • Gem: Unknown Breed
  • Jack: Terriers
  • Pete: Bull Terrier
  • Peter: Terriers
  • Sailor Boy: Chesapeake Bay Retriever
  • Skip: Rat Terrier
  • Susan: Unknown Breed

Thomas Jefferson Dog Names

  • Buzzy: Briard

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Ulysses S. Grant Dog Names

  • Faithful: Newfoundland
  • Rosie: Unknown Breed

Warren G. Harding Dog Names

  • Laddie Boy: Airedale Terrier

William Howard Taft Dog Names

  • Caruso: Unknown Breed

Woodrow Wilson Dog Names

  • Bruce: Bull Terrier
  • Davie: Airedale Terrier
  • Mountain Boy: Greyhound

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Vice-Presidential Dog Names

Vice-Presidential Dog Names

#Dog NamesVice-Presidential Names
1AaronAaron Burr 
2AdamsJohn Adams
3AdlaiAdlai Stevenson
4AlAl Gore
5AndrewAndrew Johnson
6BarkleyAlben Barkley
7BidenJoe Biden 
8BreckinridgeJohn Breckinridge 
9BushGeorge H.W Bush 
10CalhounJohn Calhoun
11CalvinCalvin Coolidge
12CheneyDick Cheney 
13ChesterChester Arthur
14ClintonGeorge Clinton
15CurtisCharles Curtis
16DallasGeorge Dallas
17DanDan Quayle
18DanielDaniel Tompkins
19DawesCharles Dawes
20DickDick Cheney
21FairbanksCharles Fairbanks
22FordGerald Ford 
23GarnerJohn Garner 
24GarretGarret Hobart
25GerryElbridge Gerry
26HannibalHannibal Hamlin
27HarrisKamala Harris
28HarryHarry Truman
29HendricksThomas Hendricks 
30HenryHenry Wallace, Henry Wilson
31HumphreyHubert Humphrey
32JeffersonThomas Jefferson
33KingWilliam King
34LeviLevi Morton 
35LyndonLyndon B. Johnson
36MarshallThomas Marshall 
37MartinMartin Van Buren
38MikeMike Pence 
39MillardMillard Fillmore
40NelsonNelson Rockefeller
41RooseveltTheodore Roosevelt 
42SchuylerSchuyler Colfax
43ShermanJames Sherman 
44SpiroSpiro Agnew
45TylerJohn Tyler 
46WallaceHenry Wallace
47WalterWalter Mondale 
48WheelerWilliam Wheeler 
49WilliamWilliam King, William Wheeler
50WilsonHenry Wilson

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Naming your dog can be a process that takes a lot of time and effort while generating a lot of confusion as well considering a number of amazing options in the market.

So, to limit your confusion we advise you first narrow down your search to the category you want to look in. Then further classify what exactly you are looking for to associate your dog with.

For classifying or selecting the best Presidential name for your pup, we hope this might have helped you and ease out the naming process of your pup to a great extent.

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