Swedish Dog Names

Swedish Dog Names: Ideas for Sweet Dogs

The human heart has a special corner for little puppies. None compares to the happiness that you achieve when you get one. When you finally get one, all you want to do is cuddle all day long. But have you ever thought about what you are going to call that little munchkin?

Some of you would go for dramatic names, while others might be a bit skeptical of keeping common names. According to the common trend, most of you refer to Swedish or Nordic names for your puppy. Swedish names are quite different given their pronunciation factor.

Vowels happen to be one of the integral factors in the Swedish language that makes the pronunciation of certain words different from English. In this article, you will find the compiled list of the best Swedish dog names.

Swedish Dog Names

Most Popular Swedish Dog Names

Most Popular Swedish Dog Names

If you still find it confusing to select that one name for your dog, then you can also check this section out. Here are some of the popular dog names from Sweden in descending order of their popularity.

  • Events: It is a male-specific name that means young.
  • Blix: Blix is a female word for joy in the Swedish language. You can use this for your puppy name.
  • Baltasar: One can use this word for male dogs. It means protected by God.
  • Astra: It is a female name that means divine beauty.
  • Björn: You can use this word for a male dog. This word, however, means bear.
  • Gunner: From the name, you can understand the sturdiness of the meaning. This name means battle strong.
  • Roffe: It is yet another popular male name that means legendary wolf.
  • Birger: It is also a name for male canines. This name signifies helper
  • Atalie: It is a female name that you can use for your dog. It means pure.
  • Frans: It is a perfect name for a male dog that has a free spirit. The name means free.

Cute Swedish Name Based on Puppy

Cute Swedish Name Based on Puppy

When you get a puppy, it would probably be 40 days to 2 months old. In that period, every puppy looks cute. It would be even cuter if you give a cute Swedish name. Share the list provides a review of a few pet names that are perfect for your furry baby.

  • Hund: It is a Swedish word for dog. Hund can be an appropriate name for your cute little furry friend.
  • Jycke: Another option could be Jycke. It is a Swedish word for a pooch. Nothing can be cuter than giving your little puppy a sweet name.
  • Valp: If you translate the word Valp, it means puppy in English. Choose this word to give a unique name to your puppy.
  • Pumpa: For one of those little and adorable fur balls of your life, Pumpa is the best choice of name. It means pumpkin in Swedish.
  • Bebis: If you translate Bebis into English, it means baby. It is a perfect name for your most adorable dog.
  • Katt: Photos of you with the best sense of humor this name can be funny and adorable for any small or large dog. By the way, the word Katt means cat.
  • Käraste: It is a term that means dearest. You can call your little canine companion with this endearment term.
  • Sötis: Sötis, meaning sweety, is another good choice of Swedish dog names for your little puppy.

Male Swedish Dog Names

Male Swedish Dog Names

Now when you get the male dog, you need to give a gender-specific name. Most of the Swedish names for male dogs are quite constructive and innovative. Each name carries a special meaning. You can give these tags to your dog according to its characteristics and behavior. Some of these names are:

  • Alvar: The Swedish meaning of this word is “My father is Peace.” If your furry munchkin is a peaceful one, then this is the perfect name for him. Doesn’t this sound pretty interesting? It is just the start. Let us see some of the cool Swedish names that serve as nice dog names.
  • Balder: Balder is a Swedish word for Prince. If you place your puppy on the throne and treat him like a prince, then this name suits him the most. Nothing can be better than this.
  • Bjorn: It means bear. It can be a great puppy name for dogs like Saint Bernard or Chow Chow. Dogs that resemble a bear can be called Bjorn.
  • Edvard: Does your dog have the characteristics of guarding your home? He may not be a wealthy one, but the name Edward would suit his behavior. Edward means the wealthy guard.
  • Fisk: Some dogs enjoy fishing. Wherever you go fishing, does your dog loves to take those trips? If it is so, then no names can be great other than fisk. Fisk is a word for fishing.
  • Gjord: It is one of the unique and sweet Swedish names for him. If your companion is a peaceful soul and a kind of blessing from God, then your search for unique dog names ends here. Gjord means peace from God.
  • Roffe: The meaning of Roffe is a famous wolf. If your canine companion has a spirit similar to a wolf or looks like one, this could be an appropriate name for him.
  • Egil: The word an Egil has two meanings in the Swedish language. It is either fear or awe. But since we have a positive environment, we will go with the positive meaning of this name. If your puppy is an awesome one, then this is a great name for him.
  • Olaf: Olaf is the known name of that famous snowman in the movie Frozen. It is also the name of that man who introduced Christianity in Scandinavia. If your puppy brings you good fortune and spirit, then nothing can be better than the name Olaf.
  • Svans: It means tail. Puppies who have a whiptail that whips out everything on its way when it flaps can be called Svans. Let your furry ball wag his tail all the long while you call him Svans.
  • Halvar: Halvar is the Swedish word for Rock Guardian. If your dog portrays a behavior similar to the guard, this name would fit him the most.
  • Sigge: While playing fetch, when your canine companion wins multiple times, the name Sigge would be perfect. The English word for Sigge is victory. For your victorious dog, you can affectionately call him sigge.
  • Rikard: Some dogs are brave enough to fight anything and everything. If your dog falls in that category, then Rikard won’t be any less perfect for a name to call him. It means brave power.
  • Ivar: Some of the cop dogs can be called Ivar. It would suit their personality and behavior characteristics. The meaning of Ivar is a warrior. Also, another synonym for Ivar can be Gunnar.

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Female Swedish Dog Names

Female Swedish Dog Names

If you are looking for a Swedish name for your fur baby, the list below will help you. After a lot of research, the below list provides some of the names you can keep for your female fur baby.

  • Agda: It could be a perfect name for that female dog of yours who is pretty well-behaved. The word Agda means good. Every dog is good. And this could be a great name for any female dog.
  • Alva: Some of us have that one canine buddy who plays around with everything and makes many mischiefs. Alva is a name that signifies the playful side of your little puppy. It means elf.
  • Anja: It is one of the unique Swedish names which means grace. If your puppy projects the feminine and graceful side, then this name could be nothing better than that. Also, if you have a graceful type of dog or maybe a Greyhound, then you can call your companion by this name
  • Asta: “Beauty lies in the eyes of every individual beholder” is a common saying about beauty. Asta means beautiful goddess. And if you believe that your furry friend is the most beautiful one, then this name would suit her.
  • Bengta: Every dog is a blessing to humankind. If you are grateful to have one, then name her Bengta. The English word for Bengta is blessed. Choose this Swedish name to make your puppy name unique from the rest.
  • Carina: The English word for Carina is pure. Nothing could be better than a dog name like this. If you have a lady dog of white fur, you can call her Carina. Another synonym for a name with the same meaning can be Kajsa.
  • Freja: Freja simply means lady. There is a Disney movie in the name of The Lady and the Tramp. If your dog behaves like a real lady, then this is the best choice for a name.
  • Henrika: Henrika is another word for the home ruler. Some of the female dogs have these affinities to protect you and the house. If your dog comes in the same category, then Henrika would be the best name for her.
  • Inga: If you have Swedish ancestors or your canine companion comes from a breed of Swedish roots, then the name Inga is a great choice for a name. Inga means ancestors.
  • Juni: It means June. It could be a fit name for a dog born in May. You can only name a female dog by this name as this is a female gender-specific name.
  • Saga: Saga means fairy tale. If your dog reminds you of any fairy tale, then this is the best name that you can give your female dog.
  • Tova: Tova is one of the most beautiful names that you can give to your female dog. Tova means beautiful.

Historical Swedish Names for Your Pooch

Sweden is a place that has its roots steeped deep into history. From the time of Vikings 2 to this present era, you can get many inspirational names for your dog.

  • Gustave: Gustav is the name of Swedish kings. You can name your hound in the name of Gustave to make it sound more regal.
  • Nobel: It is the surname of the founder and the famed inventor of the Nobel prize. It can be one of the smart choices for a smart puppy.
  • Anders Celcius: Either of the two parts can be taken as a great name for your little puppy. However, the first part is easier to call, whereas the second part sounds perfect for a super cool puppy.
  • Björn Borg: It can be a perfect name for your active doggo. Björn Borg was a famous tennis star.
  • Linnaeus: This name would sound super cool on any canine. It is the name of one of the acclaimed botanist in the world
  • Greta Garbo: Both of these classic movie maven’s names work perfectly for any puppy princess. 

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Swedish Dog Names Through Beautiful Places

Places can be one of the great choices for your canine companion. Shifting through the cities or looking at the landmarks is another way to select a Swedish name for your dog.

Stockholm: Stockholm is one of the most populated cities in Sweden. One can call this place the cultural center of Sweden. You can give your little furry friend this name which can suit his playful behavior.

Vasa: It is a place that consists of the 17th-century ships of the world. One can call this a place of Maritime museum that is full of historical adventure. It can be the best choice for dogs who love to play with water.

Boden: Boden is a Northern City that holds the military stronghold. It is the name of a place associated with power-also one of the excellent choices of place that can provide you with a guardian breed.

Kalmar: Kalmar is a southern City dog name that carries incredible historical significance about Swedish. This place is picture-perfect. The fancy touch to the name of this city makes it an ideal name for your little puppy.

Kiruna: It is a Swedish town in the northernmost corner of the country. It has the existence of a famous ice hotel. The Arctic associations of Kiruna happen to be the home of cold weather breeds like huskies. This name can be a popular choice for your little puppy.

IKEA: Though this is not the name of a place, it can be a sweet choice for Swedish dog names. The term IKEA is a chain of furniture. You must have heard about this name as it is one of the most popular furniture brands which has spread worldwide.

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Common Swedish Words that Work as Names

There are some wonderful Swedish words you can used as your fur friend’s name.

  • Tungsten – metal
  • Nej – no
  • Hej – hello
  • Goddag – good day
  • Snalla – please
  • Tack – thank you
  • Kärlek – love
  • Gauntlet – glove
  • Strumpor – socks
  • Moped – small motorized bike
  • Stövlar – boots
  • Modig – brave
  • Sötnos – cutie
  • Kram – hug
  • Vatten – water
  • Flicka – girl
  • Energisk – energetic
  • Vecka – week
  • Imorgan – tomorrow
  • Göra – do
  • Skratta – laugh
  • Liten – small
  • Vacker – beautiful
  • Kaffe – coffee
  • Fika – coffee break

Swedish Dog Names Based on Delicious Food

Swedish Dog Names Based on Delicious Food

This section will be interesting and special for those dog owners who categorized themselves as foodies. They might have a special affection for every kind of Scandinavian food. Here are some of the awesome names that you can give to your dog. We have provided this list based on some of the Swedish National dishes.

  • Meatball: One cannot say that meatballs are exclusively Swedish. But they are one of the most renowned delicacies of Sweden. It also makes a good choice for any dog name.
  • Köttbullar: Köttbullar is the Swedish translation for meatball. You can also go with this name.
  • Raggmunk: It is a kind of potato dish that you will only get to see being served around the holidays. It already sounds very much like a term of endearment and makes a good choice for dog names.
  • Lingonberry: Lingonberry is a kind of Swedish berry that is somewhat similar to that of cranberry. It is one of the staple Swedish diet fruits.
  • Knäckebröd: It is a Swedish bread which is crispy and delicious. It is not only an awesome bread but also a great choice for your dog’s name.
  • Semla: It is a famous Swedish cream bun that every Swedish person serves as a traditional Swedish dessert.
  • Glögg: It is a spiced alcoholic drink that one consumes, especially during the winter season. It is served during the holidays. It particularly sounds like a term of relaxation and fun.
  • Part: It is the name of a Swedish snack prepared with meat and potato shaped like a dumpling. It is one of the traditional Swedish dishes that can be a great option for your dog’s name.
  • Våfflor: These are one of the most popular Swedish foods. You can also call your dog by this name if you are one of those waffle-loving guys.
  • Smörgåsbord: Sandwiches are very common in Sweden. You can name your canine friend by this name.
  • Gravlax: It is a dish that contains Salmon in sugar, salt, and dill. One can order this as an appetizer accompanied with mustard sauce or any other dips. It can be a common choice for your dog’s name.

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Music-Related Swedish Dog Names

Music Related Swedish Dog Names

Swedish is known as the powerhouse of world-famous music acts. Sweden has provided us with a lot of great music. Being one of the greatest fans of Swedish music, you can count on some of these dog names to roll your party.

  • Abba: It is one of the iconic pop groups of the 70s, which can make for an amazing name as a family pet.
  • Avicii: This late DJ has produced some of the most enigmatic and beloved house music. It can be a great name for the most fun-loving puppy.
  • Roxette: It already sounds like a Rockstar. What can be better than having this four-legged Rockstar with you?
  • Robyn: This Swedish pop star made some great music for decades. It could be another good choice for your dog.
  • Tove Lo: It is the name of the most famous songwriter and singer known to provide grunge-pop music. You can name your female dog – Tove Lo while dedicating some of her famous music.
  • Alcazar: The magical wives of the famous no disco at sounds can be awesome for your four-footed companion.
  • Spotnicks: It is a famous instrumental group from the ’60s. Spotnicks can be one of the most well-known and common names that one can give to one dog.

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Swedish Nature Names for Your Hound

Sweden is a place for every nature lover. The pristine wilderness is perfect for every nature-loving person.

  • Fjord: These are the Scandinavian Deep inlets.
  • Lapland: This part of the northern stretch is love for the untouched feel and the rolling hills
  • Abisko: This place has one of the famous national parks of Sweden that has great viewing points for the northern lights.
  • Sarek: Sarek is a rugged National park.
  • Alpine: Whenever you look in Sweden, you will find these alpine trees and forests everywhere. It makes up a good choice for dog names.
  • Baltic: The sea between Europe and Sweden makes for a supreme choice of the name of your puppy.
  • Koster: The chain of islands is perfect for getting acquainted with nature. The best part is this Island is car-free.
  • Mullein: It is a great name for a puppy that is as tough as this hardy plant. However, it grows in desolate locations.


Naming your most adorable dog can be a difficult task. You can have plenty of naming ideas for your new puppy. But this comprehensive list would provide you with the Swedish names of puppies according to their categories.

No matter what the temperament or breed of the dog is, the list has the names of all the kinds. If the traditional Swedish name does not spark any interest in you, you can explore some of the names of foods or surrounding places. Besides, you can look for the name of Swedish music for some inspiration.

Maybe you are keen on keeping one of these Swedish dog names because you might want to pay tribute to the heritage, or you might have traveled the country. Or you might have selected this country on your travel list. Whatever the reason may be, keep one of these names and make it sound unique and cool.

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