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Best Cat Collar Bells of 2024: Make Your Cat Purr with Joy

A cat collar bell is a very simple yet useful way of locating your feline and keeping him from killing birds. Hunting behavior in some pets is natural to some extent, but when they seem to get out of control, something needs to be done. Killing birds can be a disturbing behavior, and sometimes it can strain your relationship with your pet. Best Cat Collar Bells

While other training methods can be harsh and difficult to apply, you can choose a convenient, easier way. A collar bell can serve as a warning sign for birds and other small animals, and they can escape in time your kitten gets to them. However, once you get on the search, you’ll see tons of belled collars and tags in the market.

To make sure you get the maximum benefits, you need to keep some important characteristics in mind. In this guide, our experts have spent hours making a list of the top 5 cat collar bells. These have been used on the basis of sound, ease of attachment, extra features, and durability.

Image Product Name Key Features

  • Item weight is 1.76 ounces
  • Made with quality nylon material
  • Features a breakaway buckle
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  • Item weight is 0.64 ounces
  • Made with silicone material
  • Breathable and waterproof cat collar
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  • Item weight is 0.32 ounces
  • Made of soft velvet and elastic material
  • Features safety bell for security signal
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  • Item weight is 1.6 ounces
  • Made with rip-stop nylon
  • Highly reflective in low light condition
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  • Item weight is 0.32
  • Made with copper and stainless steel
  • Features double bell
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Best Cat Collar Bells in 2024 – Reviews

1. Bemix Pets Reflective Cat Collar with Bell

Top Pick

Bemix Cat Collar Bell Review
Upgraded Version Reflective Cat Collar with Bell

Highly reflective, the best choice for small cats, easy slip on and off, made with durable material and security bell.

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Bemix Cat Collar Bell is Our Top Pick with special qualities that make the collar unique. The product is fancy, pet friendly, and stays calm against your pet’s coat. It does not irritate or make your cat fuss around. The product is made with quality nylon material for exceptional durability and strength to withstand all kinds of rigor.

Also, for safety purposes, the buckle by itself breaks off when force is applied. Therefore, if your cat gets trapped somewhere, he will be able to break free on his own. Also, the buckle has easy slip-on/off features. It has a cat face design to make it pet-friendly.

Furthermore, the collar has a security bell that rings as your cat play around. Therefore, it serves as another way of notifying you about his location and where about. The sound of the bell also serves as protection. Hence, it helps chase away scary creatures that might want to attack your cat.

More so, this item comes with a durable silver-plated D-ring for bell and accessories attachment. It is fully adjustable. Thus, it comes with a plastic side roll buckle to help pet parents get a perfect fit for their cat. It is the best choice for small cats and other small-sized furry friends.

Furthermore, the surface of this collar is highly reflective. Thus, this makes your furry friend very visible at night. Also, the product is easy to clean. It is available in different beautiful colors for buyer’s choice.

Key Features:

  • Non-corrosive sturdy D-ring for accessories attachment
  • Features a small fancy bell
  • Suitable for other small pets
  • Side roll buckle for full adjustment
  • Available in different colors

What We Like:

  • High quality breakaway cat collar
  • Available six reflective collars with bells
  • 100% safe for indoor and outdoor using
  • Simple, cute and also great for small puppies
  • There are six bright colors looks great on cat’s neck

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not for long term use

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2. Bingpet Adjustable Soft Cat Collar

Runner Up

Kittyrama Cat Collar Bell Review
BINGPET Adjustable Cat Collar Bell

Fashionable, quick-release breakaway buckle, removable bell, adjustable collar, designed for older cats, soft and comfortable.

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Kittyrama Cat Collar Bell offers one of the best ways you can identify your cat anywhere and anytime. It is the Runner Up after our top pick. The product is designed for older cats. Also, it looks fashionable and stylish on your four-legged friend’s neck. It is a very fantastic option for any occasion.

Furthermore, this award-winning collar is made of silicone material for flexibility and durability. The material makes the product very soft and comfortable for your cat. It has lightweight. Hence, your furry friend does not get tired of having it on. Also, the product is waterproof, which prevents moisture and heat around the neck region.

The ultra-safe feature is exceptional. It comes with a quick-release breakaway buckle to help your pet escape whenever the collar gets trapped. It is pet-friendly, and each of these products comes with a beautiful design on it.

More so, the collar comes with a removable bell that rings loud as your cat runs and plays around. Thus it helps you know about your pets were about and also put scary birds to flight. It has a silver-plated round ring where you can fix tags and other accessories for identification.

Besides, the item has been tested and approved by a pet professional. It is fully adjustable to make it snug perfectly on your cat. Equally, it is available in different styles and colors.

Key Features:

  • Comes with quick-release breakaway buckle
  • Features pet friendly and fashionable design
  • Silver-plated round ring for bell and accessories attachment
  • Adjustable and snug perfectly
  • Suitable for adult cat only

What We Like:

  • Lightweight, soft, and comfortable strap
  • Quick-release breakaway clasp
  • Available removable collar bell
  • Sper stylish collar ensures perfect fit
  • Highly reflective, waterproof, and easy to clean

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Excellent, but bit fiddly to change length

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3. Kittyrama Aqua Cat Collar with Bell

Best Budget

Bingpet Adjustable Cat Collar Bell Review
Kittyrama Cat Collar with Bell

Wear and tear resistance, reinforced stitching, features elastic material, metal buckle, coated hardware and adjustable.

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Pet owners on a budget plan can also get a sturdy and fashionable collar for their cats. Bingpet Adjustable Cat Collar Bell is our Best Budget. Also, the collar gives your cat a rock star look among other cats. The product is an innovative way of identifying your cat in case of an emergency. It is a cute and unisex collar that goes perfectly for both female and male cats.

This fancy collar dog collar is made of soft velvet and elastic material for perfect snug. The collar is light and very comfortable. Thus, it makes your cat feel as though it has nothing on the neck. Also, it is durable and can resist wear and tear. Also, the product features reinforced stitching to keep it intact.

Furthermore, it has rhinestones securely fixed into three rows of alloy holes. Therefore, the collar shines brightly to makes your cat a spotlight. Also, it features five eyelets for adjustment. Thus, pet parents can get a perfect fit for their furry friend. Again, the collar comes with a bell to announce your pet’s and also serve as security.

Equally, it has a metal buckle for easy slip on and off. It comes with a heavy-duty D-ring to enable tag attachment. More so, the entire hardware of this product is well coated to prevent rust and corrosion. The product is available in different fashionable colors. Also, it is easy to maintain.

 Key Features:

  • Features sturdy metal buckle
  • Heavy duty D-ring for leash and tag attachment
  • Anti-Rust hardware
  • Features sparkling rhinestones
  • Fully adjustable cat collar

What We Like:

  • Constructed with soft, and stretchy material
  • Comfortable and perfect for your little princess
  • Features fashionable personalized design
  • Adjustable collar length from 8-10 inch
  • Perfect selection for party costume, or holiday gifts

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Pretty, but not for small cats

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4. Pawtitas Cat Collar with Safety Buckle and Removable Bell

Cats enjoy sneaking out on adventure alone. But as pet owners, a collar will help reduce the tension over his unannounced outing. Pawtitas cat collar is the best safety buckle bell to keep your pet identified. The product is highly reflective. Hence this enhances the visibility of your cat to you and moving vehicle at night.

Pawtitas Review

Furthermore, it is made with high-quality nylon for durability and features reinforced stitching for strength. It features pet-friendly images that are beautifully designed on the reflective ribbon. Also, the collar is soft and calm on your cat. Hence, your furry friend is not fussy over having it on his neck.

Also, it features a sturdy safety release buckle. It is designed to disengage in case your cat gets trapped or in any emergency. Equally, the collar features a side roll buckle for easy adjustment and fit on your cat. It has a strong coated D-ring for tag and pet accessories attachment.

Again, it comes with a removable bell. When attached to the collar, the bell rings to chase away harmful creatures. It sought to notify you about the movement of your cat in the environment. Also, it is easy to maintain and hand washable.

Key Features:

  • Features plastic side-release buckle
  • Sturdy safety release buckle
  • Durable D-Ring for bell and tag attachment
  • Safety bell for security signal
  • Easy to maintain and hand washable

What We Like:

  • The quick release buckle ensures optimum safety
  • Available colors are Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Teal, Gray
  • Pretty and cute collar, glows in the dark
  • The removable collar bell gives you the facility to take off
  • Suitable for all stages of cat life

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Don’t adjustable for neck size less than 8 inches

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5. Expawlorer 2 Sets Bell with Cat Necklace Collar

Cats are so swift and quick to sneak out of your sight. One of the best gifts to get for your cat is Expawlorer Pendant Collar which is the best training cat bell. This product is a mechanism to be fully aware of your cat’s movement around at every point in time.

Expawlorer 2 Sets Review

Furthermore, the product is made of copper. And the clip is made of stainless steel. The entire hardware is durable and silver-plated to resist corrosion. It comes with a clip big enough to fits into any available D ring.

Besides, the lobster claw clasp is strong enough to withstand daily usage. Therefore, it functions well without breaking or falling off accidentally. It is easy to hang on and suitable for training your cat. Also, the bell features a light and portable size for all collars.

More so, it comes with a double bell and a round ring to attach it to the clip. The bells ring so loud and sweet for you to find where your furry friend is hiding. The pendant is fashionable and makes your cat beautiful for any occasion.

Key Features:

  • Rings very loud and sweet
  • Suitable for training your cat
  • Chrome-plated anti-rust pendant
  • Fits into all D ring and collar
  • Fashionable for any occasion

What We Like:

  • The bell is durable but lightweight
  • Features double ring; easy to hang on
  • Produce a very sweet, clear, and loud sound
  • Appropriate for all sized collars and all sized dogs
  • Made of durable materials with amazing design

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Needs strong ring connection, bells fall off easily

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Why Should You Buy Cat Collar Bells?

Collar bells are cute little collar accessories that make jingle sounds – but is there more to them? Turns out yes! And if you are unsure whether or not you might need to buy one, carry on reading. Usually, belled collars are recommended for the following reasons.

  • These are cute accessories: The first and most obvious reason for getting a cat bell is, of course, their cuteness. These make cute jingle sounds, and kittens love to play with them. These can also be used as a part of a fancy costume.
  • Identification: Collars and id tags have been used for the identification of pets since long ago. Adding a bell to it allows you to know if your pet is around without seeing it. This is especially useful if your cat tends to sneak in and out of the house. In the same way, a belled collar is able to attract attention to your pet, reducing the risk of accidents and getting separated.
  • Prevents hunting behavior: Belled collars are more than accessories and have their functional benefits. If your feline has decided to take down all neighboring critters, you can prevent this bad behavior by using the bell’s sound. This jingle is a natural warning sign for birds and automatically prevents your cat from attacking the feathery creature.
  • Other useful features: Last but not least, belled collars come with few other useful features like safety break-away closure and stronger nylon straps. You can even get these customized and create a unique design for your furry friend.

How Do Cat Collar Bells Work?

Cat collar bells are used by many pet parents to reduce their cat’s hunting behavior. To understand how a it works, you first need to know why felines show this behavior in the first place.

The reason can be their internal instincts and lack of training. Usually, this is more prevalent in cats with behavioral issues as they try to bring dead birds into your house for eating.

Collar bells have a very simple mechanism for working. These accessories rely on sound and alert the surrounding animals and birds. This serves as a warning sign to the hunted bird allowing timely escape.

Since collars are the most common pet accessories, these are attached to the strap via a hook or clasp. When secured around your feline’s neck, a belled collar can serve as both identification and warning.

When your feline is slowly creeping towards its target, it tries not to make noise to catch the prey unawares. These collars, however, make constant sound with the least bit of movement.

These collars are recommended if your cat is mostly outside the house or tends to sneak out. When you hear the jingle, you can easily know your cat is around.

How to Introduce Your Cat with Collar Bells?

Introducing a new wearable accessory can be a difficult task if forced on the pet. Remember to take it slow and let your kitten get used to the new collar and the sound-making accessory. If your pet is already accustomed to wearing a collar, then this training will be a breeze. However, if this is your cat’s first time wearing such a collar, you will need to follow certain steps.

The first step is the introduction. Let your cat explore the new collar. Make sure he doesn’t try to chew it. Use treats and gradually get your cat to wear the collar. Here, size and fitting are crucial. If the collar is small, it will cause suffocation and stiffness in your cat’s movements, and if the collar is too large, then your feline will reach the bell in no time.

Since belled collars make sounds, younger pets may get startled at first. This is because of their sensitive hearing and is completely normal. You can help calm them down using treats and praise. Slowly extend the collar wearing time, and then take your feline out for walks.

How effecting a collar works also depends on your pet. Test your pet and see your cat’s behavior in the presence of birds and other small animals. Of course, a bell doesn’t instantly stop the hunting, but it can warn the animals to getaway.

Features to Consider While Choosing Cat Collar Bells

Belled collars come in various types and materials; therefore, it is impossible to say which one is the best. However, you can choose the most suitable one depending on the following characteristics.


The durability of a cat collar pretty much depends on the material. Ideally, you want to look for a belled collar made from strong material like ripstop nylon. There are also other materials available, like high-density polyester and reflective nylon.

Since this accessory stays quite close to your feline’s body, make sure your cat isn’t allergic to it. Abrasion-resistant nylon is a good choice. As for the bell, you can find these in different materials, including plastic and metal. Silver bells are a common choice. The ideal material is one that makes sound without resistance.

Collar Type

Belled collars come in various types. Depending on your cat’s preferences, you can choose bowtie collars, break-away collars, or adjustable collars. Bowtie collars are most fashionable and, just like their name suggests, come with bows and matching bells. If you are going to be using the collar for style, then consider getting these.

Break-away collars are mostly suited for cats who love to run and play outside. These collars have a special mechanism in the buckle that frees your pet if it gets stuck in a bush. This protects your cat’s neck and lets him escape to avoid harm. Lastly, we have adjustable collars. These are much like regular collars and fit snugly onto your feline’s neck, ensuring a secure but comfortable grip.


A bell uses sound to alert birds and is an important factor to consider. If you are sensitive to noise, consider getting a bell that does not make that much noise but is loud enough to warn birds. Usually, the sound level in collar bells is kept within 50 to 60dB.


A bell collar should be a good fit around your kitten’s neck. Usually, the size recommendations are given according to your cat’s age and size, but you can also take the measurements yourself. If your feline is between two sizes, consider getting the bigger one.

Never get a size small because that can put pressure on the pet’s neck. If you are still unsure about the size, you can also find adjustable collars that fit according to your feline’s neck.


You want to ensure that the bell is made of high-quality materials that can withstand your cat’s daily activities and not break or fall off easily. A durable bell will also save you money in the long run, as you won’t have to keep replacing it.

Look for bells made of sturdy metals like stainless steel or brass, or high-quality plastics that are designed to withstand wear and tear. Additionally, make sure that the bell is securely attached to your cat’s collar, so it doesn’t accidentally detach and get lost.


Secure closure is yet another important feature to consider. Ideally, the collar should be easy to put on the cat and difficult for your cat to get off. Cats can sometimes get really uneasy wearing a collar and do whatever they can to free themselves.

If your feline is one of them, then you’ll need a secure buckle. Metal closures are strong and durable; however, if you are choosing one, make sure it has a rust-proof coating. If your cat is likely to get wet, then you can get a plastic closure instead.

Extra Features

Belled cat collars also offer many useful features like reflective materials, id tags, and leash attachment. Reflective collars improve your feline’s visibility in the darkness and help prevent accidents making your pet easy to spot. Id tags are yet another important thing that enables you to find your cat if he gets lost.

A place for leash attachment is necessary when you are taking your cat out for a walk. Many collars offer loops or special D-rings for leash attachment. This allows you to use the belled collar outside and makes sure your cat doesn’t hunt down the surrounding birds.


Cat collars are popular, and you’d be surprised to find that you can get a good collar in a reasonable price range. Some collars may cost more than others but in the end, what matters is quality. It is recommended to balance between both pricing and quality and look for something that is ideal for your pet.

Benefits of Using Cat Collar Bells

Cat collar bells offer many benefits and are quite popular nowadays due to their effective but simple nature. While these come in cute designs and patterns, there is more to these fashion accessories than meets the eye. Let’s look at some of the benefits:

  • Cute and Fashionable: Belled collars have been used as a fashion icon for a long time. You can use these to add to your pet’s style and make your cat collar stand out from the crowd. If you are getting a customizable collar, then you can choose from a variety of fonts, colors, and designs to create a unique design of your own.
  • Tells you about your cat’s whereabouts: Hearing the familiar jingle of your cat’s collar bell can easily let you know when your cat is back. It is a simple yet effective way of keeping track of your cat explorer’s feline’s whereabouts.
  • Suitable for Multi-pet Households: It is a known fact that a multi-pet household isn’t entirely peaceful. There is no guarantee that all your pets will get along. If your feline shows aggressive behavior, getting a belled collar may be useful. These collars can let you know when the smaller pets are getting bullied.
  • Easy remedy for cat’s hunting behavior: Collar bells are known to prevent hunting behavior, with a success rate of more than 50%. While it is your cat’s natural instincts, saving wildlife is also important. Belled collars are a non-medical, pet-friendly remedy and do not cause your kitten any harm. The noise level is kept in a fixed range of 50 to 60dB. Most cats are annoyed by sounds above 80dB; therefore, by keeping it in this range, the bell is able to warn the birds while being quiet enough to not disturb the peace.
  • Come in Many Types and are Cost-Effective: Belled collars come in various types, and you can find a good quality collar at a very reasonable price. Other than bells, you can also find other useful features like reflective straps, leash attachment, break-away safety options, and customization.

Some Important Tips

  1. Choose a bell that is the appropriate size and weight for your cat’s collar.
  2. Test the sound of the bell to ensure that it is clear and audible.
  3. Look for a bell made of durable materials that can withstand your cat’s daily activities.
  4. Consider a bell with a breakaway feature to prevent accidental choking or injury.
  5. Make sure the bell is securely attached to your cat’s collar to prevent it from falling off.
  6. Choose a bell with a style that matches your cat’s collar and personality.
  7. Avoid bells that are too loud or annoying, as they may bother you or your cat.
  8. Consider the comfort of the bell and whether it may irritate your cat’s skin or cause discomfort.
  9. Test different placement options on the collar to find the best location for the bell.
  10. Always supervise your cat when they are wearing a collar with a bell to ensure their safety.

Final Thoughts

Cat collar bells are a simple, cute, feline-friendly solution for your pet’s anti-bird behavior. These cute little accessories have been known to be effective in preventing bird killings. You can find belled collars in many types and colors within a reasonable price range.

However, before getting one, make sure the material, sound level, and closure are according to your cat’s preferences. A collar with an abrasion-resistant strap, a bell with a noise-level below 50dB, and a safety break-away closure are the factors to look for in a good cat collar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cat collar bell?
A cat collar bell is a pet accessory used for fashion and as a functional remedy for hunting behavior in felines. This jingles every time your pet is about to sneak up on a bird, warning it to fly away in time. While these aren’t a medical solution, many pet parents find these helpful in stopping their kitten’s killing behavior.

Why do pet owners put bells on cat collars?
There can be various reasons for using a belled cat collar; however, mostly, these are used to prevent killing behavior in cats. The sound of the bell serves as a warning for birds allowing them to escape in time. If your feline does not exhibit this behavior, you can also use collar bells as a decorative accessory.

Are cat bells effective?
Yes. However, this depends on your cat’s behavior and preferences. If your feline suffers from anxiety or goes feral to show dominance, then proper training is necessary. However, for regular cases, a collar bell is effective enough to prevent killing behavior in most cats.

Are cat collars with bells cruel?
No. Cat collar bells are a very humane way of stopping your cat from killing birds. Compared to the other methods that include training and punishment collars, this is a much more economical, pet-friendly way.

Do bell collars hurt cat’s ears?
No. These bells are mostly made to have a sound of under 50 dB. This level is below an average cat’s hearing sensitivity and does not harm your feline even after long-term usage.

Do cat collar bells make noise?
No. Their noise level for collar bells is around 50dB to 60dB. This level is quite suitable for long-term use. Research shows that most cats are not sensitive to sounds bellows 80dB. Young kittens that are sensitive to sound may feel disturbed by the sounds.

Does a bell annoy a cat?
No. Belled collars are liked by most cats and are made, so they do not annoy your feline. As for the sound, since it is in a very tolerable range, most cats do not even care about it when they are walking. If your kitten is young, however, he might get startled by the sound at first but will get used to it shortly.

Are cat collar bells cost-effective?
Yes. The belled collars have a price range of $ to $$. You can also find more expensive options, but when starting out, you can purchase a good collar at a very reasonable price. Extra features like reflective strips, id tags, and break-way closure may cost you a little more, but in the end, when it comes to your furry friend’s comfort, it is worth it.

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