Sable Coloured Dog Breeds

Sable Coloured Dog Breeds You Love to Bring Home

Canines with a dominant Sable gene exhibit a unique colour pattern that adds to the appeal of the canine. To consider it as a genetic anomaly might be too harsh as unlike many cross breeds, Sable colour dogs have robust health devoid of the many common anomalies present in most crossbreds.

However, one must not confuse it with other cross breeds as a Sable-coloured dog need not necessarily be a cross breed. The most prestigious institutions like the AKC (American Kennel Club) and the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) have recognised this unique coloured breed. Yes, a purebred can have a dominant Sable gene that results in a unique colour pattern and can easily fall in this coveted category.

Sable coloured canines usually display a colour pattern that is deeper in colour at the base of the hair and lightens towards the tips or vice versa. These canines can have a coloured head, back, tail and whiskers. While the most common of colour patterns involves black, brown, tan and golden some may even display shades of pink. Irrespective of the size and breeds, these Sable coloured canines are adorable and are appealing.

Sable Coloured Dog Breeds

So, here’s a list of the best Sable coloured canine breeds that have been recognised by the many prestigious associations across the globe. This list will not only enable you to identify and pick from the list of the best Sable coloured dog breeds but will also tell you about the breeds in a nutshell.

Top 10 Sable Coloured Dog Breeds

1. Chihuahua

  • Types:  Small
  • Colour patterns: Black & White, Red, Cream & White, Chocolate & White, Golden & White, Brown & Tan, White etc.
  • Max weight: 6 lbs
  • Max height: 9″
  • Avg. Life expectancy: 15- 20 yrs.


Famous for its selective affinity for its owners, this small bundle of unbounded energy is one of the most adorable Sable coloured breeds. This Chihuahua pure breed has a lot of variety in terms of size and coat, however anyone from this line of purebred irrespective of the shape of its head or coat length but with a dominant Sable gene can fall into the category of Sable coloured breed. They usually display the Sable colour pattern on their heads, ears and paws and they display the Sable pattern from an early age.

Perfect as a lapdog, the Chihuahuas are playful and are selectively friendly. They can make excellent companions with a regular light physical regime. They are sociable and do not require large spaces. Thus, any family even with a young one or a small space can bring home this adorable canine.

2. Shetland Sheepdog

  • Types:  Small, Medium
  • Colour patterns: Black & White, Brown, Tan and Blue Merle
  • Max weight: 25 lbs
  • Max height: 16″
  • Avg. Life expectancy: 12- 13 yrs.

Shetland Sheepdog

Another cuddly canine that is often mistaken for a miniature Collie, this herding dog from Scotland has come a long way and has a considerable fan following. Shetland Sheepdogs, in spite of the inherent hunting tendency, truckloads of energy and acutely vigilant nature can make the best indoor companion.

They are playful and friendly in nature and with early social conditioning can get along with other pets and babies. They normally display a colour pattern of Black on White or Tan on White around the head covering the ears and the mouth or the back or tail.

With a thick undercoat and a long outer coat, they can be heavy shedders during the shedding period and require regular and log grooming sessions along with a rigorous exercise regime. They are intelligent and fast learners and can be easily trained.

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3. Border Collie

  • Types:  Medium
  • Colour patterns: Saddleback Sable, White and Black, White and Slate, Golden, Seal etc.
  • Max weight: 55 lbs
  • Max height: 22″
  • Avg. Life expectancy: 12- 15 yrs.

Border Collie

Another herding dog from the borders of Scotland, this pure breed can be the best outdoor and an ideal indoor companion. The gentle, wise and trustworthy canine is famous for its loyalty and unconditional trust.

Inspite of being a guard dog, the Border Collie is one of the most gentle canine. With a double coat, it is a heavy shedder but do not require long and elaborate grooming sessions. Regular brushing and a bath thrice a week is enough to keep this adorable canine clean and happy.

One of the quietest guard dogs, they are intelligent and affectionate. They are energetic and require regular physical activities to keep their hips and joints healthy. The Border Collie can be the most loyal and trustworthy companion.

4. English Cocker Spaniel

  • Types:  Medium
  • Colour patterns: Blue Roan and Tan, Liver, Liver and Tan, Black and White, Liver and White, Orange and White etc.
  • Max weight: 34 lbs
  • Max height: 17″
  • Avg. Life expectancy: 11- 14 yrs.

English Cocker Spaniel

A complete contrast to the quiet nature of the Border Collie, the English Cocker Spaniel is an energetic and playful guard dog. A bundle of energy, it can be an ideal outdoor companion and with some obedience training and social conditioning can be an equally trustworthy indoor companion.

With a plethora of colour combinations, the English Cocker Spaniel is one of the Sable coloured canine breeds that can be found with almost all colour patterns.

In spite of the long furry coat, they are not excessive shedders and only require a short but regular grooming session. With a shape that is appealing to the eyes, it’s friendly and playful nature makes it one of the most popular companions.

5. English Mastiff

  • Types:  Large
  • Colour patterns: Brindle, Fawn, Apricot
  • Max weight: 250 lbs
  • Max height: 30.5 “
  • Avg. Life expectancy: 07 – 12 yrs.

English Mastiff

One of the larger Sable Coloured Canine breeds, the English Mastiff can grow up to 30.5″ in length and can weight upto 250 lbs. With a short and coarse outer coat and a soft undercoat, it is quite a shedder during the shedding months.

However, due to its short coat, the grooming sessions do not exceed a regular bath and a few strokes of a coat brush. Perfect for places with moderate climates, it is one of the most docile canines that can be easily trained. And for its playful nature it spite if the large muscular build, it is a hit with the kids

With prominent features and folds, this gentle giant can be an instant hit with the kids. A regular physical training session is necessary to keep it fit and healthy. A fast learner, the canine can be easily trained.

6. Saluki

  • Types:  Medium
  • Colour patterns: Black and Silver, liver, Black tan and white
  • Max weight:  65 lbs
  • Max height: 28 “
  • Avg. Life expectancy: 12- 14 yrs.


A lanky hunter that has been a favourite of old and young alike the Saluki is a rare breed. Inspite of the height and light build, the canine is surprisingly strong and athletic. Needless to say, they have high energy levels and have sharp cognitive senses. They can be hard to train as they are slow learners. They need regular and long hours of physical activity, preferably within a space with boundary.

They are moderate shedders during the shedding season and requires comparatively less grooming than other shedding canines. With dedicated training and social conditioning from an early age, they can be ideal indoor as well as outdoor companions. They have a moderate temperament and are friendly in nature.

With moderate grooming needs and an amicable temperament, this lanky hunter can be a trustworthy companion even in households with kids. This ancient breed with its tall stature has mellowed with time and still reigns as a favourite companion amongst the canine lovers.

7. Great German Shepherd

  • Types:  Large
  • Colour patterns: Black hair tips, liver, tan white and gold
  • Max weight:  95 lbs
  • Max height: 26 “
  • Avg. Life expectancy: 9- 13 yrs.

Great German Shepherd

Undoubtedly one of the most popular breeds of canines across the globe, the Great German Shepherd is perhaps the most celebrated sable colored dog breed. If the sharp and adorable physical features do not appeal to you, the magnificent build and the adorable coat with the most royal colour combinations surely will. As the name suggests the canine is a guard breed and prefers open spaces rather than the closed ones.

However, they are fast learners and with professional training they can be excellent indoor companions. They have a double cost and are excessive seasonal shedders. They have high grooming requirements especially during the shedding season. With high intelligence and matching cognitive senses they can be trained to be ideal companions.

The German Shepherd its high grooming needs and its share of daily physical activities, deserves it’s position in the top ten sable-coloured dog breeds and many canine lovers will place it on top of the most preferred.

8. British Bulldog

  • Types:  Medium
  • Colour patterns: Brown tan, black, brown on white
  • Max weight:  50 lbs
  • Max height: 16 “
  • Avg. Life expectancy: 8- 12 yrs.

British Bulldog

Famous for its adorable looks, gait and build, the British Bulldog scores high on visual appeal. This adorable canine likes closed spaces and can get real cosy on your living room couch. Ideal for homes with small spaces and with kids they can be one of the best indoor companions.

As the Bulldog name rightly points out this canine breed from England requires a bit more attention during the summers to keep them cool. With a short and smooth coat, they are moderate shedders and require far less grooming than any canine in this list. Their inherent protective and affectionate nature along with the adorable physical features, muscular built and unique gait makes them one of the most popular canine breeds across the globe.

The ferocious breed with a bloody past has mellowed with time and unlike it’s ancestors is now considered as one of the most trusted and protective indoor companions. With facial features highlighted by the drooping lower lip and ears, the canine is simply adorable.

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9. Pug

  • Types: Small
  • Colour patterns: Fawn on black, brown
  • Max weight:  18 lbs
  • Max height: 14 “
  • Avg. Life expectancy: 12- 15 yrs.


Touted as the best sable coloured canine breed for first-time pet owners by experts, the Pug can be the most active, sensitive and entertaining canine. They are famous for their funny antics, showmanship and friendly nature. However, they require a fair bit of attention and are excessive shedders, requires professional training and social conditioning.

Inspite of their friendly and playful nature, they can be stubborn especially during training. In addition to grooming, training and conditioning, they require careful monitoring of food habits as they are greedy eaters and tend to overeat and during Summers to cool them.

While it may seem like a tall order, the small size makes grooming easy and with social conditioning from an early age, they can be the perfect indoor companion. In spite of the short coat, they are excessive shedders and require long hours of grooming. With its healthy dose of physical activity, these canines can be kept off from troubles.

10. Belgian Malinois

  • Types:  Large
  • Colour patterns: Fawn, Red, Brown with black hair tips.
  • Max weight:  80 lbs
  • Max height: 26 “
  • Avg. Life expectancy: 12- 14 yrs.

Belgian Malinois

One of the most trusted canines blessed with acute cognitive sensibilities, the Belgian Malinois is for the seasoned pet owner. Trusted all over the world by various law enforcement agencies, this highly intelligent and sharp canine is arguably the best sable coloured dog in terms of productivity and companionship.

While they shed heavily twice a year, they shed throughout the year and require regular grooming. They are the guarding breed and have inherent hunting instincts. Thus they require social conditioning at a very early age. They are intelligent and are fast learners, however being really sensitive they don’t respond well to rough training methods.

They are powerhouses of energy and require a daily dose of excessive physical activities to curb their natural hunting instincts. Belgian Malinois are best suited for seasoned canine owners who can effectively take care of it’s grooming, physical activity and social conditioning.


Sable colour in canines is a result of a genetic defect which must not be encouraged. But the increasing popularity of this breed of canines have triggered a rise in the number of breeding homes that forcefully carry out unmindful breeding, thus, becoming a real threat to the purebred canines.

Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned pet owner the above list has the best of the sable colored breeds suiting all levels of owners with a detailed description that is sure to enable you to make an informed decision.

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